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Keep a check on your business via Customer Satisfaction Survey

At times, various companies think in the wrong direction and ignore the importance of customer satisfaction and sooner or later such companies begin to lose their trustworthiness and standing in the market. 218 more words

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Major Overpouring - Free Drinks - Free Bottle?? - Atlanta Report Excerpt.

B-1 (Positioned to the far left) – Approached her for my first order. She did not have a nice demeanor, no smile, kept a straight almost stoic, like she didn’t want to be there. 325 more words

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Atlanta Report Excerpt - Drinking on the job, Free drinks, Overpouring, theft

Bartender 1

Within 15 minutes of arrival, we noted that she comped a older gentlemen with a beer & mixed drink, then did a shot with him. 207 more words

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Atlanta Report Excerpt - Drinking 6 shots on the Job! Overpouring, Free Drinks.....

After entrance, we chose open seats on the right end of the bar. It took 3-4 minutes before being acknowledged by any bartender. She came over & without mentioning her name, solicited our drink order. 372 more words

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Key Qualities of a Mystery Shopper:WeMark India Reviews

Becoming an efficient mystery shopper is no big deal but it is certainly not as easy a task as it seems to be. Experts from… 233 more words

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Atlanta Report Excerpt - Stealing, Overpouring, Possible Dramshop, Delayed rings, Grouping orders

In our observation of ***, we noted that he was lax in his bartending operations. He delayed ringing in drinks immediately after serving. His pours were consistently heavy – to the tune of 5 counts per drink. 207 more words

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Atlanta Report Excerpt - Overpouring, Free drinks, grouping orders

*** was the bartender on duty this night. Upon taking our seats at the bar, it took almost 4-5 minutes approx. before he solicited our drink orders – he did not introduce himself by name nor asked if it was our first time there. 464 more words

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