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Libe is Goob

I’m hoping to grow into my lips soon. If you just imagined Sophia Loren with that beautiful come hither pouty, I’m terribly sorry. The image should be more akin to an old Steven Tyler. 601 more words


Indie Author Spotlight - Paul A. Trinetti

Paul Trinetti is the author of the book “Manufractured” that I recently reviewed. The review. I recently had the pleasure of interviewing him about his book. 1,014 more words


Just a little Tap

Post-Spinal Tap (lumbar puncture) Report:

It wasn’t as bad as I was expecting.

I arrived at the hospital at 8:00AM for my check in. After double checking with my insurance and of that registration routine, a lovely volunteer brought A and I back to the out patient surgery waiting room. 1,435 more words

Spinal Tappppppp

I finally got the orders from Dr. C, for all that testing she wants done. I picked them up on Friday, promptly went over to the student Health Center for my administrative referrals, and then called where I could to schedule the appointments. 371 more words

Hold My Hand

It was spring break and I had to get home. My boyfriend David drove me to North Carolina in his ’67 Camaro. I was in so much pain. 712 more words


Martha (I)

Glenshee is just a quiet village, quietly nestling among the scenic hills in the south-east of Ireland. was not a large or populous place. Typical of an Irish country village, Glenshee had only a small population of a few hundred souls. 1,609 more words


Yet Another New Symptom: Laryngitis

Yesterday I was singing a song which was in my vocal range. (I don’t sing much like I used to, because I’m usually limited to just one song. 262 more words

Chronic Illness