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Devil's Advocate Month Mystery Men

So we continue Devil’s Advocate Month with a different kind of movie. We started out with The Longest Yard. A good movie that was held in the shadow by the far superior movie that it remade. 1,250 more words


Film Quizzes: Superheroes: Groups

After focusing on the lone wolf superheroes of the 20th Century, it is time to look at the superheroes who join forces and fight crime as a team. 48 more words

Alex Raphael

Film: Mystery men –“ Well, if we could just step out of our literal minds, just for a moment”

I wanted a funny film to distract me from the flu but not too funny as I currently start coughing when I laugh. ‘Mystery Men’ was on the iffy shelf and I didn’t remember it being that funny so it seemed a good film to watch. 215 more words

Film & TV

Monkey Movie Review - Mystery Men [2009]

As you’ve seen, the Monkey likes to check out older films, and I hope you find this useful. This one is a good 15 years old. 622 more words

Movie Reviews

If you are not watching Tre'Shawn Thurman, you are doing it wrong

You are probably not keeping track, and that is cool, but the 11th post on this blog was about Rylan Murry, so it only makes sense to have the 15th post be about Tre’Shawn Thurman. 1,804 more words

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