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Whaddaya Mean You Can't Learn POCUS?

After taking a few one day ultrasound courses, a common theme amongst classmates is something to the effect of, “well, I get it now, but what about next week when the instructor isn’t there to guide me?” 363 more words


syncopal PE's, gestalt, & sensationalism.

Want to know how to poke the EM FOAM bear? Make a sweeping generalization that we are “doing it wrong” that goes against the “first do no harm” mentality, while paradoxically potentially putting some patients in harms way… 553 more words


Period manners, ladies!

Okay so women get their periods. SO? So, it gives them the goddamn right to go to town with it via social media with obnoxious hashtags like #ProudToBleed #HappyToBleed etc. 1,083 more words

Mythbusters #1 - No Carbs After 6pm

5:59pm … Eat sandwiches, bagels, fruit and cereals to your heart’s content.

6:01pm – STOP! Cut those carbs right back – you can’t eat any more today unless you want to get fat. 797 more words

Personal Trainer

Sono-guided ACLS

This study demonstrates what many of us have probably suspected – the absence of cardiac activity on ultrasound portends a grave diagnosis; but this study really is so much more. 510 more words


Supercharger vs turbocharger

One of the biggest debates in the automotive world.

The argument to which is better, the turbocharger or supercharger. A turbocharger is a devise mounted on the exhaust that uses exhaust gases to turn a turbine, which in turn turns a compressor mounted on the opposite side to produce boost. 328 more words


Chronic viral infection & Coronary disease.

Are you openly ignoring a cardiac risk factor that is in the ballpark of smoking or early family history?   Even after controlling for numerous factors, well controlled HIV has a significantly higher cardiovascular MORTALITY rate – with an adjusted rate ratio of 1.53, while poorly controlled patients even moreso, with an adjusted rate ratio of 3.53, according to… 105 more words