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Creating Read only user in RDS Read Replica

Disabling read_only in read replica is generally not recommended practice since replication breakages happens due to any mismatch in structure or data (in case of unique indexes).

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Building a QA Environment

– Ubuntu 18.04 server
– 8 GB RAM
– 100 GB HDD

We need to build a QA server for
1. Python APIs
2. Angular 8 Website… 251 more words

Troubleshooting an OLAP system on InnoDB

As a part of Mydbops Consulting we have a below problem statement from one of our client.

We have a high powered server for reporting which in turn powers our internal dashboard for viewing the logistics status.Even with a high end hardware, we had a heavy CPU usage and which in turn triggers spikes in replication lag and slowness. 894 more words


Using APEX as front-end for MySQL databases REST-enabled with Node.js

Environment: Oracle XE 18c, CentOS Linux 7, APEX 19.2, MySQL 5.6, Node.js 12.14.1

Using APEX (Oracle Application Express) you can quickly build nice-looking web applications on top of an Oracle database. 2,159 more words


mysql update column value from another table

SET TableB.value = (
    SELECT TableA.value 
    FROM TableA
    WHERE TableA.name = TableB.name

Going commercial - Running our TerraX beer app in a Kubernetes engine

In our last couple of beer blogs we stuck to a plain Docker setup. That already got our business a lot more professional and it enabled us to ship out beers on a far higher scale. 2,277 more words

Spring Boot

Setting up MySQL on MAC

It is always easy to have a quick list of commands instead of bunch of notes lingering between line. So here is what I have for setting up MySQL in Mac – 119 more words