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Our Loss of Mystical Consciousness

God wants to speak to us. God yearns for it, and many of us yearn for it too. God wants us to know Him ourselves, in our Selves. 958 more words


Near death experience

Nowadays, if you have an NDE or ‘near death experience’ (this is when you come back!) you will likely tell others about it. Years ago, many would think you were not mentally or emotionally stable, so most who had that experience would likely have 594 more words

Out Of Body Experience

Breathing. Seeing.

Within the last year or so, I’ve been making attempts both to eat healthier and to exercise on at least a semi-regular basis. Motivations for this change in behavior range from vanity to potential medical issues (thanks, genes) to depression and loneliness. 715 more words

Charles Williams

Encountering Infinity

One of the most interesting, but troubling and confusing concepts in mathematics and sciences is infinity. Probably arts and religion embraces it with much more ease. 387 more words

What is the nature of God?

In every religion there is the concept of God. Every religion has one or many forms of deity they honor. Even Atheism is a kind of religion, the religion of humanity, man as God. 851 more words