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Mystery solved: Melatonin makes these fish sing at night

Their singing isn’t very cute, either. (Margaret Marchaterre/Cornell University/Reuters)

There are fish that sing. Or drone like a bunch of loud kazoos, anyway. People living in houseboats in the San Francisco Bay have grown used to a low, strange hum that begins suddenly in the dark of the night and stops just as abruptly in the early morning. 500 more words

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HBO October schedule causes chaos

Well. That’s that mystery solved. You know. The one about my most visited page being completely unexpected, attracting an audience disinterested in anything else the blog had to say? 197 more words


Mystery solved? The mark of the beast...

After watching this, I think you’ll agree – the ‘666’ mystery is solved.

Catholic Prophecy

Using DNA to Identify the 80 Year Old Blood of a Monarch

In 1934, King Albert I, the third King of the Belgians, fell from the rocks in Marche-led-Danes in Belgium. The fall killed him, or so the story goes, but he was a popular monarch, and a number of conspiracy theories sprung up following his death. 303 more words

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