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Ciguapa | Morgan Miller

Sophomore, Morgan Miller

I am a nude wanderer,
My bare blue body-
A church for lost sailors.
Their screams of agony

Summon the ring of the bell, 64 more words


Argus Panoptes | Kayleigh Smith

Argus Panoptes
Kayleigh Smith, Freshman

(Argus Panoptes is a hundred eyes giant with superhuman strength).

I see what I have done.

A scrutinizing gaze like decaying watermelon floating in the hum of the hydrofoil, grasping at the nebulous home of whispering sirens singing low songs of dieb. 258 more words


Norse Myth / Giants in the Family

I’m not claiming that all giants or monsters in myth are Neanderthals or hybrids, but in the case of stories that take place within known Neanderthal areas of occupation, we ought to consider the possibility. 301 more words


Symbols and the body: Part 1

Hi Guys!

Sorry I’ve been a bit late in between posts – I’ve been moving house so it has been a wee bit hectic. Symbols has always been an area that has interested me a great deal and was one of the main reasons I decided to study anthropology. 771 more words


I Am Disloyal

People have told me they Loved me, but never truly wanted to know me. They liked how much I knew them. Actually, they hated how much I knew them, pushing me away yet pulling me closer. 32 more words


Mythopoesis 1 - What Mama Says

For Napowrimo day 1

What Mama Says

Mama, what is myth?


What kind of story?

A story about life,
about living.

Who tells the story, Mama? 406 more words

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