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Mother's Day 99-cent book sale!

Happy Mother’s Day! Need a last-minute gift for a mom in your life? Or just want to stock up on fun and exciting mysteries? Check out the… 39 more words


EVOLUTION OF A COURTROOM MYSTERY: Witness for the Prosecution

They’re celebrating all mysterious things from 1957 over at Rich’s wonderful blog, Past Offenses, so I thought I’d join the party with some thoughts on… 1,265 more words



Sometimes, on a clear starry night, I look up and find myself awe struck by the magic that is reality up above me; the ever alluring fabric of the cosmos gleaming with endless mystery… I wonder if there is anybody else that gets gobsmacked like me, that feels the tug of the stars on their heart like me. 93 more words

Short Reads


Just when I’m feeling
like being productive
or responsible
it never seems to fail
some little something happens
to knock me off the rails

might be a bird outside the window… 119 more words


i took a glimpse of the advancing next
stripped it naked and see the meaty text
there were biographies and dusty histories
written all over the insides of mysteries… 57 more words


The Magical World Of Fractals. 2

I was tempted to start writing about the maths involving fractals.

Then, I said, nah.

Just enjoy the beauty of these patterns


5 Weird Ocean.... Things

I realised something while researching last week‘s post; the ocean is weird. In fact, we know very little about just how weird it really is. 638 more words