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Ginger Snaps - Fan Fiction

If you are a fan of the Ginger Snaps Trilogy, have a read of this fan piece I did. It details the first movie and ends where Ginger Snaps Unleashed begins. 1,235 more words


Not So Polite Dinner Conversation - Christian "Science" and the art of the con

Well, this week, the Christian Scientists here in Harrisburg mailed out fliers about how they were going to have a healing talk down at their church, by Josh Niles (a supposed veteran which make me wonder why the local VA hospital isn’t empty).   1,753 more words

Not So Polite Dinner Conversation

Star Wars and Classical Reception

This episode of Classics Confidential was recorded at the 2017 Classical Association conference (hosted in Canterbury by the University of Kent and The Open University). 1,080 more words


Yama's Lieutenant by Anuja Chandramouli

​This might be a highly inappropriate analogy, but to me Yama’s Lieutenant atleast in parts, felt like Devil May Cry with Hindu pantheon. Though there is no Virgil for our Dante, he is equipped with two four-eyed hounds from hell, Chandrama and Suryama, for Ebony and Ivory. 246 more words


UnRoman Britain: Exposing the Great Myth of Britannia

UnRoman Britain: Exposing the Great Myth of Britannia

When we think of Roman Britain we tend to think of a land of togas and richly decorated palaces with Britons happily going about their much improved daily business under the benign gaze of Rome.  60 more words


Detoxing & Juices = flushing money down the toilet

So my first blog post is dedicated to a myth that gets qualified health professionals blood boiling – juices and detoxes.

As consumers, we’re surrounded by advertising campaigns like “get bikini ready in just one week!” or “lose stubborn belly fat with three day juicing” but here is the truth – they’re nothing short of a scam. 407 more words