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Is there any truth in what the EDL say? None whatsoever, it seems

EDL claim: Refugees are taking up state-provided homes, while ex-servicemen are left on the streets.

The truth:

– Anyone presenting to the council as needing housing will be given priority need if they are homeless or living in unsafe conditions, if they are vulnerable because of mental or physical illness, if they have dependants to care for and if they are at risk of harm for any other reason. 1,242 more words

The News And Other Rantings

Peds, POCUS, & SSTI.

Generally, most pediatric patients I’ve seen despise “needles.” Fortunately, they general love ipads and various other forms of technology. This particular study combines the two. Looking at 151 skin & soft tissue infections among 148 patients, the initial treating physician recorded their initial assessment as to whether or not there was a drainable collection, which was followed by a second physician who was blinded to the first assessment, doing an ultrasound. 64 more words


Holiday Heart is Real

I wanted to put this one out early this year, even though the paper was published in 2014.

An analysis of 12,195 cases of first MI (spanning 52 countries!) was compared to 15,583 age and sex-matched controls. 89 more words


Ramble 78: What the world is wrong about #2

Every sunday I will post the above to tell you how misinformed we really are.

Myth: Turkey is full of Arabs, follows Islamic law

Fact: 48 more words

What The World Is Wrong About

Community EM rejoice- CT within 6 hours safe for SAH rule out.

There is yet another paper to further elucidate who should get the CT / LP work up for subarachnoids. The authors looked at six EDs over 5 years, and encompassed 2,248 patients – of which 1898 had suitable LPs for analysis (insufficient sample, exposed to light [?], blood contamination, incorrect storage or transport [?], or they just plain lost the sample). 279 more words


Darband, Tehran: Vibrant and Refreshing

Most foreigners to Iran seem to have the perception that since alcohol is illegal and there are no bars or clubs, then Iranians surely have no way of having fun. 408 more words


Social media - the BIG secret...

…that digital agencies don’t want you to know.

The secret is… There is no secret.

I’ll explain what I mean. Social media strategy. It’s a hot topic and has been for the last few years now, and for good reason. 714 more words