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Martha (I)

Glenshee is just a quiet village, quietly nestling among the scenic hills in the south-east of Ireland. was not a large or populous place. Typical of an Irish country village, Glenshee had only a small population of a few hundred souls. 1,609 more words


Yet Another New Symptom: Laryngitis

Yesterday I was singing a song which was in my vocal range. (I don’t sing much like I used to, because I’m usually limited to just one song. 262 more words

Chronic Illness

Wake up calls, Weddings and Pain

So its been a few days since my last post as i have been very busy at home and out and about, first we finally got the concrete done out the back so we can finally do the sheds for my hubby so i can push him out the back to do his own thing when i need a break for a bit, 6 am wake up call while having the flu was a big shock to the system but i didn’t have to be outside doing anything just watching, i stayed inside getting as better as i can as that afternoon and night we had a wedding and little terror was the flower girl. 449 more words

Chronic Pain

"Calm" atmosphere in home can help your illness

I theorize that having a calming atmosphere at home can help your illness.  It may not make your illness get better directly, but it may prevent it from getting worse.   757 more words

Normal days

Finally got a dress for the little terror for a wedding this weekend, it was very hard to find the right dress as little terror is the flower girl and dealing with my pain and no medication I do not get out much, but I did it and little terror said she likes it to so that’s a bonus YAY. 67 more words

Chronic Pain

Wake up Call

Woke this morning at 4 am with pains all in my stomach and chest and all down my back, laid there trying to go back to sleep, because hell i wasn’t getting up at 4 am stuff that shit on a Sunday morning,after god nos how long i finally got most of the pain down and went back to sleep again. 12 more words

Chronic Pain

Just another day

So today was a mild pain day, my body wanted to hurt me more but i seemed to manage as it wasn’t that bad, i went for a doctors appointment today to see what else these doctors can do about trying to figure out what is wrong with me but at the moment still nothing and just more tests and doctors, a bit sick of it all really but what am i too do???? 164 more words

Chronic Pain