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New Moon in Scorpio -- November 11, 2015

This month’s New Moon crests at 19 degrees of the sign Scorpio at 12:48 PM EST. A Scorpio Moon increases our feelings and passions, we may find our emotions are much more sensitive or powerful than usual. 862 more words

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Gun Controls: What Is Each Side Right About?

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Monday, October 5, 2015

What Is Each Side Right About?

After posting a satirical political cartoon about the second amendment showing a scorecard about how many citizens versus tyrants had died as the result of guns, I was inundated with responses, many angry. 378 more words

Mysterious Universe.


Albert Bender


by Nick Redfern, author of Men in Black: Personal Stories and Eerie Adventures

Part-1 of this article began as follows: (QUOTE) “There’s no doubt that over the years I’ve written some weird articles on equally weird subjects. 244 more words


UFO DISCLOSURE: Heard It All Before

by Nick Redfern

There can be no doubt that the issue of so-called “UFO disclosure” is one of the hottest topics within the UFO field. 226 more words


So much for Fairy Tales, Kiss This Frog and It Becomes a Killer, Not a Prince :(

With all the beautiful people in Brazil, there would seem to be no need to kiss a frog in hopes of getting a handsome prince to go to the Carnival with. 84 more words



Imagine you were a cell. An intelligent cell, but a cell nonetheless. You begin to grow curious about yourself, and your place in the world. All around you there are other cells, doing what they are programmed to do. 1,261 more words