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Western Crippled Hearts

Mysticism makes no sense without cynicism.

First a quick review: You may recall the Aristotle assumed that this universe is all there is. He didn’t argue against the existence of deities and beings who were invisible to human perception, but he insisted they had to exist… 465 more words



The ironic thing is that most worthwhile journeys seem to point out that we never needed to look outside us; what we were looking for was within us, all around us, the whole time we were looking. 25 more words



We are created and sustained by an Eternal Love.

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Psalm 47:2

All you peoples, clap your hands; shout to God with joyful cries. 136 more words

Today's Contemplation

Granja de Moreruela - Chapter 68

We leave Montamarta to walk to Granja de Moreruela.

We pass the church at Montamarta.

We pass some ruins, remains of a fortress.

I read Chapter 68 of the Tao te Ching ( translated by Steven Mitchell): 404 more words


Experience // Esposito (Part 6)

On displaying the wound.

Non-knowledge isn’t the production or the attribution of meaning but knowledge’s being exposed to what denies and negates it. Whereas knowledge tends to stitch up every tear, non-knowledge consists in holding open the opening that we already are; of not blocking but rather displaying the wound… 2,315 more words

On Theory.


When you leave someone alone and give them the luxury of time and resources, will they seek indulgence or fulfillment?  Enabling someone to choose “fulfillment” in that instance seems to be a principal goal of every philosophy I have thus far come across.   80 more words


In some translations springtime is rendered as Long June


the only book I’ll ever need?!

if I want to learn more about China I can pick up this month’s Westways:

Lol did somebody pitch Westways “how about a story about China?” 59 more words