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Myths and facts about cosmetics. Part 2

  1. Through mascara you can catch diseases

It’s true!

Cosmetics, especially mascara – an excellent environment for the life of fungi, pathogenic bacteria and even viruses (eg, conjunctivitis virus). 549 more words

Are you hostage to myths?

There is a lot of myth about cosmetics. Let’s run a small test, and check how much you know about the cosmetics that you use! 451 more words

10 Canadian Stereotypes: Truth of Myth?

Let me just get this off my chest. While travelling, most of these have either been pointed out or asked of me. So I decided to ask google what the most common Canadian stereotypes were, and I couldn’t believe the things that I was reading! 742 more words


Get yourself ready: the vampire kit

Legends about flesh-eating and/or bloodthirsty beings have existed for millennia across cultures – the word vampire is a relatively modern one. The Wikipedia article for Vampire Folklore contains… 886 more words

19th Century

The Centaur is not a myth

Centaurs, the first horsemen

Today, most sources will tell you that the Centaur was a mythological creature thought to have inhabited the mountains of Thessaly. But the ancient fables are, for obvious reasons, connected to real incidents that ran their course before recorded History.

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Week 4, Cultural Analysis

Anything becomes what it is by value of what it isn’t.

Key texts studied:

  • Roland Barthes, Mythologies

Semiology is not a metaphysical trap (…) Semiology is not of equality but of equivalence (112)

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Cultural Studies

The Child-Killing Lamia: What's Really Scary on Halloween is Misogyny

This is the second post about ancient Greek Vampires. The first looked at the Empousa. 

Lucian, Lover of Lies 2

“…these are various and disturbing tales, able to rattle the minds of children who still fear Mormo and Lamia.” 1,039 more words