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Less transfusions, the better, platelet style.

Over 4 years, the Mayo clinic reviewed over 40,000 ICU patients, and sought to determine if prophylactic platelets for critically ill thrombocytopenics matter.

Of these 40,000 ICU patients, they excluded anyone who received RBCs within 24 hours prior to the PLT count that triggered transfusion “to minimize the risk of including those with active bleeding” … The primary outcome was essentially to determine if transfusing platelets led to more RBC transfusions, and, secondarily, all-cause mortality, ICU and hospital free days (among others). 292 more words


BCAA's. Mostly Bullsh*t.

BCAA’s. Code name for Branched Chain Amino Acids. You’ve probably heard of them from your fellow bodybuilding or athlete friends. If you have Instagram, you’ve definitely seen them in a picture of a girl with a tub of BCAAs neatly placed next to her derrière. 501 more words


Delayed endocarditis diagnosis? The patient can have as many diseases as they please.

This is exploratory look at patients diagnosed with endocarditis at admission versus those with a delayed diagnosis. Granted, this is not a US study, and over a 9 year period at a single center, but does provide an interesting look at how we manage these patients…. 351 more words


POCUS gel - hot or not?

“Wow thats cold!”

It’s a common statement after applying the probe to a patient, and wouldn’t you love to know the answer to the age old question, “Does gel temperature matter for patient satisfaction?”… While we have some data suggesting improved patient satisfaction scores with POCUS, but could those scores be better if the gel was warmed? 244 more words


Do Prehospital Antibiotics Matter?

In short, probably not, but still not completely disproven.

This randomised controlled open-label trial looked at giving 2 grams of IV ceftriaxone to patients that met SIRS criteria (save for WBC- testing unavailable to EMS) with suspected infectious illness. 578 more words


Myth Busters: Braille - What It Is, and What It Isn’t

Being blind comes with the guarantee that you’ll be asked pretty hilarious (and sometimes downright stupid) questions on a regular basis. No invention for the blind have garnered more questions than Braille, the script we use for writing. 389 more words


4 Social Media Myths and Lies Digital Marketing Consultants Still Tell You

Like the SEO consultant of old, it seems like there is a ton of snake oil when it comes to social media and digital marketing consultants. 1,387 more words

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