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PA's- making Ada Plumer Proud.

Many years ago, nursing was not allowed to place IVs. Now, in some places, they place ultrasound guided PICCs, and in a handful of places, ultrasound guided central lines.   501 more words


The Ketamine vs All battle continues

ketamine. Ketamine. Ketamine! KETAMINE!!!!

Is there anything the SoMe wonderdrug can not do? I mean, isn’t the answer *always* ketamine?

This is a single center, randomized, prospective parallel study for patients aged 18-70 with moderate to severe acute, traumatic, orthopaedic pain with pain scale >80 on VAS. 318 more words


Mythbusting Series: Pasta

Bear, what are you gonna eat today for lunch?

Pasta :D

Again??? Do you Italians eat pasta every day?

Most of us. It’s not that we always eat pasta, but yes, we eat a lot of it.  809 more words


Mythbusting Series: Italian Spices

Goldilocks and I chat a lot about food. And we found out there are a lot of common beliefs Americans have about Italian food that really don’t exist in Italy. 740 more words


Whaddaya Mean You Can't Learn POCUS?

After taking a few one day ultrasound courses, a common theme amongst classmates is something to the effect of, “well, I get it now, but what about next week when the instructor isn’t there to guide me?” 363 more words


Smart snacking

Smart Snacking

“Anna, are you kidding? You are studying nutrition…” That day, when I was grabbing a few crackers to snack on and my housemate said to me. 1,125 more words


syncopal PE's, gestalt, & sensationalism.

Want to know how to poke the EM FOAM bear? Make a sweeping generalization that we are “doing it wrong” that goes against the “first do no harm” mentality, while paradoxically potentially putting some patients in harms way… 553 more words