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Amazon and Reviews: Myth Busting

I’ve seen people talk about the number of reviews on Amazon that can somehow trigger the “amazon algorithm” to start promoting your book.

Some debunking is in order. 353 more words


Myth buster: a close examination of the Enloes family

Every genealogist has at least one encounter with an ubiquitous myth in their family tree. When fiction takes over hard fact, it can be surprising how readily the fabled details populate scores of pedigrees. 1,074 more words


Science finally confirms people's gullibility - energy edition

Alright, this pseudoscience article takes the cake. The title is Science Finally Confirms That People Absorb Energy from Others and according to their share-o-meter, it has been shared on the social media almost 700’000 times since August 2016. 485 more words

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Preventing Cognitive Decline: What Works, What Doesn't

There’s no feel-good way to say it: cognition declines with age. Memory, processing speed, reasoning, and executive function generally get worse with every passing year. Despite that, we all know people who stay smart as a whip while they swing into old age, so cognitive decline is not guaranteed. 458 more words

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Brain Imaging and Intelligence: Not Brought to You by the Letter "g"

It would be nice if everyone was equally brilliant, but in reality, people differ in their cognitive ability. Or should that be “cognitive abilities?” If you call me smart, is there one brain network underlying my performance in a wide variety of mental tasks? 586 more words

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Brain Training: Scam or Effective Fitness Routine?

Brain training has been in the news a lot lately. Companies claim they can improve cognitive function, and people are paying millions of dollars to access their services, lured by the possibility of becoming smarter. 510 more words

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