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Knocknarae, Or Thoughts on Time and the Irish Sisyphus (A Hitchhiker's Guide)

“UP THE MOUNTAIN ye were?” the woman said to me.  I tried to look at her from the passenger seat, though my glasses were bedazzled with raindrops. 3,151 more words


Self-Determined Happiness and Friendship

In The Myth of Sisyphus, Camus writes: “All Sisyphus’ silent joy is contained herein. His fate belongs to him. His rock is his thing.” 2,270 more words


What Is The Purpose of Childhood?

The average child spends eight-to-ten hours in school every day of the week — getting up before dawn, standing in the cold, getting on a bus, and sitting through learning materials that have been pre-determined to be necessary for their success as students. 521 more words



I have a short (true) story, “De Profundis: Our Past is Prologue”, in the upcoming new issue of The Mockingbird, the literary magazine of the Mockingbird ministry. 728 more words

Biblical Theology

The Utter Meaninglessness of Life: A Response to Neil Levy

Theistic philosophers often argue that the naturalistic worldview renders life completely meaningless (Craig, 1994, p57-75).  On their understanding, objective meaning can only be derived from a transcendent–i.e., supernatural–source.   1,909 more words


Flash! Friday Contest and King Sisyphus

I’m back again! I’ve taken part in most Flash Friday Contests since last summer, but this is my first one this year!

What do Flash Friday Contest and King Sisyphus have in common? 673 more words

Flash Friday Challenge

Honors 11: Sisyphus + Second Sex + Primer Outline + Teach the Class + No Exit

Okay, so a lot happened today. We first finished our “Myth of Sisyphus” quiz in partners. We also answered, in our partnership, one of the questions at the back of “The Second Sex” as part of our quiz. 87 more words

Honors 11