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The high-fat, high-calorie foods that you should be eating

The idea that we should limit the intake of all high-fat, high-calorie foods is now outdated and actually unhealthy.

Research conclusively tells us that most  391 more words


My Ouija board is broken!

My skeptical mind started to form during my PhD in England. While there, I lived together with my very good friend (let’s call her Kreszentia)  724 more words


Why you shouldn't eat like Elle Macpherson

One of the main reasons I see for all the confusion in nutrition today?

People seeing association as causation.

Association is 2 things that occur at the same time. 76 more words


Keep following your Dreams!(?)

On June 12, 2005, Steven Jobs gave a speech in front of graduates at the Stanford University. And boy, what an inspiring speech it was! 983 more words


What's the Best Way to Train? (Series)

One of the great things about the Internet age is that some of the world’s best minds and training information are a click away. One of the worst things about the Internet age is that it’s given the training cults a platform to shout their narrow-minded views. 728 more words


5 common myths about breakfast

Myth 1. Eating breakfast boosts our metabolism.

The best scientific evidence we have shows our resting metabolic rate is not increased by eating breakfast. Indeed, research shows that even not eating anything prior to midday for 6 weeks straight  348 more words


The real impact of grains on our health

If you happen to get your nutrition information from Google, you have likely heard about the idea that eating grain-based foods is detrimental for your health. 407 more words

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