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Check out my new page which gives you a link to my latest musical project released under the guise of my musical persona the Dutch Ambassador. 162 more words


THE FIRST MONDAY IN MAY (2016) dir. Andrew Rossi

I would’ve loved the director to have taken a hammer to the mirror of society we were privy to. If English-speaking aliens were to come to Earth tomorrow, they could deduce many things about the way we live and contemporary attitudes from this documentary. 1,491 more words

Based On A True Story

The Internet’s Adolescence: The Real World Catches Up Eventually

I started my career as an internet analyst back in the period of the dot-com bubble. They were heady days in which anything seemed possible. The world was changing in unprecedented ways and the possibilities were endless. 870 more words


Gizmodo: Over 560 Million Passwords Discovered in Anonymous Online Database

Oh boy. Gizmodo: Over 560 Million Passwords Discovered in Anonymous Online Database. “Kromtech researcher Bob Diachenko told Gizmodo on Tuesday that the leaky database contains roughly 243.6 million unique email addresses, an overwhelming majority of which were compromised during previous (and since secured) data breaches at LinkedIn, DropBox, LastFM, MySpace, Adobe, Neopets, and Tumblr, among others.”

Security & Legal Issues

Unfriend, Unfollow, and Untag Me

Two posts in one day!? I must really like you guys… Or… I was really lazy last week and didn’t get that last post out until two days after I planned. 865 more words


Why I Still Have A Facebook

Just like Myspace, Facebook used to be cool in my eyes and I was all about that ”new selfie life” and I have to give an update as if people really cared.. 501 more words

The Regrettable: Part 2

I honestly believe that half of millennials went through a scene phase or at least wanted to. This is mine. I don’t deny that I was trying too hard or that I looked like a fool–I know. 118 more words