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Buying The Berlin Wall

This is a scheduled post as I am currently away, see Me & My Backpack or Planning Vietnam for the details. 

Visit Berlin. Just visit it. 900 more words

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Literary Myth-busting: Green-eyed People See Better in the Dark

Recently, I was reading an older novel from the 1960s in which the heroine stated matter-of-factly that green-eyed people can see better in the dark. This is the only time I can recall coming across this claim in a novel. 72 more words

Literary Myth-busting

Myth busting – Part 8

Myth: We must eat vegetables to be healthy, but we can live without meat.

Truth: Actually, it’s the opposite. We can live on animal foods alone, but it’s very hard to live on plant foods alone. 2,097 more words

Healthy Eating

‘Brexit is Regressive’ and Other Myths: Part III

The third and final instalment of my myth buster series will cover three of the biggest myths I have heard from the Inners in recent weeks. 1,170 more words


Literary Myth-busting: Buttering a Cat's Paws

It seems to be a common belief among novelists that when one moves to a new house and one owns a cat, one should put butter on the cat’s paws to encourage it to stay at the new house instead of running away and becoming lost. 67 more words

Literary Myth-busting

Myth busting – Part 1

This is the first instalment in a series of posts tackling persistent myths in the world of healthy eating, with a particular focus on the consumption of animal foods as a source of ill health and environmental destruction. 662 more words

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Literary Myth-busting: Brandy for Hypothermia

It seems to be a universally accepted truth among novelists that it is the Done Thing for rescuers to pour alcohol (usually brandy or whiskey) into rescuees who are lost-and-injured and/or lost-and-cold. 185 more words

Literary Myth-busting