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Fiction for Thanksgiving - A Delicious List of Novels

Thanksgiving may not be as popular as Christmas for book settings, but there are  stories out there that take place during this lets-get-the-family-together holiday. All the joy, drama, tension, and hilarity that can ensue is captured for your reading pleasure. 691 more words

Adult Fiction

Early Bird Blues

There is scientific evidence
that waking up early
only makes one vulnerable
to the delusion that there is
more time. When an extra cup
of coffee and washing dishes…
36 more words

The Haunting Mystery of Dyatlov Pass - Part Three

Part Two ended with the group split-up, and beginning to die.

Zina followed Slabodin’s footprints, but veered away in the clearing. She could see her destination – the tent above. 4,323 more words


Re: Risen from the Asher (es)

Book series, no matter how promising, don’t always continue. Authors die or become caught up in other things or just simply write themselves out where those particular characters are concerned. 852 more words

Book Recommendations

Confessions of a (Closet) Pantser

November has been a big month for me. My first book CARDIAC ARREST was published and—miracle of miracles—Book Two is safely in my editor’s hands. So now I’ve turned my attention to a few things I may have neglected for a while. 577 more words

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