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The myth of perfection


We live in a society where “perfect” is normal. From stunning models on TV, the food we eat, and people we follow on social media – everything and everyone seems perfect. 620 more words


Seers and Storytellers: Journey to Delphi

My posts on this blog tend to be intermittent, admittedly due to procrastination and trying to earn a crust in the madness that is the working life. 1,730 more words


Ground Level

a fork has
prongs of three spokes

croak said
in three throats a

frog notes
when neck-taking

woods with a design, here
there are people… 152 more words

The Myth of Canada as Peacekeeping Nation

Canadians have been sold the idea that we are a peacekeeping nation. It’s been drilled into us through education, media outlets, and the writing of our history textbooks to disinclude our colonial past and present. 230 more words


Dear Angel

Watch over her,
The way that she watched
Her children
Dart across the street
As dusk threatened her

Keep her,
The way that she kept the pictures… 81 more words


Shakespeare Smoked Weed and the World is Flat

Religion the world over has proven one point. By this I mean that only one point has truly stuck, been proven to be Mythbuster Plausible. Human beings need, NEED, to believe in something greater than themselves. 987 more words

Non-Fiction & Musings

"At least we can say we did it.": The Festival Myth

I was sitting on a curb near the port-a-potty kingdom at Lollapalooza this year when I overheard a very sunburnt, very tired looking mom say to her daughter, “Well, honey, at least we can say we did it.” I watched as the daughter nodded in agreement while taking a sip out of her special edition Lolla Camelback water bottle. 514 more words