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Your Tattoos Can Burn You During An MRI

If you have any tattoo, this might freak you out.

Turns out, that tattoos can actually burn you during an MRI. Mythbusters debunked the myth. 139 more words


Mythbusters Plane Boarding Bite The Bullet Online Game

Mythbusters plane boarding bite the bullet online game

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Escape Slide Parachute

MythBusters and the Scientific method
Episode 37, “Escape Slide Parachute (Story of Vesna Vulović)
Textbook: Chapter 3, Accelerated Motion. Free Fall.


  1. What is the myth?
  2. 233 more words


The Mythbusters may be no more, but you can still see the famed M5 Industries if you make it up to the Bay Area.  Founded by former Mythbuster Jamie Hyneman in 1996, the building has served as a research and development lab, custom build shop, movie effects house and host to a variety of unusual projects, which were so famously documented during the run of Mythbusters.  129 more words

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5 Reasons Not To Take The Cinnamon Challenge

The Cinnamon Challenge is this millennium’s version of your mother admonishing you with, “If someone tells you to jump off a cliff, would you?,” for taking on a dare from your friends. 725 more words

Day 9 - Ask A Question

So today, according the chart of prompts I’m using for this month’s blogs, I’m supposed to ask a question.  I’ve been pondering this since I first came across this chart and the only question that’s popping into mind is…. 1,298 more words

Foster Care Month

7 GovCon myths that need busting

Depending on where one starts his or her journey of doing business with the government, they can hear things that may not necessarily be accurate, and in some cases, intentionally inaccurate. 8 more words