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Did Edison Believe in Spirit Communication?

According to this article Edison believed in an afterlife and the possibility of spirit communication. Probably was not a popular concept to openly express in his day.


Day In The Life

Maybe Ancient Aliens Are Out There After All

Maybe Ancient Aliens Are Out There After All | Mysterious Universe.


Micah Hanks

Jan 29,2015


The concept of alien life visiting Earth, particularly in ancient times to plant the seeds of knowledge amidst early human minds, has gone through a renaissance over the last few years. 320 more words


The Cursed Forest of Transylvania

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Forests can be inherently spooky places. The trees with their twisted branches that can block out the sun to cast deep shadows upon the underbrush, the strange, unidentified sounds that sometimes emanate from the surrounding wilderness, the chilling howls echoing from far off in the distance, all of these elements can conspire to create a truly unnerving experience. 2,600 more words

My Favourite Podcasts

When I was working, I traveled long distances to get to work and then sometimes to visit my clients. It wasn’t unusual for me to travel 400 km some days. 286 more words


Bulgarian Farmer Finds Skull of Banished Werewolf

Happy Halloween Gibberers! This post brought to you in part by Rick Dyer… Just kidding.

While attending to some research on the Balkan War, Bulgarian student Filip Ganov was called upon to photograph something strange, yet fairly familiar in the local culture. 424 more words

Strange Reports

Unconfidential Sources

My turn to blog! I considered writing about indie publishing. But Joe Konrath, Hugh Howey, and Passive Guy have that more than covered. Maybe a piece on getting some writing done, with kids, during summer break. 186 more words