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[Review] Everybody's Gone to the Rapture (PC)

Collaboration post! 1537 and Caught Me Gaming have joined blogging forces to bring you a fulsome review of the game, Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture: I take on the game, 1537 takes on the soundtrack! 915 more words

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[Review] Mystery Case Files: 13th Skull (PC)

I got a lot of boxed games…and they are begging to be played! Most are point-and-click, and most I’m sure you’ve never heard of! Here is one of them! 508 more words

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Rank #29: 'The White Wolf of Icicle Creek'

Next on my ranking list of the Nancy Drew games is mystery number 16, “The White Wolf of Icicle Creek.”

This is the game that many applauded simply because it followed the lack-luster “ 474 more words

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Rank #30: 'Tomb of the Lost Queen'

#30 on my list is another newer game, #26: “Tomb of the Lost Queen.”

Now, I actually had pretty high expectations for this game. 698 more words

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[Review] Sudoku Ball - Detective (Nintendo DS)

Anyone like Sudoku? If you are not familiar with this challenging grided number-placement puzzle, get going! Along with crossword puzzles and search-a-word, it is my favourite pencil-to-paper puzzle game. 463 more words

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Rank #31: 'Secrets Can Kill'

It’s the game that started it all: “Secrets Can Kill.” Unfortunately for it, though, it takes one of the bottom spots on this list. 360 more words

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Rank #32: 'Labyrinth of Lies'

Last place on my complete ranking list of the Nancy Drew games is mystery number 31, “Labyrinth of Lies.” While it’s the second newest title in the series, it’s the first “worst” game in my opinion. 523 more words

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