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Squirrel Legend Confirmed: Triggers English Majors’ Mass Exodus

POUGHKEEPSIE, NY—Recent developments have led to a mass trend of English majors un-declaring. Sources claim the movement was initiated by a 100-like Yik Yak post: “Just saw a squirrel behind Noyes turn into a twenty-four year old woman! 712 more words

Mermaid's Tears Iona Runes

The Mermaid’s Tears

For many years we would spend two or three weeks on the Holy Island of Iona, around the Celtic Feast of Beltane at the beginning of May.  805 more words



 I.WHAT’S UP WITH YI?  – Yi the Divine Archer from Chinese mythology deserves to be remembered in one breath with some of the other great heroes and monster slayers from belief systems around the world. 3,675 more words


Myth vs. Fact...

There is so much misinformation out there nowadays who knows what to believe exactly? There are certain celebrity docs who preach one thing on their television show and then a week later completely contradict the very thing they were so passionate about. 351 more words

Give Love a Chance: Love as Metaphor & Myth

A few weeks back I wrote that Warm Bodies was “fucking stupid” and that The Fifth Wave was “even fucking stupider!” I stand by those statements but, at the same time, I did notice a pronounced “sideways look” from friends and family when I talked about my ire with either film. 778 more words


Sing The Splendor of Paradise

February 12 – The Voyage of Bran, Day 3

The Strange Woman from the Otherworld continues her mystic song of praises for the beauty of Emain Ablach, or Avalon, as Bran and the other kings are entranced: 662 more words