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I find that it’s an immense source of energy to place my mind in my dying self and seeing what he is regretful/proud of; that way I can focus on doing something supposedly “unpleasant” in the here and now.   48 more words



Sadly, it is easier to dismiss the Spirit
than to listen for its whisperings
behind every fence and tree.

© 2015 Dennis Ference



It is not enough to work hard, to feel good; the increasingly crowded earth has shown the need to consider many perspectives and variables.  I suspect that it may be our destiny to embrace complexity, to channel our good intention and purified focus through it… 18 more words


The Highway To Heaven

I’m going to have some

therapy Upstairs

while I do some Yoga



The Love that created you will lead you…if you follow.

(Listen to my song “I Want to Follow You” by clicking HERE)


1 Corinthians 1:9… 254 more words

Today's Contemplation

Blood On My Hands

“There is no one to get.
No one to receive a teaching.
No one to give a teaching.

That being said…

Who hears?

Who reads? 749 more words



I found this quote again today, and it describes perfectly how I feel about moving into writing two books related to Our Friends. One a book of quotes and art, with some quotes accompanied by two to four paragraphs of deeper discussion on the theme in the quote. 34 more words

Our Friends