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The Book of Enoch was widely accepted in Judaism until the first Century CE.     Tertullian c. 200 CE wrote ‘Concerning the Genuineness of the Prophecy of Enoch… 6,810 more words

Revelation And Daniel

6 Lies About Ballet

I’m back with another myth busting post! 

Ballet is often stereotyped, and usually, those stereotypes aren’t true. I’ve never really posted about dance very often, so here’s a dance post from me. 933 more words


Stay At Home Dads and the Art of Manliness

According to the ever-reliable Urban Dictionary, the concept of being manly is simply described as being Chuck Norris. Whilst Chuck Norris may possibly be the manliest man of all time (Did you know that Chuck Norris uses Tabasco sauce for eye drops?), it’s not a particularly helpful definition. 1,061 more words


3 Myths About The 5E Model

While the 5E Model seems pretty self-explanatory — engage students, explore stuff, explain it, elaborate or extend the learning, and evaluate — I’ve personally seen many seasoned teachers and competent administrators alike misunderstand some key concepts about the model.  782 more words

Science Education

Misunderstanding Science

I have had a love affair with science for as long as I can remember. It’s something I can really get into. What annoys me about science however, is the general publics ability to believe any old thing that they hear in the media. 782 more words

Myth Busting

Thinking Thin

I stumbled across a quote the other day which really shocked me

I saved that image on my laptop as ‘F***ing Bulls*** Mate’ – Which concisely sums up my thoughts on the matter. 1,134 more words


Does the pill make you gain weight?

In short, the answer is probably not. Over half of American women believe that oral contraceptives, commonly know as the pill, cause weight gain. In this post, we’re going to learn that this “common knowledge” is actually a myth. 523 more words

Reproductive Health