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Literary Myth-busting: Buttering a Cat's Paws

It seems to be a common belief among novelists that when one moves to a new house and one owns a cat, one should put butter on the cat’s paws to encourage it to stay at the new house instead of running away and becoming lost. 67 more words

Literary Myth-busting

Myth busting – Part 1

This is the first instalment in a series of posts tackling persistent myths in the world of healthy eating, with a particular focus on the consumption of animal foods as a source of ill health and environmental destruction. 662 more words

Healthy Eating

Literary Myth-busting: Brandy for Hypothermia

It seems to be a universally accepted truth among novelists that it is the Done Thing for rescuers to pour alcohol (usually brandy or whiskey) into rescuees who are lost-and-injured and/or lost-and-cold. 185 more words

Literary Myth-busting

‘I’m In because I’m a Global Citizen’ and Other Myths: Part II

In recent weeks I have heard increasingly more arguments from In campaigners which are not only factually inaccurate, but are frankly deliberately misleading. In Part II of this myth buster series I will attempt to shine a light on some of these and provide rebuttal to each, to show all of you why the better open on June 23rd is to Vote Leave. 989 more words


‘Je suis Européen’ and Other Myths: Part I

The arguments I have encountered from many In campaigners in recent weeks could, at my most generous, be described as misguided and ill-informed. This is something that deeply troubles me, as this referendum, where we are making a decision which is so crucial in defining our futures, is being fought on the basis of misinformation and deception. 785 more words


Fact or Fiction? Let’s Talk About PR Myths

By Monica Aza

If you work in public relations or you’re studying PR, chances are you’ve had to explain what it is that you actually do. 343 more words



One of the first things I hear when I suggest weight training a new female client is “won’t that make me bulky”.

It’s a common misconception by women that they will become “bulky” if they lift weights. 279 more words