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How to get a Mystical Name

Sagacity is not mystical enlightenment. While sagacity may be learned, mystical enlightenment must be earned.
Some people reading this may prefer to believe that the author has never undergone the most profound experience that it is possible for any human being to undergo. 1,358 more words


Strokes of Glory

Reason is treason.

More precisely, identifying an objective or justification for something means you have already surrendered to the Enemy of Souls. It means you’ve gone over to the Dark Side and deserted your God and all He gave you. 902 more words


The Imperfect You

May you receive
the grace to love
the imperfect you
and so begin to live.

© 2015 Dennis Ference


Let Us Melt

When our walk here has come to an end,
let us melt at last, you and I,
into the heart of the Oneness of Love.

© 2015 Dennis Ference
Photo: © 2014 Lily Brock


Pai, Thailand

We take the minibus from Chiang Mai to Pai. Pai used to be a kind of hippie place but it has been completely overrun by normal tourists — young Chinese, Europeans, Koreans, Thais — a few older people like us (but there are very few who do as much overland travel as we do). 383 more words


Awakening to Dreamless Sleep

Perfect detachment is elusive. All of our lives we strive to find peace and quiet, yet when we take the time to sit down and meditate our flighty mind busies itself with countless distractions; unimportant things and important matters that can certainly wait an hour. 223 more words


The Joy In Finding That Silver Line

The silver thread that lines the needle
rips my worldly dreams apart like marrow
Don’t you see I’m from another space
a different time, some other place… 30 more words