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De-Creation Story

Great mother Sky was crying the warm tears of sadness again. Kulma had left, slipped away, though she knew he’d be back. The tears fell into the world, healing all they touched and slowly melting the icy hardness that he had left behind. 315 more words


Myth: The "architect" role will cease to exist by 2025

The things (rumblings) that I have been hearing, and is getting amplified every passing day:

  1. Google does not have people titled architects. Sr. Engineers play the role under the covers.
  2. 525 more words


He stands, body of an oversized whitewashed
soup tureen supported by mustard
bamboo limbs jutted
out of twin tangerine webs
in lizard-skin fans.
Heaped hanging dishes of raw… 137 more words


Thorn Jack: A Review

So I just finished reading Thorn Jack  by Katherine Harbourand I can’t believe I haven’t come across this story sooner. It’s a modern day retelling of Tam Lin that still manages to keep the reader guessing about what’s going to happen next. 463 more words


Lost World

by Mark English

My old high-school Latin teacher had a very short temper. He exploded on a regular basis. More than once he became so agitated in class that he knocked off his own spectacles, sending them skidding across the floor. 1,793 more words


Pele, The Goddess of Fire, the Most Revered Goddess in Hawaiian Mythology

Pele is one of the most well-known and revered Goddesses in Hawaiian mythology. Known as ‘She-Who-Shapes-The-Sacred-Land’, she is renowned for her fiery temper. She throws molten fountains into the air, governs the flow of lava and has been known to show herself throughout the islands… [click to read more]


Myth: Making Architecture Decisions quickly impacts software quality (negatively)

Unable to make a decision quickly? If you are analyzing options, assessing current state, making trade-offs, communicating to stakeholders, incorporating feedback, achieving consensus, and/or validating ideas; its clear that your work type is of a software architect. 492 more words