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Myth: There are 3 billion visits...

Myth-busting: People make 3 billion visits to the English countryside every year

Err. No. They don’t.

This figure is used again and again, by official bodies, by journalists, and by other groups, but it is wrong. 681 more words


Myth: Bulls chase the colour red.

“I’d advise not wearing red near bulls.”

Oh dear. You’ve been watching too many cartoons. This definitely is a myth.

Bulls don’t really care what colour you are wearing. 183 more words


Rant About Tom Brady and YPA

It must be July, because here we go again.

I knew immediately that the events on the evening of February 5th would make this a long offseason, but I haven’t really felt the need to go on a long rant about that game or the Patriots in general in the last five-and-a-half months. 2,019 more words


King of the NORTH & King of the SOUTH

Daniel 11 is an overview of the nations controlling Israel from the time of Cyrus to the reign of Herod the Great – a marker point in the 70 week prophecy. 3,271 more words

Revelation And Daniel

What I Think Of Bisexual Men

B.F. wrote: “Great blog, and great YouTube videos! I was researching pegging and found you. I then saw your video on how you love gay porn. 227 more words

Human Sexuality

Medication Myth-busting Stereotypes

I’m back, world. On another mild rant, with awareness-spreading motives. Mental Health is huuuuuge. The effects it has on people, is actually phenomenal. The issue though, is the utter lack of conversation about these things. 888 more words


Georgi Dimitrov to Stalin on the Question of "Social-Fascism"

Dimitrov to Stalin, 1 July 1934. Original in Russian. Type-written, with handwritten comments by Stalin.


From C. Dimitrov

Dear Com. Stalin!

The enclosed draft outline of speech shows how I see the essence of the speech regarding the 2nd point of the agenda of the congress. 893 more words