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Leon (Clear Water)

It’s a guess of what we are, better friends strewn from some star, and my guess is we see through a scene. Johnathon or David, placed in earth’s ring, and we climb looking for a Haiku’s end, though to find, life’s not clear, Dante’s rhyme, words straight on though this life full of sin. 361 more words


Thoughts about works by Tracey Tawhiao and Tiffany Singh at Te Uru

Justine and I visited Te Uru gallery last weekend to have a look at the current exhibitions. There were 2 that were of particular interest to me due to their intersection with, differences and similarities to my own work. 661 more words


Arthur's Magical Mystery Tour

This is a department I have not mentioned as yet and this is because I did not want to upset anyone, I do know how prickly people can be with anything to do with religion. 527 more words


As I Try to Write

i look out the window snow sinks down like feathers my slow thoughts resemble branches covered with cold white nothingness streets and cars become abstractions animals call out of the stormy glaze every sound repeats stolen narratives reborn to be worn so smile the disease everyone sees faces everywhere we have wrong and right day and night and enough clichés to water a garden stop there is a fork in the code a specter walking in the road



artists’ easels drink paint thick brush
-strokes fish sweat in rotting sun hums
mellow pirate crept yellow summer sea
-s scythe saints broken in painted church… 30 more words


Damned in the Afterglow

writhing souls burst consciousness
a rainbow of high evil draws back
the arrow of desire licking leaves

through forests of vaulted dreams
torches night parades ominous hooves… 106 more words


what is?

everything’s one
that’s real and it’s true
realer than real
you can feel it shine through

nothing is there
it’s obviously so
because I know nothing… 50 more words