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Change a String to Mixed Case mySQL

Many times I have needed to change a string from upper or lower case to mixed case (or camel case). Here is a mySQL user defined function to do that. 128 more words


Reset MySQL Root Password

There are two ways to reset a server’s MySQL root password. The first way involves setting “skip-grant-tables” in /etc/my.cnf, restarting MySQL,

changing the root password, disabling “skip-grant-tables”, and restarting MySQL. 148 more words


Database Backup and Restoration

This guide describes how to make a backup of a server’s MySQL databases.

Back up all databases

1. Execute the following to back up all databases in screen. 270 more words


Install magento in ubuntu 16.04

Download Magento2

sudo chmod -R 777 magento
sudo nano /etc/php/7.0/apache2/php.ini
Just uncomment this line
sudo apache2 restart
sudo apt-get update

Open the browser and enter your website domain: 154 more words

A WordCount UDF for mySQL

Needed to count the number of words in a string or column value. REGEXP only does a match (no substr, instr, or replace – Oracle and MariaDB both have those). 100 more words