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people don’t talk much about this topic. but then, that’s cause most people have jobs. in the spirit of fun, i’ve written a myspace-esque survey that i made up and answered myself. 801 more words

Why You Need a Vacation from Social Media








And le sigh…so many more I really don’t care about. But you get the idea.

There is so many social media apps, hubs, networks…it’s really almost too much for people to care about. 617 more words

Meet The Blussians

Things you'll only know if your teen years were spent on MySpace and MSN

Teenagers in 2016 might have Snapchat, but teenagers in 2006 had MSN and MySpace, which were JUST as fun in a weird, welcome-to-the-internet, this-is-all-we-have kind of a way. 741 more words


Internet Friends

Back in the day I was ridiculously active on Myspace, Last.fm, forums, and Tumblr, which led me to connect with quite a few people. Most of them were from quite faraway places, and the fact that we had never met face-to-face didn’t make our friendship less valid. 627 more words

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Bands Are Not For Your Nostalgic Pleasure

With the anniversary of so many bands this year, I cannot help but notice all the criticism and negative comments on social media. According to the comments every band has either changed or sold out. 414 more words


Hello for the first time, again.

I spent an inordinate – some might say “inappropriate” – amount of time during my youth using the internet to define who I was. More accurately, who I… 333 more words

About Me

Facebook took myspace's model and applied elitist tastes and their children's network…then after they got rich applied Yahoo's portaling

— Rogue Akata Writer (@OwlsAsylum) April 16, 2016