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Bye Facebook

Today I deactivated my Facebook account.

For some reason I just kept looking through the feed rarely feeling anything like happiness from the expirence and decided it was no longer adding value to my life. 226 more words

Trash/Thrash Tuesday: Jeffree Star - "Prom Night"

Ho-Lee Shit.

K, so, when I wrote my bit last week on the whole Kat Von D / Jeffree Star dramz, I did some poking around in Jeffree Star’s youtube videos and stumbled upon what I can only communicate to you as solid gold.   1,183 more words

Robin Goodfellow

Aaron Myers Ranked Number One Artist on Reverbnation

Washington, DC, July 19, 2016 – DC based Jazz artist Aaron Myers has garnered attention from independent music professionals across the Globe.  It was announced Tuesday July 19th, Myers is ranked the Number One artist on the  427 more words

Some Not-So-Brief Thoughts On the Collapse of Myspace

There have been countless explanations given as to why Myspace experienced a rapid and catastrophic collapse in 2011, including things like “there was too much spam and phishing going on” and “Facebook was just more hip and trendy, so young folks flocked to it”. 1,015 more words

Robert Downey Jr.'s Latest Role: Jury Duty

Robert Downey Jr. is one of Hollywood’s highest-paid actors, but the “Iron Man” star’s latest role will pay him a mere $15 a day, serving on the jury of a car accident trial. 187 more words


The Why, What, and How of Social Media

Do you remember when AIM or AOL instant messenger came out? Well, I do. I was in about 5th grade and all my friends at school talked about what time they were going to sign on later that night. 431 more words

Social Media

The Internet of Things has a dirty little secret: it's not really yours

What we really need from those building the Internet of Things is commitment. Companies should step up and guarantee the longevity of their products, no matter the cost or bind it might put them in. 115 more words