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The 7 Hottest Topics in Fitness

There are many topics I’ve written about, seven in particular, that are clearly here to stay in terms of debate and scientific study in the fitness community.  970 more words

Eating Healthy

Myths about wealth: 1 

myth 1: “if it was that easy everyone would do it”
Partially true. It’s not easy, but it’s easy if you make it easy. A marathon is easy to a person who trains properly for it, and anyone can train and do the work needed to complete a marathon. 225 more words


Abuse only happens in certain 'problem' families, ethnic minorities, uneducated or poorer areas - really ?

Abuse pervades every ethnic, social strata. White collar workers are just as likely to abuse their wives as are blue-collar workers; financially independent people are just as likely to suffer abuse as are people on low incomes. 37 more words

Tip of the Day: Do Not Mistrust Family and Friends

The worst question may be the one you do not ask but a close second may be the question you pose to someone who lacks the knowledge required to provide a correct answer.   175 more words

Magic Boobs

I’m angry.  Not everyone knows that boobs are magical and this is causing major problems.

I have cried with too many friends about their breastfeeding experiences becoming derailed.   2,341 more words

When More Is Less

Fitness has become trendy.  It stems from celebrities and their trainers touting workouts on social media which leads to a certain segment of the population doing the same.  1,345 more words

Eating Healthy

10 things we all grew up believing! (And why we shouldn't let our kids believe them.)

1. If earwigs crawl into our ears, they’ll burrow into our brains and lay their eggs in there!

Contrary to childhood beliefs, earwigs don’t favour our brains to have their babies. 1,591 more words

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