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Ted Dawe - Into the River

Into the River” by Ted Dawe (ISBN13 9780473205089; 279p.; Goodreads) is one of those books I loved a lot, and yet am incapable of describing. 389 more words




The shout came along the line, men and women grimaced as they dug their feet in further. “Hold! Think of your families and hold this line!” The line had began to buckle, but grim determination and sheer bloody mindedness had strengthened the soldiers. 106 more words


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Ask ten people what SEO is, and you?re likely to get ten different answers. Given the industry?s unsavoury past, this is hardly surprising. 758 more words


Sun, Moon, and Stars

She dances with the cherry blossoms as she hangs the sun in the sky.

My sister hangs the sun in the sky in the morning and I hang the moon and stars at night. 100 more words


Cryptozoology and the Mutant Cats

Last summer, while on a short journey to visit Carcross, the small Tagish town in the southern lake country of Canada’s Yukon Territory, I was returning to Skagway via the South Klondike Highway and noticed a van had stopped, half-way in the middle of the road, and the driver was taking pictures of something. 1,267 more words


It's not "ghosts," it's DEMONS.

Who ya gonna call? THE BIBLE!! I know I might watch too much creepy junk but every time I hear somebody say that a place is “haunted” or they saw a “ghost,” I want to break something. 827 more words
Jesus Christ Is The Only Way To Heaven!

The Queen of Fire impeached

Digging deep and with inquisitive humility.

Anger in the Feminine, in Women, in me; fist up, voice loud, at par with the boys; no need to be saved, fire burning – far too hot to ever get close, too hot to hurt – smouldering we incinerate ourselves. 273 more words

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