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Panic! At The Disco Is Still! A! Thing!


And in with the old, because you deserve to be reminded of all your electrikk scene moments:

Have you accepted Tsu as your personal social media platform?

You can join Tsu here.
I will keep this short. I promise. Because I want you to read it all. Because I want you to go sign up today, and leave Facebook behind. 434 more words



Hello! I could be writing to no one.  Who knows.. maybe one day I will have a plethora of followers.

I’m mainly posting here to track my progress.   158 more words


John Oliver Takes a Stab at Net Neutrality

The FCC’s net neutrality proposal, and conversations concerning the proposal led to John Oliver speaking out about how boring the discussions are. However, the issue itself is of optimal importance and needs to be addressed. 137 more words

Independent Media

Courtney Barnett’s Debut Is Something to Think About

Remember her name—over the last three years, and two self-released EPs, Courtney Barnett has amassed a cult-like indie following that makes her debut album the most-anticipated rock record of the year. 1,006 more words

How we present ourselves on professional networks?

Professionals use the online professional networks to promote themselves for recruitment processes and job hunting. It’s part of people’s and young professionals’ everyday life. These kind of professional networks help people to become part of organizations, business groups etc to promote themselves and their knowledge. 197 more words

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A-Z Challenge: MySpace quiz

Remember how before Facebook existed MySpace was all the rage? Anytime I updated my page I always did about me survey. Don’t ask me why. I have no idea. 566 more words