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Refreshing Rain

A refreshing rain comes to wash away the stain
Of strain and strife and pain in cleansing power
Softly streaming down every bower of my heart… 103 more words


Intersection of Mysticism and Activism

This is a link to an animated presentation about the intersection of mysticism and activism, created with (free) Microsoft SWAY.  I plan to use this to help lead the discussion on this topic after the Whitewater Quarterly Meeting tomorrow at North Meadow Circles of Friends, where I attend, in downtown Indianapolis.

One Common Thread

Is there the bright Light that pierces the fierce black of night?
Is there the Word that is heard above the cacophony of the earth? 257 more words


The Two Sources of Morality and Religion

An indifferent schoolmaster, mechanically teaching a science created by men of genius, may awaken in one of his pupils the vocation he himself has never possessed, and change him unconsciously into an emulator of those great men, who are invisible and present in the message he is handing on.

10 more words


That discipline that infuriates you?  That nettles your mind and makes you feel like screaming in rage?  If you endure it, then you will become more flexible, and more able to endure your cravings.   20 more words



When we drop our masks…our true selves are revealed.

(Listen to my song “Take the  Road Less Traveled” by clicking HERE)


Mark 8:35… 272 more words
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