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Feminist #srynotsry: Encountering an MRA

In 2013, the film Dallas Buyers Club was released to critical acclaim and several Oscar nominations. Audiences were shocked to see the emaciated physique of Matthew McConaughey on screen, and riveted by his performance as a cantankerous capitalist-cum-HIV vigilante. 1,706 more words


High AND Low Reps

No debates here – A mix of both in a single workout will be good for you!

Among the many debates plaguing the fitness community is the Question of Rep Ranges – How many reps should you perform per set for maximum muscle growth and incremental strength gains? 316 more words


Who Holds The Patent for Medical Marijuana ?

Long story short, in the US, it’s the United States Government. More specifically the the US Department of Health and Human Services.

 Disclaimer : The following facts will railroad you into the accident prone zone of highway of hypocrisy. 605 more words


Hormone use in poultry: Myth!

USPoultry recently released a video explaining a common myth — poultry are raised with additional growth hormones. This is not true, especially since it is against the law!  52 more words

In The News

The high-fat, high-calorie foods that you should be eating

The idea that we should limit the intake of all high-fat, high-calorie foods is now outdated and actually unhealthy.

Research conclusively tells us that most  391 more words


My Ouija board is broken!

My skeptical mind started to form during my PhD in England. While there, I lived together with my very good friend (let’s call her Kreszentia)  724 more words