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Join me on my latest case...my blog!

“Welcome to my center of operations, my desk. Go ahead and poke around.”

Every time I hear that welcome following the trademark mystery theme, I instantly light up because it means I’m about to play a Nancy Drew computer game. 977 more words

Computer Games

[Review] Outcry (PC): Dude, It's a Burnout's Dream

Sometimes, I can only assume some many games are inspired and created because someone got high.

I’m a straight gal – hardly drink, don’t smoke, never done drugs. 727 more words

Adventure Games

[Review] Unsolved Crimes (DS)

I have opined on this blog about some of the games released for the Nintendo DS – games that don’t utilise the dual screen properly, mechanical issues with the buttons and navigation, awful graphics, right down to an absolutely shitty plot. 570 more words

Mystery Games

Birthday of Niels Bohr - October 7th 1885

“If quantum mechanics hasn’t profoundly shocked you, you haven’t understood it yet.” – Niels Bohr

On October 7, 1885, Niels Bohr was born in Copenhagen. 412 more words

ITM Games

The Trace - Review

Relentless Software released its authentic endeavor to recreate the labyrinthine world inside the realm of investigation and murder. What hailed from the multiple-award winning studio was the unparalleled, premium title: The Trace [$4.99]. 675 more words