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New Favorite Artist

In my class, Modern Art, we had a paper and a presentation to do on a modern artist that we found interesting. I looked up many artists and I found Giorgio de Chirico very interesting, mostly because of how his painting style changed after the year 1919. 324 more words

Where Creativity Works

Folk Dance

Kerala’s Moodiyattam at Singapore’s Esplanade as part of India Art Festival. The performers enact the myth of Kali’s battle with powerful demons.


Chinese Unicorn - Artist Unknown

Occasionally I will come across something that completely baffles me. It’s not often as I really like to profess my utter geekdom in all things mythical, but this one has me stumped. 949 more words


Crane Wife

Falling from the snow clouds
(the Wind ripped from her wings, crashing)
into a garden;
into the garden.

(as in:
“I’m headed out to
the… 174 more words


'Let them eat cake'

Cake for breakfast

Is not the best

In nutrition

Only empty sugar

As I’m sure

Marie- Antoinette could tell you

-Kel Dayheart

Cyclops Lives by Herding Animals

Wikipedia Poem, No. 660
in ages of strategy 
find form of war  
                yellow highlight 
            the location i see before me
         six disloyal but touching memes 
     earn unseen-careful paroxysm of stormy sea-monster
made of myth ether and yoke upon yore upon 
fathom a revolutionary stratus 
the mythical canon can 
must mean grow

Some basics about psychological types (7 of 7)

2.3) MYTH

We can arrange the 16 psychological types in all sorts of ways. One of them is using the first and last letters: EJ / EP / IJ / IP, which result in four groups of four. 685 more words