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Lyme Disease, Multiple Sclerosis... or both?? **Update**

I planned. I prepared. I left in tears. I know this sounds ridiculous but my tears were because I was being told, “you do not have MS”. 209 more words



I’ve had an incredibly busy week.

Wedding dress shopping (obviously not for me!), work, a study day in Newport, then a wedding reception in Norwich. 398 more words

Lyme Disease, Multiple Sclerosis... or both??

In 2015, my family practitioner decided to think outside the box and do some more extensive testing. He said someone of my age (at the time I was 32) shouldn’t be having all the symptoms that I do. 685 more words


The tunnel

How can there be nothing wrong with me but yet there be so much vomit?

I have barely eaten all weekend and when I think I’ve just managed to keep something down, it makes a reappearance. 78 more words

My Diet, My Life

So after one confusing appointment after another, I finally stumbled upon a diagnosis of sorts. But even that is a mystery for the doctors in my area.  576 more words


My Mystery Illness

Have you ever woke up to find the life you’ve always known is no longer your own. That happened to me about two and a half years ago. 413 more words



So to get up to the point I am at now, we need to take a little look into the past…

I’ve been putting this post off a bit, as it gets a little personal and emotional (my post’s won’t always get so heavy, I promise!) so please bare with me, as in a couple of posts I’ll get back on track. 1,990 more words