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The Children of Geborrin, Verse 90

“Go away.”

Its voice sounded like the hiss of a snake. The creature leaned forward onto all four paws. Talons slid from it’s fingers, each one white as milk, each the length of a man’s forearm, and each shredding wood from the bark of the Tree. 14 more words


today i learned - tues 21st may 2019

this is one of those posts that makes me feel like a mythbuster 😏 move over adam savage 😜

#tdil how dock leaves help to relieve the pain of a good ole nettle sting 287 more words

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Break it Apart

oh why
Do I
Have this
poet’s heart.
oh why
Can’t I break it apart.

For so long I’ve tried
I don’t even know why… 36 more words


Ancestry As A Form Of Storytelling

DISCLAIMER: This article was originally posted on Odyssey.

Learning one’s own ancestry can be like a story being told, a real-life Silmarillion, a Dunsanian dream-cosmos that involves an industrious line of immigrants, soldiers, strangers, outsiders, and possible nobility. 809 more words

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Indigenous Representation in Popular Media

by Pili Gyasi, Presley Hoyl, Rena Rubit, and Trace Suiter


Brewer, Graham Lee. “The problems and potential in HBO’s ‘Westworld’”. High Country News, High Country News. 391 more words

Science and Art

Have you ever had an open conversation with someone you barely know about something you believe to be true down to your core and have them easily dismiss or challenge your belief? 693 more words

Some things about a different elder realm


A newly organised union of kingdoms, its realm includes the vast majority of elder’s territory after the age of warlords. It created the new language as a common language. 1,413 more words