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Mystery Shopping Story

Confessions of a Mystery Shopper

Allison Strong

I was once a high-valued corporate spy, investigating customer service everywhere I went by working as a mystery shopper. 757 more words

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How I Eat Out For Free

Some days, being on a tight budget sucks. Sometimes it’s fun and I can see it as an adventure. One thing is for sure: it forces me to be creative! 919 more words


Contact Center Behavioral Purchase Intent Drivers: Empathy & Competence

As bank contact centers transition from service hubs to sales centers. It is instructive to investigate which service attributes and behaviors will yield the most ROI in terms of driving sales through the contact center channel. 576 more words

Mystery Shopping

Contact Center Purchase Intent Drivers: Empathy & Competence

Historically, bank contact centers have served primarily as service hubs, serving customers who call for information or are seeking assistance dealing with a problem in need of resolution.  346 more words

Customer Experience Strategy

General update. New home, pregnancy, jury service, mystery shopping and cake.

Feeling uninspired, so I have written like a child.

It’s been a little while since I last posted. Not because I’ve had ‘writers block’ or anything, but because I’ve been so busy. 472 more words


Frugal Living Tips- Spend Less, Live More!

Minimalism includes the idea of spending less on consumer items and more on experiences. This month I’ve been thinking ¬†about the necessary (I believe) expense of insurance. 724 more words