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The simple command to run mysqltuner.pl to get advise for mysql configuration

perl mysqltuner.pl –cvefile=vulnerabilities.csv –outputfile /tmp/xxx/result_mysqltuner.txt


How do i change max_connections and open_file_limits?

Sometimes, you need to increase max_connections, but after you do change in my.cnf, mysql service still not impact.

In this case, you should think about the changing of open_file_limits too. 39 more words


Logrotate for mysql

Bash script for rotating the error logs for mysql. This script rotates error logs based on size (>2mb in this case).

########## USER_DETAILS AND DATE ################# 164 more words


MySQL top command to monitor mysql process like top linux command

A few days ago I had to monitor some mysql process in terminal and I found a good way to do it.

It’s a combination of commands. 43 more words


Resuming PHP Schooling

I’m always thinking, “I should finish my Presidents project,” but always putting it off because there’s something more urgent like FreeCodeCamp, Codecademy, CS50, etc. but today I decided to do something fun, productive, etc. 307 more words


Lab 14: Sending MapReduce output to JDBC

Hi Hadoopers,

Unfortunately I couldn’t post on time, as I’ve been hit with flu. Here is the post for today. Let’s see how to send the output of Reducer to JDBC in this post. 1,006 more words

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Connecting to a database with Tomcat

Browsing the internet for instructions on how to connect to a database from my Java web app using Tomcat was a minefield.

I almost gave up on Tomcat as so many sites would give overly complex methods involving changing the configuration files of the Tomcat server itself. 647 more words