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Winter Hasn't Been Nice

So my previous Doctor finally prescribed me a months worth of oxy. This happened because my mother actually called and demanded to speak to a supervisor (like a boss), and worked some magic to get the nurse to call me. 508 more words

Chronic Pain

Obligatory Introduction

So, I’m likely going to vlog at some point, but for now I’m going with blogging. For starters, it’s easier to search when people are looking for information. 1,584 more words

Depends on Tom Brady!

DATELINE:  Head of Patriot Place


Tom Brady will play against the Tennessee Titans, come hell or high water. We think he will also wear his Depends. 239 more words

Sports Humor

‘Mystery’ Illness Replacements for the New England Patriots


  Typhoid Mary in Mufti

The big show down now has the awful possibility that untested Jimbo Garoppolo could replace Tommy Brady– as it occurred 16 years ago when untested Brady played understudy to injured Drew Bledsoe. 316 more words

Sports Humor

Brady Gives Nation Heebie Jeebies

DATELINE:  Tom In Bed with Mr. Mucus


It was reportedly going to be an easy game—alas, that is what frequently turns out to be a trap game. 302 more words

Sports Humor

Libe is Goob

I’m hoping to grow into my lips soon. If you just imagined Sophia Loren with that beautiful come hither pouty, I’m terribly sorry. The image should be more akin to an old Steven Tyler. 601 more words


Indie Author Spotlight - Paul A. Trinetti

Paul Trinetti is the author of the book “Manufractured” that I recently reviewed. The review. I recently had the pleasure of interviewing him about his book. 1,014 more words