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Mystery solved? The mark of the beast...

After watching this, I think you’ll agree – the ‘666’ mystery is solved.

Catholic Prophecy

Using DNA to Identify the 80 Year Old Blood of a Monarch

In 1934, King Albert I, the third King of the Belgians, fell from the rocks in Marche-led-Danes in Belgium. The fall killed him, or so the story goes, but he was a popular monarch, and a number of conspiracy theories sprung up following his death. 303 more words

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Elizabeth Keen is Alive - For Now

Well it appears that my question from my previous post, was answered.

Indeed, Lizzie Keen is alive. Her death was faked with the help of Mr. 323 more words

Just For Fun

What It Is, Man

I promised that this Thursday’s Giggles & Bits post would reveal the mystery of  “What Can It Be?”

Sorry dear readers, but it is not a tortilla. 283 more words


A lollapalooza of great links to start off the week

Birth vs Battle by David Corbett suggests that conflict ain’t everything in a story.

The Cyber Exchange Principle from the Writer’s Forensic Blog explains the Locard Exchange – the basis for using forensic evidence in crime detection. 157 more words


Ring-necked why?

Every birder in North American asks the same question: If the duck has a bright ring around its bill, why is it called Ring-necked?

I don’t see any ring there! 251 more words

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Good Friday Joy

They looked with wonder and anticipation; they were not certain what they were looking at or for, but they knew they had a promise.1 Like the image of Kilroy, they were here and desperately wanted to know, but there was a fence of their future that we now know as our history. 444 more words

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