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Jack Twice-Caught and the Pusherman

by Patrick J. Hurley

No one in Bridge could remember exactly when the legend of the Pusherman began. As folk began to go missing, the stories just appeared, fully formed, as if they had fallen from the sky. 2,116 more words

Short Story

Beneath My Tears (i)


I’ve observed in agony how society expects certain people to behave in a specific manner. How this gender should not indulge in some activities, or how someone from a different culture should not take part in A, B and C. 1,357 more words


Pandemonium: Chapter 17

OCTOBER 29, 1998

“You probably wonderin ’bout the thinkin of folks who’d gone do somethin like that wit’out worryin ’bout the consequences. Worryin ’bout ‘em or thinkin ’bout ‘em, ‘gardless, they ain’t do what normal folks ‘sposed to do. 3,396 more words


Candlestick (2014) Review

Influence can be a powerful thing. There are many films, and just as many film makers, who have been influenced by directors and genres, allowing for we critics to start tossing about the adjectives like cocky thesaurus wielding maniacs. 450 more words


"Another" Amazes with Archetypal Writing in a Field of Average Prose

Another, my first foray into the works of Ayatsuji Yukito, is a superb thriller; a tense page-turner; a horrifying mystery. I had a hard time setting it down. 478 more words


March reading roundup #2

Lowcountry Boil, Susan M. Boyer
Southern private eye Liz Talbot heads back to her hometown off the coast of South Carolina to solve her grandmother’s murder, and runs into a tangle of family drama and small-town politics. 366 more words


Mysterious stone circles in China explained

Over 200 circles of stones in the Gobi desert could have been worship sites for ancient nomadic people, a local archaeologist has said.

Report by Lauren Hampshire.