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Social media Where did it spring from and how come it has become such a huge part of our everyday lives?? 330 more words


Qazzoo reviews Technology Changing like the Wind

The wind is forever changing in the same way that technology is always changing. We feel a stiff breeze come along and we think it is going to stay and in a flash it is gone. 373 more words


Ones to Watch: First Aid Kit

Now these are a band that have worked their butts off for the success they are about to have. This Swedish duo have worked their way from MySpace if you believe. 276 more words


Richard Rosenblatt Launches Whipclip Video App; Will 3rd Time Also Be A Charm?

Serial entrepreneur Richard Rosenblatt thinks he’s found the next hot thing again: the mobile app Whipclip, launching today, that makes it easy for TV fans to snip and share pieces of video from more than 90 network shows. 305 more words

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Missing Myspace - Throwback Thursdays

I ran into this video a while ago, and it made me laugh, as well as reminisce about the good old days of MySpace. If some of you have nooo idea what I’m talking about, it was pretty much what came before Facebook, and to be honest, it was sooo much more creative than Facebook. 828 more words


My Digital World

When I think about my digital world and what it consists of, I think of the social media that I use every day resulting in taking up about 7 hours of my week. 448 more words

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