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The Internet Is Not Your Friend

I was 24 the first time it dawned on me that I will never be cool. I don’t mean cool in a general sense of course, but cool in the way that all people want to secretly believe themselves to be: in a way that says I exude attitude and mystery everywhere I go and you can’t help but want to follow. 932 more words

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If You Aren't Going to Open it, Don't "Like" it.

Have you ever encountered someone that says “I saw you post about ___ on Facebook”, and you begin a conversation only to find out that they are basing their knowledge of a post entirely on the title and the little excerpt? 287 more words


24Hrs With Audrey Kitching

Audrey Kitching is an internationally-recognized model, energy healer, crystal worker, and style icon, widely recognized for her trademark pink hair and signature eclectic magical style. She is a social media maven and style influencer with a combined following of half a million across her social networks.  323 more words

Common Mistakes on Twitter

Twitter is an exciting, cool, and extremely profitable social network site. Millions of people are now using the site to talk about various subjects. Indeed, it is a micro-blogging site for those who can’t stop talking. 537 more words

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Network Marketing and Twitter

Did you know that you can engage in simultaneous conversion through Twitter? This social network website has definitely hit the online community hard and fast ever since it was launched in 2006. 536 more words

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Twitter or Blogging

Most Twitter users still don’t know the basics of the site. You don’t need to choose between Twitter and blogging because the social network is considered a micro-blogging site as well. 536 more words

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Is Twitter Dying?

Twitter is everywhere. You can hear about it on NPR and CNN. Comedy sitcoms are also talking about it. So what’s great about Twitter and why do so many people talk about it? 546 more words

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