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The "Red String of Fate"

The “Red String of Fate” ties soul mates together.
Not unbreakably (at least that’s what I want to believe), but their respective pinkies together.
Αnd that, rumour has it, is enough to lead Theseus to the Minotaur and Ariadne to Dionysus. 316 more words

sacred (400)

the runes are laid out, slicing a circle into twelve even pieces on the forest floor. in the centre is lucky thirteen, added on a whim. 373 more words

Creative Writing

The Curse

Each morning, in order to survive to the next, I must  slaughter a cockroach. This is neither as simple nor as difficult as you might imagine. 341 more words


Doctor Strange, The Shadow and Golden Age Myths

Films are offered to the public at the price of a meal. As we sit in the dark and take in kernels of popcorn, we also digest the films we’ve come to see. 1,338 more words


On Dealing Indispensable Content

Tristan and Isis … Continued …

Trading in fundamentals is like grasping the way of the group that amasses life as managing achievement.  Increasing perks like culling or losing stuff and placing income that adds certainty that directs life via withholding presence is wonderfully enchanting. 1,257 more words


"Myths are early science."

“Myths are early science, the result of men’s first trying to explain what they saw around them. But there are so many so-called myths which explain nothing at all. 22 more words


Praying Mantis

Prayer stance

I sit I wait I watch

They call me prophet, fortune teller

Eyes so wide and my third eye lets me see far beyond the sky… 109 more words