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there is a promise of light
hidden behind the golden clouds
there the song of morning
that lifts the sun to a new days dawning…

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A Mystic Nomad

A nomad was dreaming about the love.

The waves love the shore and longs to be with her

But it doesn’t, instead it kiss her forever. 70 more words


Mysticism A Panacea For Political Stability: Can Mystics Be Successful Politicians?

The word “Mysticism” is a very ardent and ancient act, of personal and developmental attribute or origin which allows the undertaker (being the mystic) to succeed or find a readily inspired solution, to his/her immediate demands prompted by such desire. 697 more words


sister of the moon

‘Mother Earth, from you and to you all life flows nourishing us with all hat yor are. We are all family. We are all children of the Great Goddess of the Earth Mother. 11 more words

Art Watercolor Gallery

Experi Mental

The drumming music of the Taiko ensemble made me feel like accomplishing the impossible. But it ended abruptly. ‘Where are the aliens? Do they even exist? 4,643 more words

Sponsa Christi (7-poems collection, in portoguese)

New short collection of  seven poems written by me, all dedicated to Christina of Markyate, a brave woman who was deeply in love with Jesus. 493 more words



Contributing To Something Bigger Than Yourself;

Is How You Live A Meaningful Life.

~ One Of A Kind.

Photo by Loubna Benamer on Unsplash