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Sudden Scenes.


Dreams are rare, unless she sleeps a full eight hours. This one takes her to church.

From its lobby doors, encircling the congregation, she can see him in the back row. 236 more words

The Merely Un-Enlightened.

*Originally posted November 15, 2014 – Rescheduled for reposting on March 29, 2016.

August, 2014

I adored the boy. Adored everything about his sensitive, electrifying personality, and the sight of him, all healthy and alive and real, not destitute in the gutter. 661 more words

Contemplative Essays

Norma's Friend God

It was evening,
That magic, in-between time
Of the cricket,
the evening star
The song of the settling birds.

I walked out into
The last red glow of sunset- 123 more words


White Ptarmigan.

There was a pond in their yard.

Not in some back corner, bordered by stone, featuring fat goldfish, built from a home improvement kit. This was a small lake, fully visible from the master bedroom window, on thirty one acres of forested New England, a body of water fed by brown trout and otters and current generation, pedigreed bullfrogs. 774 more words

Contemplative Essays

Mystical Moments in Real Life - From Fear to Freedom

Mystical Moments

Encompassing a broad range of categories, the Pew Research Center continuously conducts  surveys of opinion and trends in the country. One survey reports that 49% of Americans have experienced a mystical moment in their lives for which they could not give a rational explanation.  566 more words

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