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Mythbusters: Twins + Twins = Twins?

This picture is floating around in a reddit feed, and I think it answers the age old question.  Since the dawn of time every twin has been hit with this scenario: “hey you guys should marry the other twins in the school and have twin babies, omg do you think that’d end up happening??”  First of all, who the fuck knows?  227 more words


Mythbusting Millennial Cord Cutting (genYZ webinar)

Join us for our genYZ webinar on May 12th @ 2pm EST (Register here) to hear the results from our millennial cord cutting study, previewed below. 564 more words

Excuse Me, Your Slip Is Showing

Last night I was bingeing on old Mythbusters programs and heard the announcer say, “…a miracle of evolution…”. I did a double-take, for “miracle” and “evolution” aren’t normally heard in the same sentence. 842 more words

Life's Like That

A Little Thing Called Television - Reality Shows

There is one thing that is a guilty pleasure for everyone and that is the reality television show. I don’t tend to watch a lot of reality television but i do tend to put it on a lot as background noise for when i am cooking as you don’t really have to pay a lot of attention to it. 276 more words


Are Task Killers Worth a Slot In Your App Drawer?

Task killers exist in almost every android smartphone these days. With smart device sales increasing exponentially each year, apps such as 360° security and Clean Master have been hitting the skies with their download rates,with their colourful and persistent ads making human beings drool. 934 more words

Is It Okay To Leave Your Phone To Charge Overnight?

It’s an issue that has plagued humanity since the dawn of the mobile phone. We use our trusty pocket computers so much that they rarely get through a day with any power left. 417 more words