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4 Misleading Things ISPs And The FCC Need To Stop Claiming About Net Neutrality

Net neutrality is a handy name for a pretty simple principle: the idea that the company providing your internet access should deliver you the online content of your choosing, when you choose it, without interfering. 1,778 more words

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TXA's post-partum fragility

Warning: An American on TXA.

The WOMAN trial was an international randomized double-blind placebo controlled trial across 193 hospitals in 21 countries looking at TXA use for morbidity and mortality for post-partum hemorrhage. 286 more words


SVT: treat, wait, re-evaluate

What do you *really* need to do with your SVT patients? Well, this is a retrospective observational study of 633 consecutive SVT patients over 10 years seen in a single ED. 335 more words


I'm back!

I’ve been saying that I’ll write this post for ages now. But I’m finally doing it! The truth is uni has been pretty hectic over the past month. 870 more words


Let's stop the sepsis high-five.

82 y/o F from SNF, AMS, “foul smelling urine.”

80/50, 103.1 PR, 120HR 98%.

An initial POCUS showed a collapsing IVC, you give 30 cc/kg LR, 650 Tylenol PR, vancomycin loading dose, and 3.375g Zosyn. 486 more words


Without Internet Privacy Rules, How Can I Protect My Data?

The FCC’s ISP privacy rule, which would have limited how your internet service provider could collect and use your data without your permission, is effectively dead. 2,233 more words

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Who Blows Out the Candles on Jesus' Birthday?

When I was growing up, I was told that the reason we give presents at Christmas is because it is a celebration of Jesus’ birth, and because Jesus is no longer here in the flesh to give presents to – like we do on people’s birthdays – we give them to each other. 598 more words