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Adam Savage From 'Mythbusters' Built A Replica Of The Maze From 'The Shining'

In addition to being a highly-entertaining TV personality on Discovery’s Mythbusters, Adam Savage is also an avid maker of awesome things. Over the years, the man has constructed everything from… 60 more words

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Let's Clear A Few Things Up

Have you ever heard the bit about how human beings only use about 10% of their brains?  Yeah, that isn’t true.  There are a lot of misconceptions out there, and I found a handy-dandy info-graphic to clear them up  a bit.   44 more words

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Wofford MythBusters


We’ve all heard our share of myths and rumors across campus in regards to the campus environment, buildings, events and traditions. 776 more words

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Mythbusters #2: Hallway hysteria

By SAM VERMA, sophomore

We’ve all been there. Talking to your friends in the hallway seemed like a good idea at the time. After all, what harm could a few seconds possibly cause? 715 more words

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MythBusters: I heard that special preference is given to current/previous U of T students who apply to Medicine at U of T?

This myth is FALSE.

There is no preference given to current/previous U of T students in terms of our admissions process. In fact all schools are viewed equally. 31 more words

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Global Weirding.

Global warming, or global weirding, affects everyone, whether you’re waist-deep in water, or in a barren desert. It affects us because in a few years Miami and that area will be engulfed in water. 143 more words

Gender on the effects of emotional analysis (blog prompt 2)

In the minimyth episode, Bedroom eyes, the crew of Mythbusters tests a group of individuals on how well they can judge emotions. They show the men and women snapshots of people’s eyes and ask them to determine the emotion of the person. 249 more words