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MRI's of the kneesĀ 

Had the ol’ knees checked out today. I’ve got the images, but of course have no way of reading them- I even tried to google how to do that. 132 more words


Too much pain for one day

Today I went to ortho, for all of my joint issues, but mainly for the painful patella I dislocated this past Sunday.

X-rays show it is fine (only did the left that was dislocated), but clearly there are some inflammation issues and it’s Definitly not normal to dislocate your patella while laying in bed. 290 more words


Two steps forward, one step back

Saturday was a good day. As in, showered & wasn’t exaughsted, then went to a family reunion for a few hours, then came home & napped, and then finished up some food prep for the week in the kitchen. 256 more words


Side effects...hopefully

Well I certainly spoke too soon on hoping my body would adjust to the pain medicines. Yesterday I had nausea & vomiting worse than my last stomach bug. 87 more words


Sitting & Waiting

My first pain management appointment was a few days ago, and I wanted to write an update so 1) I’ll remember later on what happened & what I thought 2) you might want to know if you are following along. 478 more words


Still Here

I’m still here, but I’m not going to do any major updates until I get some input fromĀ a rheumatologist. I’ve had a few tests, met up with my hepatologist who has been fired -more on that later. 44 more words

Mystery Illness

Mysterious Illness

A week ago, I awoke to HIVES. Hives! All over by body, itching and burning. Shear misery. I went to the ER. They administered a cocktail of steroids and antihistamines (five to be exact). 140 more words

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