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Medication Myth-busting Stereotypes

I’m back, world. On another mild rant, with awareness-spreading motives. Mental Health is huuuuuge. The effects it has on people, is actually phenomenal. The issue though, is the utter lack of conversation about these things. 888 more words


Georgi Dimitrov to Stalin on the Question of "Social-Fascism"

Dimitrov to Stalin, 1 July 1934. Original in Russian. Type-written, with handwritten comments by Stalin.


From C. Dimitrov

Dear Com. Stalin!

The enclosed draft outline of speech shows how I see the essence of the speech regarding the 2nd point of the agenda of the congress. 893 more words


Story #5: I like CrosSFit.

Story #5: I like Crossfit.

GASP! I know.

I actually managed a Crossfit gym for a couple of years. Not just any Crossfit gym, THE Crossfit gym. 500 more words


Top Nutrition & Fitness Myths DEBUNKED

So, where did you hear it? On a popular health forum, from an fitness blogger or your gym buddy? 1,311 more words


Alkaline Water

The motive for this post came from 6 minutes of laughter while watching this video of a mom and her kids testing the pH level of various brands of bottled water, see below: 461 more words

I Won't Be Buying Tom's Shoes

I had heard that giving low income people clothing hurt their developing economies. Also, often if a charity gives people free shoes or clothes, they may turn around and sell them since they didn’t really need or want shoes. 56 more words

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