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Albert Camus - Lucidity and Decision

“Do your own thing” became a motto for the 1960s – a motto rooted in existentialism.

Sometime around the end of high school or early college I began to give serious attention to a few books outside of school curricula. 1,607 more words

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Why the Bible is full of myths (or why God has a lisp)

​Last time I talked about how we cannot see that the Bible is divinely written unless God opens our eyes to it, and that in many places the Bible is like historical fiction (as opposed to fictional history). 917 more words

RESEARCH : Arthur C. Danto - The Philosophical Disenfranchisement of Art - Analysis of Essay One

‘The history of art is the history of the suppression of art, itself a kind of futility if that which one seeks to cast in chains has no effectiveness whatever, and one confers upon art the illusion of competence by treating as dangerous what would make nothing happen if it were allowed to be free.’ (Danto, 1986, pg.4) 2,004 more words

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Girl Seeking Faith

I stopped believing in God. I lost my way. Maybe there is no causal relation here.

Everytime I swipe right it’s a match so why can’t I fall in love? 107 more words

Albert Camus

The Absurd Choice

There’s no quick fix. There’s no good choice. In November it will be Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump. She’s plodding and conventional, if not a bit boring, with an extensive list of quite reasonable detailed policy positions that no one reads, and she’s defensive about the few bone-headed mistakes she made in all her years in public service. 3,586 more words

Everyday Life

In two preceding sets of blogs about positivism and fundamentalism, I have tried to identify a strong element of nihilism built into those two towers of belief in the modern age. 1,089 more words

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Joy and Cicadas

Joy, David O. Russell, 2015

“The world does not give you opportunities. The world destroys your opportunities, and it breaks your heart.”

A resurfacing theme of some of David O. 851 more words