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How My Grandmother Foreshadowed My Destiny

The word grandmother usually connotes a plump woman, a house full of nick knacks, and big family dinners. Not my grandmother. She was a mystic and healer who unwittingly prepared me more directly for my future than anyone else. 457 more words



He arrived

He said he would have come sooner

If only sooner I had asked him to

His solid presence pushes out

Wings from their buds… 40 more words


White Stars In My Blood

Who needs cable when you have the moon & its counterparts??
Just saw the biggest, brightest shooting star of my life that skied over half the sky… 23 more words


“Don’t dwell on the past, and remember to enjoy the pleasure that can be found in each moment. When you have gratitude and the courage to move through your fear of rejection and share your talents, others will honor your original and creative contributions.”


Why a woman's menstrual cycle is the absolute best time of the month! 

Yes, you most certainly read that headline correctly! Just in case you were wondering if you had somehow jumbled up the placement of the words, you have not, and you have just stumbled upon a page that thoroughly celebrates not only women, but all of the glorious facets that come along with them! 857 more words