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The Power of Truth

It makes a difference.

Heart-led obedience to the Lord is a partnership. You conform yourself to the moral fabric of Creation and experience the full joy and power His personal Presence. 513 more words


Messages From The Flood

If I had it my way

I’d wake up and count the memo

to generate the message that’s been lent

If no one understood me, at least I’d know the truth… 10 more words


The Filthy 108: Buddhist/Mysticism/Philosophical

We see a star exploding 1 light year away; we know it exploded a year ago. Light/sound/smell/taste/touch aren’t instantly perceived. Physical senses take time to process and are easily distorted. 38 more words


Non-Goal Oriented

Stay with me here while we untangle several things. Put on your quantum thinking cap so you can handle multiple levels of consideration at once. 834 more words


Kumano Kodo IV

We finish our journey to Kumano Hayatama Grand Shrine by taking a boat down the Kumano River. The ancient pilgrims took this route using similar flat-bottom boats. 92 more words


Philosophising Muhammad's "reality are my feelings"

HIKMA Association is currently looking into examining the relevance of the philosophical theories of the Prophet Muhammad on consciousness and reality, to contemporary scholarship on the Cartesian “dream argument”. 35 more words

Loving as God Loves - Part 3

By making every effort to Love nature and humanity like the Savior does it is time to Love the Father in the manner of the Son for Jesus said “My meat is to do the will of Him that sent Me, and to finish His work” (John 4:34). 171 more words