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PHIL 7.30.15

  • Added tn_ratings and tn_touches to handle historical behavior. I realized that items shouldn’t have histories in a relational db. Histories should point at items. Sideways thinking.
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How to check if column exists in MySQL table

FROM information_schema.COLUMNS 
    TABLE_SCHEMA = 'db_name' 
AND TABLE_NAME = 'table_name' 
AND COLUMN_NAME = 'column_name'

Memindahkan Data File jenis InnoDB MySQL dari satu server ke server lainnya

Tutorial ini sudah dites dengan memindahkan folder database dari xampp windows 7 ke xampp mac osx yosemite dan berhasil.

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What's happening on MySQL: MySQL commands from the command line

A site is seeing issues that are most likely their bad code (known history), lots of errant php and loads of db activity, so to check this out I used PHPmyadmin on the server and a bunch of commands from here, so thanks to that person for making that page :) 6 more words


7 Essential SQL Server Security Tips

Like so much of IT, database security requirements largely depend on the situation and environment. Needs may be completely different from one shop to another, even among different servers in the same shop. 2,127 more words


How to Add a MySQL Database to a Cowrie ssh Honeypot

Some find the built in logging utility within Cowrie to be difficult to read, so in this post we will install a MySQL database to make it easier to read the ssh attack data.  775 more words


on ORDER BY optimization

Generally in MySQL we send queries massaged to a point where optimizer doesn’t have to think about anything. In our major user database environment 99.9% of queries don’t have alternative query plans available (either because of forced indexes or just straightforward Primary Key read). 1,173 more words