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Tuisto, 1st German God, Our home when living, our home when dead

The Peoples of Germania and Their First God

“In their ancient songs, their only way of remembering or recording the past, they celebrate an earth-born god, Tuisco, and his son Mannus, as the origin of their race*, as their founders. 2,880 more words


Underlinings (#64)

Ancient Greek robot stories, and more:

Out of Pandora’s box flew pestilence, disaster, misfortune. In simple versions of the myth, the last thing to flutter out of Pandora’s box was… 62 more words


Poem: Cloudcover

What if we couldn’t see the sky?

Ever, through the constant sheet

white water vapor, the sky is nothing

but blankness pervading, we couldn’t navigate… 184 more words


Twitter cuts (#96)

Any advanced mythology is indistinguishable from science fiction.

— ((( 1/ えफ ))) (@fadesingh) September 29, 2016



Wahya's Legend

As a youth, Luke never gave his life a thought as to what he would become when he became a man. But then finding out he was going to become a legendary creature was not what he had in mind. 62 more words


To the Moon - and Back Again?

Recently I have been reading Tolkien’s unpublished story Roverandom. Roverandom is a beautiful story about a dog who has been transformed into a toy, and goes on an adventure to become a real live dog again. 1,361 more words


"Whisht! Lads": The Lambton Worm, Medievalism(s) and Radical Jack the Earl of Durham (Public lecture, 5th October)

Many people in the North East will have heard of the Lambton Worm through the popular folk song, but the different ways in which the story has been presented over the years tells us much about social and local history. 443 more words

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