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Biography Week

The Outsider: My Life in Intrigue by Frederick Forsyth. I received an early copy of this autobiography. I found it to be fascinating. If you are interested in political history, this is a book for you. 355 more words


Already Went

This longing is not desire
though at times
they wear each other’s masks
one is vague, one specific
desire demands while longing asks

longing is about yesterday… 39 more words

Keep Yourself Reading

I’ve always been an avid reader, but sometimes I stall out for weeks at a time. It could be that a book just isn’t clicking with me, and so I never make the time to finish it. 350 more words


Hipster With Headphones Hightails Headlamps

Hipster With

Headphones Hightails


By Bartholomew Blackwater

Yesterday, young adult Eduardo H Hernandez took to the streets, quite literally. In fact, he walked out into the road which had cars careening to and fro. 195 more words

How have we not talked about this?

Obviously, whoever lives the closest must GO NOW, or sometime this month, and report their findings. I will happily pay the admission price in exchange for a picture of you as scale next to the octopus. 34 more words


October 9, 1926

Sat., 9  Picking up day. I go out & pick up apples, pull & clean beets, etc., Onslow & Robert start in to take down the old hen house & then both break an axe helve & go home after an hour & a half of work. 53 more words


With The Battle That He Took To Your Arms Given Won

If you never gave yourself room to breathe
You would suffer from the lack of belief
For we all desire to please
Now where you draw… 78 more words