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It’s probably for the best that you don’t ask me how this birthday was.

It was just the same as any other day in the year. 484 more words

Two steps forward, one step back

I thought for once I had cracked the code.

I thought that the past month was a turning point.

I thought that if I could get through all the stress of the funeral, seeing my dad, and not be in too much pain all would be ok. 219 more words


I’ve been working super hard on my mental health lately. It’s never been my priority but I’m trying to make it so now.

I must say that the headspace app has helped with the grieving process more than I ever thought it would. 205 more words

Sorry for being m.i.a....

I’m still trying to figure out this muscular stuff.

It’s weird and annoying. And now I’m exhausted all the time, running out of breath just from simple, everyday tasks (yesterday it took almost 2 hours to recover from a 30 minute shower)… 236 more words

Lyme Disease, Multiple Sclerosis... or both?? **Update**

I planned. I prepared. I left in tears. I know this sounds ridiculous but my tears were because I was being told, “you do not have MS”. 209 more words



I’ve had an incredibly busy week.

Wedding dress shopping (obviously not for me!), work, a study day in Newport, then a wedding reception in Norwich. 398 more words

Lyme Disease, Multiple Sclerosis... or both??

In 2015, my family practitioner decided to think outside the box and do some more extensive testing. He said someone of my age (at the time I was 32) shouldn’t be having all the symptoms that I do. 685 more words