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Poetry// VII. Walk

This piece of poetry is written as part of a project which details the rise of the heroic, yet tragic view of masculinity within the stories of the mythic American Frontier. 659 more words


#Labour Myth 1: Ends Justify Means

Just now in St Albans, mild-mannered and likable Labour activists are distributing a glossy tabloid with a big lie on the front. Many of these activists are church-goers. 114 more words


6 Fantastic Female Orgasm Myths

You probably believe at least one common myth about female orgasms. They’re a hot topic! We wonder what’s true, what isn’t, and if “the truth” is different for everyone. 390 more words

Pandora's Box

The story goes the ancient gods gave Pandora a box to protect and never open. But curiosity got the better of her and she opened the box which kept safe all the evils of the world. 319 more words


Attention weakens marketing, emotion strengthens it

Notes on Robert Heath’s study:

Summary by Steve Genco:

Advertising may actually be bad – in some circumstances (e.g., TV ads) and for some purposes (e.g., brand-building). 

922 more words

The Maiden and The Unicorn

Sister Rita did not mind kneeling in a puddle as she scrubbed dirt from between stones, the library was her favourite place. Large old volumes lined the wooden shelves. 2,054 more words