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Is MySpace Still Your Favorite Place?

Do you have a feeling that MySpace went missing for at least twenty or thirty years? Facebook has just blown the tenth candle on its birthday cake. 199 more words

Coding: The Post Myspace Era

Like many people from my generation, The Millenniums, my experience with HTML code was limited to how I wanted to format my Myspace profile. Myspace was popular during the majority of my middle school and early high school years. 573 more words

Have you Googled yourself lately?

Have you googled yourself lately? I have, and what I found was terrifying!

It was my Myspace page – complete with 16 year old me, mirror shots with the exposure so high I didn’t have a nose and quotes like… 411 more words

Social Media

This Being

I was going through old writings and found this from my Myspace days. Remember Myspace? Ha…Anyway, here you go.

Darkness. A being created within Darkness. Covered by it. 231 more words


I Ruined My Hair! & How I'm Fixing It.

I’ve had enough, this is my prayer That I’ll die livin’ just as free as my hair

- Lady Gaga

Our hair is a part of our identity.

1,682 more words

It's a Strange World...

I remember the Myspace rage–posting photos, songs, making playlists.  I have actually made and kept some Myspace friends from those early days of growing social media.   314 more words

My Thoughts

Why I Shouldn't Be Afraid to Scroll Through My Own Facebook News Feed

I used to post some crazy things on Myspace when that was still a thing. To be honest… I posted things that were probably inappropriate for my age and that I’m sure my friends and family didn’t care for. 664 more words

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