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I had a dream when I was about seventeen in which the most beautiful music was playing. It was the song of the morning and I could not recall it when I woke up but I knew that song connected me to everything that lived. 292 more words

Josie Moon

How Thersites Makes The Beautiful Body and The Beautiful Mind

Iliad 2.211-224

“The rest of them were sitting, and they had taken their seats.
Only Thersites, a man of measureless speech, was still declaring–
A man who knew many disordered things in his thoughts and who… 1,072 more words


His Pool Wept in Oceans

According to legend, Narcissus happened across his reflection in a pool of water and fell in love so deeply with what he saw, that he lost the will to live.

86 more words

The Most High

ancient mythics only rumored to exist through fairy tales and mythology

each speaks in an ancient and forgotten “click language”

each has a height of 8 feet… 315 more words


Autism. It is all my fault.

…..it is all my fault.

My baby wasn’t planned.
I thought I couldn’t get pregnant.
I was Anorexic and Bulimic.
I wouldn’t eat for days and then I would binge and vomit. 464 more words

Is Going Gluten-Free Really The Best Choice?

Ten years ago only a small number of Americans knew what gluten was.  Now, about a third of Americans admit that they try to keep a gluten-free diet, according to The National Foundation for Celiac Awareness.   811 more words