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Reality Bites


A few months ago a writer’s group I all too infrequently get to attend (shout out to my lads and ladies at Pints and Prose) issued their first writing challenge: take the following prompt and write a story less than 3000 words using it. 1,786 more words


What is a myth and why do people believe them?

Myths of all kinds have been around for many MANY years. They have and continue to play a huge role in many different cultures around the world. 308 more words


Mid-Week Video Day: Mythbusters! Sinking Titanic, Goldfish Memory, and Trombone Explosion

Yay, I’m (mostly) better from the flu now! Just a sore throat to deal with (no more dripping nose!) so I’m back in the writing business. 108 more words

Media Recommendation

Paper Folding Fun

On this Sunday morning, I am yet again the owner of a losing lottery ticket.  I know.  I know.  The probability of winning is so slim, why waste my money?   450 more words

Immigration concerns overblown

Dr Arama Rata is a researcher at the National Institute of Demographic and Economic Analysis, and the Māori spokesperson for MARRC (Migrant and Refugee Rights Campaign). 1,255 more words


Three Common Myths

(Originally posted on Wix.com, on May 27, 2017)

It has come to my attention that about three-fourths of the graduating 8th grade class at my school thinks that human blood is sometimes blue. 311 more words

An Ellaquent Post

Wisdom Comes With Age: Myth Busted!

After all my years as a functioning adult, how can I still be so gullible? Isn’t wisdom supposed to come with age? If only Jamie and Adam of MythBusters had tested that theory, I’d have been better prepared. 572 more words
Life Lessons