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Who would've thunk it..

Sorry for the lack of posts or maybe you’re happy you’ve not been spammed every day by them. I dunno. Anyhoo here’s a new one. … 111 more words

Tough day

I almost had a full on meltdown today.

Sitting is so uncomfortable and laying down is not an option so I spent half the day wandering round the office aimlessly and ate my lunch leaning against a filing cabinet. 242 more words


This living with this pain lark is hard. I mean that. Not existing with pain. I’ve got that down to a t.

Existing in pain is easy. 271 more words

Not giving in

I tried to be normal last night and have a social life. It’s far more difficult than I thought it would be. I remembered why I became a depressed recluse last time! 152 more words

TENS update

I’ve had this TENS machine for over a day now and already managed to break one of the leads and a pad! God knows how though. 277 more words

Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation 

This morning was quite productive. Followed by a whole day of doing nothing.

Went to the GP’s and sat with a rather annoying ADHD child running around and talking at the top of his voice and his mum chatted about how his medication wasn’t working. 366 more words


So I was just having a big cry in the shower coz tonight got stressful and was swiftly heading in the direction of depression and it dawned on me how much more I hurt tonight than I did during the day. 216 more words