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Interview with Death

Anthropomorphic Simulacra : Interview with …

The Average Joe does his daily routines without much time to think about the abstract notions and the ideologies of our mysterious universe. 2,028 more words


Mysteries abound...

Does life really exist after death? That’s a question which almost everybody at some point of time has asked or answered. There are so many descriptions in religious texts about existence of heaven and existence of hell. 1,144 more words


Thoughts on Werewolves or Bipedal Wolves?

Anyone who has been reading my blog for a while knows that I have a special place in my heart for legends of werewolves and other shape shifters. 925 more words


Did Edison Believe in Spirit Communication?

According to this article Edison believed in an afterlife and the possibility of spirit communication. Probably was not a popular concept to openly express in his day.


Day In The Life

Maybe Ancient Aliens Are Out There After All

Maybe Ancient Aliens Are Out There After All | Mysterious Universe.


Micah Hanks

Jan 29,2015


The concept of alien life visiting Earth, particularly in ancient times to plant the seeds of knowledge amidst early human minds, has gone through a renaissance over the last few years. 320 more words


The Cursed Forest of Transylvania

via Mysterious Universe

Forests can be inherently spooky places. The trees with their twisted branches that can block out the sun to cast deep shadows upon the underbrush, the strange, unidentified sounds that sometimes emanate from the surrounding wilderness, the chilling howls echoing from far off in the distance, all of these elements can conspire to create a truly unnerving experience. 2,600 more words

My Favourite Podcasts

When I was working, I traveled long distances to get to work and then sometimes to visit my clients. It wasn’t unusual for me to travel 400 km some days. 286 more words