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O Beloved, Come to Stay (Sevenfold)

I love you in every way,
But you seem so far away,
And I don’t know what to say,
But I feel empty this day; 32 more words


To the Feast

What am I able to bring to your grand table
For the feast, and I the least of your guests?
My eyes see the spread of meat and bread, 110 more words


Seriously, don't take yourself seriously

It’s not that you need to destroy or eliminate your ego.

It’s realising you are not only your ego, and your attachment to it loosens, your relationship with ego, yours and others, is no longer a serious issue. 141 more words


JESUS: To Pray In Christ, by Hubert van Zeller

When the church concludes its official prayers with the words, Through Christ our Lord, it is not just repeating a formula or letting the faithful know that the prayer has come to an end.  549 more words



The pull of sleep, of food, of convenience, of always taking in, of always CONSUMING…those pulls are incredibly strong.  It is the rarest and best part of us that wants to overcome, to apply, to accomplish…and not just consume, but PRODUCE.


Selections from "Urdu Literature"


This book is by DJ Matthews, C Shackle and Shahrukh Husain. It speaks of the language and its origins, south Asian literature and its themes through out different periods in time. 770 more words


Mystical Prayer and Biblical Christianity 4: Silence, Scripture, and the Jesus Prayer

So we come to the final post of my meandering thoughts provoked by Chapter 4 of Prayer by Timothy Keller. I have not read the whole book, so maybe some of my concerns will be settled later. 993 more words