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Untangling Knots

In my teen years, I spent considerable time pondering the nature of knots. How is it, I wondered, that I can wrap up something like a string of Christmas lights in a perfect loop, stash it in a bin, and somehow, without the slightest manipulation of human hand, the string of lights will become a mess of twisted cord and bulbs? 671 more words

Spiritual Themes

Mystics of Nature

Oh, such a magnum opus is this nature,

Magnetised I feel to each creation of its.

Beneath my feet, as I feel the water droplets of the grass, 188 more words

10,000 Worlds

There exist ten thousand worlds, and all these are contained in man, without his being conscious of it .–Darqawi (18th c. Sufi)


wind walker

”Oh Great Spirit who made all races. Look kindly upon the whole human family and take away the arrogance and hatred which separates us from our brothers.”……cherokee prayer

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Eternal Gaze

Thank you Eternal Gaze,

your eyes caught my mind for a moment

High blaze, her ideas burn more in daze,

my days of wonder, I wander

round the maze



Morph Madness: Mystic Potion

The Mystic Potion morph is a stunning combination of the two co-dominant traits Mystic and Mojave. We were lucky enough to get one of these beautiful babys out of our mojave x mystic clutch earlier this year. 36 more words

The Prodigy - Voodoo People (Dmt's Ayahuasca Edit)

And then jungle became alive and took him…

#Trap #Tribal #Breaks #Mystic

The Prodigy