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HAIKU # 90 Our Environment

Natural partners
Individual journeys
Blended energies

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Journeying Through Anahata pt3

She saw blue all about her and suddenly she knew what she had to do…

Her mind was as intricate as a spider’s web.
In it stories and hopes that filled it’s every passage.

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My Poetry♡

Random-PEACE Reflection of their expressions

The cause of many sufferings

Happiness an illusion

Never stays for long

Never consistent

Always dependent

Still everyone is running

Trying to own it

BUDDHA did not go in search of happiness… 50 more words


Hecate Enemy Armor

No matter how you Exist

Someone always has you on their Shitlist

They throw barbs, stress you out, and try to screw things Up… 147 more words


The Ocean in Motion: Jellies at the Mystic Aquarium

We had a blast capturing shots of jelly fish for Caspari McCormick at the Mystic Aquarium. They are so mesmerizing—truly a mystical force of nature!


10 Delicious Reasons to Visit Mystic, CT

While we’ve been living in Connecticut for six months, it took us only six seconds to go visit Mystic. And we’ve been back, virtually every weekend, ever since. 983 more words