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Eternity in Death

One more quick J.D. Robb, just because I’m in the mood.  No red herrings needed because it’s a novella (I’m counting it as a book!  It’s over 100 pages!), so the creepy guy who is acting like a vampire is definitely the one that sucked out the movie star’s blood.  18 more words


Book Review: A Scandal in Scarlet by Vicki Delany

A Scandal in Scarlet by Vicki Delany

My rating: 4+ of 5 stars

A Scandal in Scarlet is the 4th book in the ‘A Sherlock Holmes Bookshop Mystery’ series by Vicki Delany. 486 more words

Book Reviews

Notorious Review

It’s time for a classic Alfred Hitchcock film. He’s made quite a few good mystery thrillers over the years and his writing skills are always consistent. 1,207 more words



         It’s just THE HAIR,  okay,  just that,  nothing more,  don’t write, it’s okay

What’s wrong with this look? Had THIS guy called a National Emergency, I’dve surely felt better today. 268 more words

The Lost Man: A Teaser

Jane Harper’s first standalone was an intense slow burn of a thriller set in the striking vastness of the outback. When I found out that this was no an Aaron Falk case, I was a bit disappointed but the characters in this novel were equally as endearing with their character flaws, secrets and histories – none more so than the man found dead of dehydration only feet away from the safety of his vehicle at the very start of the book. 531 more words



With Detective Comics reaching issue #1000 DC has marked the occasion by assembling an impressive group of talent to produce the landmark issue. Over the years there have been many anniversary issues marking certain milestones of the long-running book but my personal favorite is 1987’s… 804 more words


Confessions of an Unbeliever

Wait… what?

Shalimamma, an unbeliever?!

Yeah, that’s right. I may as well cut to the chase. I’m a natural-born skeptic, a Thomas (before he became a saint), a question-asker (is that a word?), a challenger to any and all “boxes” people want to assign me to, which seem logical and easy, but equally seem impossible to confine me…. 885 more words

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