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Paul Redding and Hegel on the pinnacle of ancient philosophy - was it Plato, Aristotle...or Neoplatonism?

‘Plato and, especially Aristotle, represent the pinnacle of ancient philosophy…’

Paul Redding, ‘Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel’, Stanford Encyclopaedia of Philosophy


‘The revival of the ancient Greek philosophy was tied to the decline of the Roman Empire, which was so vast, wealthy, and splendid, but inwardly dead; the greatest flowering of philosophy, the Alexandrian philosophy, emerged only then.’ 177 more words



Spare me the idiocy of spiritual extremes. One end is taken by blind fanatics aching to burn the world, the other end by faint-hearted milk-sops, bleating empty platitudes as ash rains down around them. 23 more words


Spirits Keep Talking

There’s some skeletons in my closet

No one knows why I’m holding

I don’t know why I’m folding

it all in, You never would

of thought my thoughts went… 47 more words


Spirit Breath

You only have to breathe the love
and the light of the eternal spirit
and it will come close to you,
live within you and join you… 27 more words


In the Corner with Maftet in Bubastis, Part II

“Step back into black.” Of course I didn’t understand, but waited for no reprimand. “So sad Sia’s not here for you, too, for sheer knowing’s sake to make you wise enough to devise your own escape.” Maftet turned and burned into my eyes. 884 more words


In the Corner with Maftet in Bubastis

What am I doing here in this drear room in Bubastis in doom of shadow corner, so many sadistic strange faces? And who’s the witch that paces back and forth like she’s the frackin’ dream queen? 630 more words


Heaven, Hell and Here

This isn’t theology, as if God and His revelation could be subjected to human reason. This is doctrine in the sense of teaching that serves to characterize my limited understanding. 1,629 more words