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Photo of the Day: August 22, 2017

Sometimes you can indeed have too much of a good thing. This shop below the Steamboat Inn in Mystic, Connecticut offered more than 150 different kinds of whiskey…but I could not decide on one, and ended up buying nothing. What a tragedy! June 2017.


My Encounter with the American Egregore

It’s no secret I love Thenea Pantera’s posts over at Magic from Scratch. I can’t remember which post it is now, but on one of them a while back there was discussion concerning the spirits/thought-forms/egregores of a country. 489 more words


21st of August: ECLIPSE 

The moon covers the Sun. The insconscious overlaps the conscious. Cover yourself and show yourself. Restart and move forward. The eclipse is also a new moon 🌙 – CLARITYMoment to sow and to plant. 180 more words


The Grace Inside You To Give To Others

Do not believe that the Heaven you contemplate in the supra-sensory is the visible sky. No, in the supra-sensory there are other Skies, more subtle, bluer, purer, brighter, innumerable and limitless. 109 more words

Total Eclipse of the Heart, or Earth (Depending on where the 'H' is)

Some mysteries are tough to decipher. Like why does a ticket seller at a movie theater have to be behind three inches of bullet-proof glass? My bank teller, who has a few thousand dollars in her midst, can be grabbed with a simple lunge forward but the cashier sliding a worthless movie stub in my direction has to have more security than the pope? 881 more words


Photo of the Day: August 21, 2017

The drawbridge of Mystic, Connecticut is a beautiful work of architecture in the quaint yet modern seaside town. I just loved walking around there, going into the different shops. 6 more words