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Top 10 Mystery Games Ever Made

I was recently asked by someone who is not at all familiar with gaming, “what good mystery games are there for me to try out”? Mystery as a category of gaming is not very well defined as, like in most medias, mystery plays a part in many different genres from first person shooters to horror. 1,837 more words

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5 Gateway Boardgames for People Who Like Clue

One of the best ways to introduce a friend to new games is through a classic game your friend already likes. This is a simple way to introduce modern mechanics and showcase some of the incredible new games out there waiting to be played while staying close to your friend’s comfort zone. 1,434 more words

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Review: Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective

“ you, Sherlock.”

It had been three days since I’d last played Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective when my roommate heard me exasperatedly mutter those words as I shuffled into the bathroom first thing in the morning.

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[Review] Firewatch (2016)

Collaboration post! 1537 and Caught Me Gaming have joined blogging forces once again to bring you a fulsome review of the game, Firewatch! I take on the game, 1537 takes on the soundtrack! 667 more words

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Kadokawa Games' 'The Lost Child' Gets its Second Trailer

Takeyasu Sakawi’s first game, of El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron, didn’t fare terribly well when it was released in April of 2011 (IGN gave it a 5/10, and GameFAQs & Metacritic both rated it at 78%). 478 more words