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Drush not connecting to your database

Setup information: Druapl 8 | Wamp 3 32 - bit | PHP 7

So you forget your Drupal admin password and is trying to run the command… 185 more words


Bleeping Computer: Database Ransom Attacks Have Now Hit MySQL Servers

Bleeping Computer: Database Ransom Attacks Have Now Hit MySQL Servers. “After the ransacking of MongoDB, ElasticSearch, Hadoop, CouchDB, and Cassandra servers, attackers are now hijacking hundreds of MySQL databases, deleting their content, and leaving a ransom note behind asking for a 0.2 Bitcoin ($235) payment. 36 more words

Security & Legal Issues

SSH Tunnel Issue

Navicat client can’t connect to the MySQL server via SSH tunnel.

Error: Server does not support diffie-hellman-group1-sha1 for keyexchange.
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MySQL - Replication Overview & Simple Setup


Replication enables data from one MySQL database server (the master) to be copied to one or more MySQL database servers (the slaves). Replication is… 1,078 more words


Node.js and Lambda

I’ve been working on the API Gateway/Lambda code for ConMagick now for a bit.  Everything was working quite well, then all of the sudden I was getting connection issues.  291 more words


Alarm Clock Project Summary

Why I started this project

Last November in 2015, I started an IoT project which simulates a sunrise event at a scheduled time. I really wanted a practical project which I can use in my daily life to enhance the quality of my life. 294 more words


Converting comma separated fields to MySQL JSON - a case study

This post is a case study of a job I had to do in a legacy application, it doesn’t mean it will apply to you, but it might. 823 more words