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Day 7: JOJA in Kabale, "A disappointment"

The weather is perfect for travelling this afternoon. Just the right amount of clouds are adrift in the pale blue sky and the golden sun is warm and comforting. 499 more words


Son of Zeus Part 7: Visions

Across the planes clashed the Titans in arms against the Olympian gods. Grim and terrible were the sights of the immortal battle that shook the very earth to its foundations. 1,128 more words


Pluto's process

We all like to gain in power, but can fall into fear when we are feeling its loss. In looking at the myth of Pluto we see that the collective consciousness holds a lesson for us if we will only pay attention and give it time to work. 349 more words


Lynx I: The Water's Edge


The Water’s Edge

Fé Voem

Even though the sky was dim and unattainable in its emptiness,

through Lynx it was still perceived as being alive, gently oscillating with a… 230 more words

Cannibalism, Colonial America and Stalinist Russia

A Review on BLOODLANDS, by Ron Rosenbaum

Turns out there are a lot of myths about cannibalism — and how it’s been practiced over time. Here are a few surprising things experts have learned:  137 more words


In dells are strewn
beneath the sky

a host of spirits
in great supply

They gird themselves
with raiment fair

cleft hooves beneath
and wings on air… 55 more words