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A little bit of sunshine

Today I did something incredibly selfish.

I booked a holiday!

A week, alone, in Greece.

It’s going to be amazing. Laying in a bikini, eating as much hummus as I can stuff my face with and reading so many books. 121 more words

MRI funtimes

Today has not been a fun one.

I knew the MRI wouldn’t be comfortable but this went above and beyond any I have had before. … 313 more words

Back on the opiods

I almost made it two whole weeks without painkillers.

Day 13 it fell apart a bit. Started the day with some anti-nausea drugs because otherwise I would have been very sick, multiple times. 138 more words

All muddled up

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this before but it sure has happened previously.

I’m struggling with speaking.

Not in a slurred way, but just sentence construction in general. 209 more words

When Your Doctor Can't Help You

Been there done that. More than once.

When you seek medical attention with your local doctors and they can’t figure out what’s wrong or how to help you – this is often the case for many people seeking answers and resolution for their health issues. 991 more words

Finally a good day!

Now I don’t want to jinx things, although I’m fairly certain it won’t last anyway, but… I haven’t taken any pain killers for the past two days!😲😲 50 more words


I’m sad.

Im sad because currently my happy feelings are being able to stand straight/being able to walk at my normal pace/the wave of momentary relief when the codeine kicks in. 200 more words