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Myth-Busting: Bhatia Women and Periods

Mrs Bhadra Vadgama is Hon. Secretary of UK Gujarati Literary Society and has been honoured by the British Royalty for her outstanding work.

She is also a cultural observer and commentator based in London, UK. 617 more words


Wicked Wednesday: Mythbusters IV--You Can't Learn Voice

All writers have heard this–that voice in fiction is the one thing you can’t teach or coach or learn. Authors either have it or they don’t. 781 more words

Wicked Wednesday

Stalin’s ‘Anti-Semitism’

The accusation that Stalin was an anti-Semite is a strange one. Neither Stalin’s written texts nor his actions indicate anti-Semitism. Indeed, they indicate precisely the opposite, as I will show in a moment. 2,177 more words


Wicked Wednesday: Myth Busting Part 1

There are so many myths and rules that fly around about writing and the writing process that we decided to tackle some of them head on. 668 more words

Wicked Wednesday

George Orwell

Anti-Communist Propagandist, Champion of Trotskyism and State Informer
“What attracted the bourgeoisie to this third-rate writer was not his pretended support for the ideals of the October Revolution, but his real driving hated for the ideals of communism” 5,964 more words

Socialism and Bureaucracy

In the following article, A. Clark examines the problem of bureaucracy from the point of view of a society going through a process of socialist transformation. 2,165 more words


Color Me Unimpressed: Rejoinder to Jason Unruhe

“All we can do is to laugh as we gaze at this spectacle, for one cannot help laughing when one sees a man fighting his own imagination, smashing his own inventions, while at the same time heatedly asserting that he is smashing his opponent.” 1,640 more words