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Can the Eclipse hurt pregnant women?

So. Almost none of you guys know yet. I haven’t told everyone but…

Mi madre is pregnant!

This is really exciting news and we all eagerly expect the newest addition the the López family. 648 more words

My Life

Myth & The Dark Road

“In older myths, the dark road leads downward into the Underworld, where Persephone is carried off by Hades, much against her will, while Ishtar descends of her own accord to beat at the gates of Hell. 123 more words

R.M. Engelhardt

#48 - Project Extra: Atlantis Reimagined

http://traffic.libsyn.com/theaidanproject/Project_Extra_Atlantis.mp3On this bonus edition of the Aidan Project, Christopher Hale, freelance executive producer, producer/director and writer, explains the curious 19th century reimagining of the story of Atlantis. 100 more words


Formulaic yet Surprising: MOANA (2016)

Well, I must say I approached the film with the old misgivings and contempt I’ve specially reserved for Disney (and of that kind) products. The change of setting, though, is welcome. 591 more words


All About The Money

Ketika saya masih berkuliah, saya sering berada dalam kondisi keuangan yang tidak baik, sampai-sampai saya harus bekerja paruh waktu demi mencukupi kebutuhan hidup saya sehari-hari. Jika berharap dari uang bulanan yang dikirimkan orang tua saya tentu saya tidak bisa bertahan hidup di tanah rantau. 233 more words