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Musical Modes Applied To Moon Phases

Musical Modes Applied To Moon Phases…

Prompt: Phase

In music theory, the Modes of the Major Scale are 7 scales made from one scale, through the process of starting on every successive note. 258 more words



Handling failure is more than just enduring discomfort-that just leads to accumulated damage.  It’s really about setting aside ego and delving deep into the lessons of the wondrous gift that is “failure.”   19 more words


Dispatch One Hundred Ninety-Eight


The earth is the Lord’s and all that is in it,
    the world, and those who live in it;
2 for he has founded it on the seas, 393 more words



Be fully present to another in the moment
and let the fragrance of kindness perfume the air.

© 2016 Dennis Ference



The truth about the world, he said, is that anything is possible.  Had you not seen it all from birth and bled it of its strangeness it would appear to you for what it is, a hat trick in a medicine show, a fevered dream, a trance bepopulate with chimeras having neither analogue nor precedent, an itinerant carnival, a migratory tentshow whose ultimate destination after many a pitch in many a muddled field is unspeakable and calamitous beyond reckoning. 2,347 more words



Because of my physical constraints (and my linear movement through time), the effort I put into my work can be measured in geometric fashion.

But by leveraging creativity, I aim for exponential results.



Treason of the heart in perfect season
For reason known only to the pure soul
Cleansed from stain by a graceful rain
Freed from the chain of wicked strain, 123 more words