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The things of the world are DESIGNED to disappoint us…IF we stake our dreams and hopes on them.  But if we see down to their deepest roots—the fibers that connects these worldly constructs—and we fully embrace their transient surface, then we can simply enjoy them for what they are:  video games, movies, the greatest diversionary entertainment has to offer.  

So enjoy.  ;)



My approach to evocative writing:  Be merciless with yourself; attack preconceptions and comfortable ignorances until that deep section of that is shared with everyone else is revealed.   25 more words


About Jason Youngman

Over the years people have been asking about my person. Who is this Jason Youngman? What is his story? So I’ve decided to create a handful of (autobiography) short videos, beginning with this one, to help reveal my spirit & my passion for metaphysical reflection. 16 more words


My Father's World, Part 6

We must live in the Land Without Words.

In our English translations of the Bible, we have this expression: “someone’s word.” It shows up in our phrase, “the Word of God.” Our culture offers no good translation of the Hebrew concept. 945 more words


Cloud of Unknowing: We cannot know God with the intellect

Extract from chapter 4 of the classic mystical text The Cloud of Unknowing. Here our anonymous author explains why we can’t understand ultimate reality or the nature of God using our minds: 850 more words