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Mystical Moments in Real Life - From Fear to Freedom

Mystical Moments

Encompassing a broad range of categories, the Pew Research Center continuously conducts  surveys of opinion and trends in the country. One survey reports that 49% of Americans have experienced a mystical moment in their lives for which they could not give a rational explanation.  566 more words

Catholic Spirituality

"Do Not Be Afraid."

“Do not be afraid………..
you……are mine.”   — Isaiah 43.

Choral music used to be a given in mainstream American life. From the patriotic holidays through the public schools, the sound of people singing in four part harmony presented by a collective larger than a family around a piano seemed impermeable by any shift in the cultural wind. 732 more words

Classical Music

Will there ever be any physical explanation for ‘X’, if ‘X’ is not physically real?

In a debate between Dr. William Lane Craig and Quentin Smith on March 22, 1996 Dr. Craig has thus given a theistic notion of God in his opening arguments: 493 more words

December Gleanings#2

I am unprepared for this,
your gazes warm, powerful,
showing up from nowhere
as if meant to be a message.

The afternoon table shimmers,
is full of us as it was that day. 38 more words

Poem by the roadside

On the road
work beckoning
a daily duty
to be productive
to be hard at work
to be diligent in all things
to be focused on the important… 86 more words



‘Great art grabs you, against your will, and then suspends your will. You are ushered into a quiet clearing, free of desire, free of grasping, free of ego, free of the self-contraction. 53 more words

Spiritual Development