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We find comfort under the wings of the Erotes, seeking in vain to preserve the ever-fleeting mental and tactile sensations that pervade their being. We pursue them to the gates of their kingdom we are forbidden to enter. 59 more words


I do not necessarily claim to be a great artist or writer; but I claim to be a true spirit – this is a subtler test.

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Alladin's closet, house, world 4-21-2018

Did you have an Aladdin’s closet that you played in.   Think back or watch one of your grandchildren free spirited and at play. Often as a kid I played in a tent made out of blankets and chairs and with a corner of the blanket tucked between the mattress and the bed frame. 773 more words


Musical Mantras for Happiness 4-21-2018

I could feel the drum beat of the music coming out of Alladin’s closet. I would have expected celestial sound but I got “Help Me Rhonda,” Beach Boys 1965. 527 more words


Fringe Groups

there are new religious movements coming almost every week from all over the world each with their own perspective. It’s very annoying. 1st Corinthians 15:1-4 provides the believer with the gospel that saves so why do we need all these artificial means? 93 more words

New Age Movement


Regarding matters of day-to-day routine, it’s pretty easy (most times) to articulate the next right thing to do, harder to actually do it, and much harder to do it under stress.  26 more words


Commentary on Ennead I.4 – Well-Being

Plotinus makes perfect sense if you take the time to think about what he is saying. To attain ultimate well-being is an out of this world experience. 551 more words