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Hermes Paper Jerk

There are things we all wish to Do

But they all get harder with a pile of annoying Papers in front of You 97 more words


Watch "Goodbye My Friends (Sad Song)" on YouTube

PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT: “It was announced today that, on any given day, your chances of dying are, like, really, really small, so it’s probably NOT gonna be today! 119 more words

J Jay Samuel Davis

Meet the Classes of Ascent: Infinite Realm

In a previous post, we’ve discussed Bluehole Studio’s new MMORPG game in development, Ascent: Infinite Realm. Set in a fantasy, steampunk-inspired world, A: IR is designed to give players an immersive experience of aerial combat, formidable faction battles, and magical characters. 549 more words


Bipolar Depression

I didn’t always know that what I had was mental illness. I kept fighting with myself because I didn’t know why I wanted to think one way and my brain would think another. 975 more words


“Meister Eckhart, the German Dominican mystic (c. 1260-c.1328), said that spirituality has much more to do with subtraction than it does with addition. [1] Yet our culture, both secular and Christian, seems obsessed with addition: getting rich, becoming famous, earning more brownie points with God or our boss, attaining enlightenment, achieving moral behavior. 608 more words


Yig Glowing Green Eyes

People may think we are freaks and put us Down

But our strength can be easily Found

We are one with the existence that Creates Life… 119 more words


Dionysus Sleeping

A good way to avoid being a grumpy Creep

In to insure you have enough Sleep


Maybe you can dream Too

Which is something you always want to Do… 122 more words