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HeroClix 'ReClix' Wish-List: Mr. Terrific! (DC Comics) (v1.1)

Disclaimer 1: I’m more of a “Marvel Zombie” than a “DC Drone”, but I love both superhero genre “narrative universes”. Disclaimer 2: I haven’t bought even a trade paperback collection of an title for either ‘universe’ for over a year. 272 more words

HeroClix Wish-List

Dalin's Top 5 Scariest Movie-Related Things...When She Was 5 (ish)

Usually on Halloween, we think of what currently sends shivers down our spines. But sometimes I like to take a look back at the weird things in my childhood that truly made me scream in fear. 944 more words


Don't Give Up

That’s my motto in life.

I’m not a quitter. I’m always in for the long haul.

Yep, I will always make it through no matter the obstacles. 107 more words

Quotable Quotes

10 Great Comic Book Movie Scenes

Happy to say we’ll be back on track soon with regular pages of Issue 27. In the meantime here’s something to keep you going- just for the record these 10 scenes are not a definitive top 10, just scenes I love (put your faves in the comic section, although if you can keep them PG/PG-13 that’s be ideal thanks!) 412 more words