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Perseus' Shield

In one instalment of Classical Greek mythology, the hero Perseus finds himself destined to battle the Gorgon Medusa. Her hair was composed of venomous snakes and looking directly upon her form would turn the viewer instantly to stone. 291 more words


City of Brass: the djinni fantasy I've been waiting for

Nahri is a hustler with a sixth sense for sickness, trying to save up enough money from her scams to study medicine. When she accidentally summons a daeva during an improvised ritual, her dreams go up in smoke. 665 more words


My Annuvian Path

I’m at liberty to share this because I don’t live in the age of Queen Victoria, King James, or King Arthur. I’m not Orddu, ‘the Very Black Witch’, in her cave waiting for the knife to cut her in twain. 394 more words


Anime x Lit Crit: Vampires & Valentines - Toradora! 04

Welcome to Episode 4 of Toradora. Check out our discussion of Episode 4 of Shiki on Primes’ website when it’s up.

The student council president (I think that’s what she is?) is introduced! 2,046 more words


The Introversion & Extroversion Myth

Introversion and Extroversion in an interesting topic for me, and is usually a topic that I get a lot of hate for since I usually take a more controversial approach to topics that I talk about. 721 more words