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Math Myth

At lunch today I told this story to some 5th grade kids.

Once there was a division between the Sum and the multiplication. There was also a guy named Minus, who wasn’t very good at doing things. 202 more words


Bedtime Story - Prometheus

The pieces of bark and charred grasses crackled as the hunter watched the fire unfold before him. The warmth of the flames were licking his face, slithering into his brain as the flame danced. 506 more words


What is a Black Eyed Kid (BEK)?

The urban legend, Black-Eyed Kids or BEKs, describes children from 6 to 16 years of age that have supernatural powers.  Their signature experience is one of completely black eyes, and pale skin.  367 more words

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Narcissi & Echo

Staring in the water, I find a flower, white petals surrounding a yellow bud, this is the immortal flower of my Narcissus, the adored one who died of starvation while transfixed by his own reflection . 150 more words


Narcissus & Echo

The sobs of Narcissus are buried in my chest like an endless blackness, the dark shadow which he never can capture as he lays enraptured by his gaze. 311 more words


The Styx Jellyfish - Levan Songulashvili

Jellyfish are odd aren’t they. Some teeny tiny like the Irukandi jellyfish, some glow in the dark and some are just outright mean like the Portuguese man o war. 412 more words