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Devil's Advocate Month Mystery Men

So we continue Devil’s Advocate Month with a different kind of movie. We started out with The Longest Yard. A good movie that was held in the shadow by the far superior movie that it remade. 1,250 more words


Film Quizzes: Superheroes: Groups

After focusing on the lone wolf superheroes of the 20th Century, it is time to look at the superheroes who join forces and fight crime as a team. 48 more words

Alex Raphael

Film: Mystery men –“ Well, if we could just step out of our literal minds, just for a moment”

I wanted a funny film to distract me from the flu but not too funny as I currently start coughing when I laugh. ‘Mystery Men’ was on the iffy shelf and I didn’t remember it being that funny so it seemed a good film to watch. 215 more words

Film & TV

Monkey Movie Review - Mystery Men [2009]

As you’ve seen, the Monkey likes to check out older films, and I hope you find this useful. This one is a good 15 years old. 622 more words

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