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SVR this week means Science Video Roundup

Title: SVR means Science Video Roundup this week

Saturday Video Roundup this week is all science videos.

First, Neil DeGrasse Tyson on science as a method to discover truth and how that truth is true whether you believe it or not. 108 more words

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An All-Nisei Combat Group - Mythbusters Claim #3

On page 227 of Weedflower, Kadahota  writes:

“Most amazingly, the government was now calling on young men to sign up for a special draft for an all-Nisei combat team of about five thousand men.” 135 more words

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Jody, David, & Rebekah Ate A 4-Year-Old Twinkie

Just call us the Mythbusters of radio!

What is it about Twinkies that make you think they will stay fresh forever? Where did that idea even come from? 206 more words


Previous Knowledge of the Pearl Harbor Attack? Mythbusters Claim #2

“Interestingly enough, on Sunday morning all of the Aircraft Carriers were moved out of the Pearl Harbor into open water for “exercises.” Never before, had the Aircraft Carriers been out on a Sunday morning for exercises. 275 more words

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Lib Dem Role in Coalition, MythBuster

By Campaign Agent Eric Kostadinov

The Lib Dems get a very bad reputation for their role in the coalition government, and the public made their feelings clear in 2015, reducing their share of the vote to a tiny 8%. 660 more words


First Generation Asian-American Citizens - MythBusters Claim #1

Claim 1 (p.6 ): “People born in Asia were not allowed to become American citizens….” (6).

When researching this claim, keep in mind two things: Asia includes many countries other than Japan, and the author is referring to the way things were in 1941, just prior to the attack on Pearl Harbor. 143 more words

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