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And Once Again Conspiracy Theorists Get it Right

Today marks the 47th anniversary of American astronaut Neil Armstrong’s giant leap for mankind, that moment when human beings first stepped onto the surface of the moon. 550 more words


You Can Live Without Worry!

We all worry. We all think way too much at some point and our mind is filled with negative thoughts that influence the way we act and feel. 429 more words

Mice vs Elephants...

Everybody knows that elephants are afraid of mice… It has been proven to be true (more or so) by the very famous MythBusters! People seem to be surprised that such a big animal would be scared of such a tiny little thing… 22 more words


All Religions Lead to God

You’ve probably heard people say that all religions are the same and they all reach the same destination so they think that there’s no reason to be dedicated to one religion. 530 more words

Entre Karl Marx y Adam Savage: el ser genérico ante la era del consumismo.

“Yo no quiero ser producto de mi ambiente, quiero que mi ambiente sea un producto mío.”

Así da inicio una película que compite con “Los niños del hombre” para ser mi favorita. 648 more words


Fashion Myths De-Mythified

“I’m a designer, and I think if you work in fashion, you have to give people fantasy.” ~Christian Louboutin

Ahh Fashion myths. We have all heard of them. 708 more words

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Adam Savage's Model Of 'The Shining's' Overlook Hotel Maze Is Kubrick-Level Detailed

Perhaps no one movie has inspired such pure devotion and careful study as Stanley Kubrick’s classic The Shining. Based off of the Stephen King novel… 229 more words

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