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Staph bacteremia: a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma.

Whew! It’s been awhile! Back to it today, with a personal favorite topic- infectious disease.

This study, in particular, is a reminder that medicine is an incredibly humbling career. 349 more words


4 Myths About Working In HR : Don't believe a word!

The looks I get when I tell people I work in HR…. Granted, i’m not the stereotypical HR professional. For a start, i’m male, when HR is still a female dominated profession but that’s not the only reason I get funny looks. 841 more words

#Mythbusting: Cigarette butts are NOT biodegradable.

Plastic bags, aluminum cans, coffee cups… all things that come to mind when we are faced with the issue of litter/pollution. But the biggest contribution to pollution, not just on beaches but everywhere, is the tiny, perceivably inconsequential cigarette butt. 242 more words

Early vs late meningitis diagnosis: capturing the needle in the haystack

Needle in the haystack, infectious pathway, take 6.

This is a retrospective study looking at early vs late diagnosis of bacterial meningitis from three hospitals in Denmark (one looking at data from 1998-2014; the other two from 2003-2014). 556 more words


Don’t Blame Society’s Problems on Individuals - Help The Homeless

As winter continues to hit Dunedin with everything it has, the reality of New Zealand’s housing issue is magnified. Many of us are very fortunate in that we are not constantly plagued by the same chill that others are exposed to on a daily basis, but with that position comes with an obligation: to speak out and force action for those that are. 272 more words

Social Action

Mythbusting Monday - Drinking Water During Exercise


“Drinking water while exercising will give you cramps”

I certainly wouldn’t recommend chugging it, because who wants to jump around with a belly full of liquid? 48 more words