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Sacred things – Do they matter?

Ordinary life is filled with cares and concerns. We each get taken up with earning a living, the needs of our family, the problems of where we live or whatever. 709 more words

Reflections on the subtle path

There is a danger in holding on too tightly to the rational senses that we close ourselves off to more subtle life experiences, experiences that cannot be measured or explained by reference to the material sciences. 712 more words


Communication of higher awareness.

Has a new kind of uplifting perception or intuition ever come to you? Perhaps a sense of wholeness or timelessness, or an encounter with a side to reality that goes beyond the world as we usually know it. 1,010 more words

The Colors So Bright

Transformation is never easy, whether it be physical or spiritual, mundane or exotic, opaque or clear, the process is often overwhelming.   The fading of consensus reality is often the result of spiritual evolution, and ultimately the Ascension process  causes the drastic realization that physical reality is an illusion. 254 more words


Someone asked: “What would cause mystical experience?”

Someone asked: “What would cause mystical experience?”

In the broadest sense, wider experience in all forms comes through evolution, both in the external and spiritual sense. 605 more words


Lovecraft, The Psychedelic Experience and the Problem of Religious Language

*Work in Progress*

The problem of religious language, that is whether or not we can we talk meaningfully about religious concepts and experiences (specifically, for example, the nature of God or mystical experience), dates back at least as far as the 5th-6h Century Neoplatonic mystic Pseudo-Dionysius the Areopagite. 542 more words


Typewritten Magic or Music To My Ears From Long Ago

My mother was given a typewriter for one of her birthdays. I don’t remember if it was something she wanted and asked for or if it was something her overly practical mother thought would make an ideal present. 623 more words

Whims And Wonders