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Hermes Rotation

We all seek our internal Motivation

One way to reach this is through project Rotation

When many tasks need to be done again and Again… 113 more words


The Very Mystical Place

I capture this photo in 6 pm. The sun is go down.

The night is coming. Then I feel so affraid.

There is no one beside me. 21 more words

Black And White

Photo of the Day: Green Thorns

And this, our life, exempt from public haunt, finds tongues in trees, books in the running brooks, sermons in stones, and good in everything. William Shakespeare


Singing in the Flames

A sequence inspired by the writings of Richard Rolle

Everlasting sweetness

fills the mind

And the indissoluble

chain of love

Binding body and soul

to paradise. 189 more words


Apollo Non-Stop

Tasks and goals can seem so far from Done

And you are wondering if you can ever reach Fun

Sometimes the answer is to work Non-Stop… 74 more words



When the sweet smell of sadness wafts into your heart, do you turn away and bury your head in make-believe happiness?

When the stark beauty of aloneness invites you in, do you flap around on the surface to avoid drowning in her depths? 195 more words

Embodied Enlightenment

Crazy experience using a pendulum that will change and question the unseen world

‚ÄčI was thinking to try using a pendulum for some time and yesterday I give it a try and I don’t know what happened was funny or revealed more than we know about how pendulum works and the spirit world. 28 more words