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Encountering Infinity

One of the most interesting, but troubling and confusing concepts in mathematics and sciences is infinity. Probably arts and religion embraces it with much more ease. 387 more words

What is the nature of God?

In every religion there is the concept of God. Every religion has one or many forms of deity they honor. Even Atheism is a kind of religion, the religion of humanity, man as God. 851 more words


The Problem with Jack

There he sat, between the magazine racks. Gray beard spidering down his neck; the sort of shabby, baggy clothes that anyone from a homeless man to a house painter might wear. 1,508 more words



…is all it takes to blast open the mind and to prove to us, from the inside where it counts, that what we take for reality, as revealed to us via the five senses and our limited finite mind, is just a thin covering over an Absolute reality simply staggering in its intricate beauty and vast complexity. 746 more words

Metaphysical Fiction/Stream Of Conciousness

The difference between objective reality and spiritual reality

What defines the parts of ourselves? Take the hand for example, what defines a hand? Is it the five digits radiating from an elongated palm configuration? 350 more words

God's Mystical Greeting in Joseph Smith's First Vision

There is a curious detail in Joseph Smith’s earliest accounts of his First Vision that may teach us more about his encounter with Deity, and why there are differences between the accounts. 1,939 more words