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Suffering Contradicts God’s Existence

In a world full of war, earthquakes, shootings and such horrible suffering happening around us, people wonder how God could just sit around and do nothing about it all. 589 more words


Wicked Wednesday: Mythbusters VI--Getting Advice on a Manuscript

Pre-published and published authors get lots of advice on getting advice. Some people say you must have a writers group to succeed. Others say that kind of review stifles creativity and produces homogenized products. 916 more words

Wicked Wednesday

Exercises in Photo Editing — Myths & Mythstakes

Last week, Adam Savage of Mythbusters fame shared a series of portraits on Twitter, and his followers jumped at the opportunity to insert his face into famous pictures, ranging from movie scenes to posters and everything in between. 1,246 more words


Flashback to the Sawdust Cannon

If you have been to our website, you may have seen the sawdust cannon that Chad Stone set off in his backyard many years ago. Some of you may not know, that the MythBusters tried to replicate what Chad did in one of their episodes in 2008. 34 more words

'Mythbusters' May Be Ending, But Star Adam Savage Sees New Beginnings

When production of “Mythbusters” was coming to an end, Adam Savage says his friend, Paget Brewster — who left “Criminal Minds” after a long run — cautioned him that he would freak out once the show wrapped. 501 more words


Wicked Wednesday: Mythbusters V--Write What You Know

All young writers get the advice to “write what you know,” but let’s face it, if we all did that, there’d be way too many books about sitting on your a** typing words into a computer all day. 713 more words

Wicked Wednesday

SFTW: Put A Lid On It!

Solution For The World: Put A Lid On It!

You’re sitting at home and suddenly have the craving for a tasty milkshake. So you go to the fridge, grab the ice cream, milk, and your own preferred add-ons to make the shake awesome… 357 more words