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Mystery & Imagination

A heapin’ helpin’ of Universal Mystery and Multidimensional Love upstairs at Staves Brewery (Glebe, Sydney) the other night when Mysterious Universe teamed up with 3D Love… 72 more words

Strange Brew

Recently Mysterious Universe manifested a couple of scaled-down turnouts at Sydney’s Harbour View Hotel in guitar-mandolin duo mode. Here’s the photographic evidence. Note the Harbour View’s impressive taproom library, and the welcome presence of Mysterious Universe guest star… 114 more words

Theorem Collider Podcast is in the Works!

Greetings friends!  I have emerged from my hiatus, awoken from my slumber with fantastic news!  Actually I have not been slumbering; in fact, in my time of absence, I have been organizing resources and obtaining the necessary equipment for fulfilling what has been a steadily growing dream of mine: starting a Theorem Collider podcast! 452 more words

Beyond The Darkness

Four What It's Worth

With a quarter of Mysterious Universe marvelling over the rhinos and elephants of Western Plains Zoo way outback near Dubbo, we played a pared-back set to the punters of… 83 more words

Podcasts are Love, Podcasts are Life

I hadn’t realised how long I’d been listening to podcasts until a podcast I listen to celebrated its 11 year anniversary. Of those 11 I’ve been a listener for 8 almost 9 years which is – when I stop to think about it, a long time to be a fan of anything.  689 more words