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Before I start talking about the widely used Facebook, let me talk about where my social media journey all began.

This was on Myspace in 2006. 683 more words


Robert Downey Jr. Wants To Voice The AI Assistant To Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg — Under One Condition

Mark Zuckerberg is pursuing his dream of creating a virtual assistant, imbued with artificial intelligence, modelled after Tony Stark’s Jarvis in the “Iron Man” movies. 211 more words


Sasha Pieterse - #kanyeattitudewithdrakefeelings #myspace feels ...

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Sasha Pieterse – #kanyeattitudewithdrakefeelings #myspace feels …

Millennial Field Notes - Vampire Verisimilitude

Am I really a Millennial?
Let’s compare the evidence to all of the so-called “traits.”

Cedarcrest Sanctum

The Guiltbook lie. (Facebook fibfiltering)

I’m 36 so I remember a life without Facebook…just. It got big when I was about 28, child free, unmarried, drunk a huge amount of the time and untethered by the terror that is your first mortgage. 1,535 more words

The Numbers Don't Lie: 2016 Social Media Statistics

Social media is growing and there are statistics to back it up. Remember Myspace? and remember when Facebook was strictly for college students? Social media has changed drastically in the last 10 years and platforms are changing daily. 243 more words