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Missing MySpace

I was on Facebook the other day, and a feeling of frustration hit me. I was bored. Bored of the site, bored from the sameness of every one of my friend’s walls, bored of the algorithms in place pushing posts I didn’t care about to the top of my feed. 680 more words

Staying With The Times

My latest Dustinland comic is about social media. And hey, that’s how I promoted it. But it’s really more of a commentary about people and trends. 40 more words

Pop Culture

Genetic or just too competitive?

…And the need to succeed.

Upon a recent visit to the hospital to have an ECG, it was revealed I have sinus bradycardia (basically I’m dead inside and my body probably thinks I’m sleeping most of the day…)* When informing my dad – who coincidentally had to have an ECG himself only a week before – he inquisitively asked what number was shown on the results for my resting heart rate. 767 more words


Take 1

In the premier episode, we talk about everything from possible podcast guests, porn gone wrong, and our highly questionable views on girls before we dive deep into the epochs of Dean’s old MySpace page. 40 more words


Well, This Could Be Fun

In the back of my head, I had a whole post planned about the GOP and the orange man with the small hands for today. But then today was super irritating and then Kasich dropped out and the orange man is likely going to be an actual Presidential candidate and I’m too scared and angry and plus, I just saw a GIF of Cruz’s face morphing into Grandpa Munster and I’m still too disturbed by the whole thing to write anything productive. 1,413 more words

Life In General

Why I Left Facebook

On Saturday the 23rd of April, 2016 I deleted my Facebook account! Well technically I deactivated it, then later deleted it once I found out deactivating it doesn’t remove your data from their memory banks. 1,935 more words


What do you do when you actually have space?

I spend so much of my time helping people create space in their lives. It’s hard to really know what this is going to look like until you actually have created it. 474 more words