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Bikelash Begins?

As the day when work begins on the South City Way creeps ever forward, it was perhaps inevitable that this would happen – negative coverage in the local press… 1,033 more words


Debunking Henry's Wives: Episode 1 - Anne of Cleves

The story of Henry VIII and his six wives is one of the best known in history, and most people today (certainly in Britain) can tell you something about them, even if it’s only the rhyme: ‘divorced, beheaded, died. 1,128 more words

Anne Of Cleves

Dear Parents: Lifting Weights Will Not Make Me Short

“Lifting weights will make you short.”

“Use only your bodyweight instead of free weight or else you’ll shrink.”

“I stay away from lifting because it’ll turn me into a buffed up midget.” 1,386 more words


Mythbusting, episode 1 (Throw out the records in division rivalry games?)

In this first episode (and possibly only ever episode) of this series called Mythbusting we will be looking at this myth, and putting it to the test: 275 more words


Even Pharma is getting in on Vanco-PipTazo AKI

This was an entertaining 9 page meta-analysis espousing the therapeutic harm of vancomycin and pip-tazo in the form of acute kidney injury.  With a conflict of interest page that reads like a pharmaceutical mutual fund (The Medicines Company, Cubist, Pfizer, Merck, Forest/Allergan, Melinta), it’s no wonder that they infer increased mortality due to AKI, yet conveniently COMPLETELY ignore that the same papers they reference show no mortality difference – and if anything a trend towards mortality benefit for vanco-PipTazo.   96 more words


NG tubes. just. wont. die.

My angst for the NGT has been explained in a previous post, and while this study adds to said angst, it sadly comes short of putting a nail in the coffin in the debate with surgical colleagues. 236 more words


Does the Quinsy need draining?

Local cultures are interesting, and variety is the spice of life. So let’s look at the ripened Quinsy fruit, shall we?

It is entirely imaginable that local practice at one tertiary care center is to perform an ED needle aspiration under endocavitary ultrasound guidance for a peritonsillar abscess and discharge the patient, while another within 100 miles may consult ENT to perform an aspiration at bedside and admit the patient.   312 more words