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Supercharger vs turbocharger

One of the biggest debates in the automotive world.

The argument to which is better, the turbocharger or supercharger. A turbocharger is a devise mounted on the exhaust that uses exhaust gases to turn a turbine, which in turn turns a compressor mounted on the opposite side to produce boost. 328 more words


Chronic viral infection & Coronary disease.

Are you openly ignoring a cardiac risk factor that is in the ballpark of smoking or early family history?   Even after controlling for numerous factors, well controlled HIV has a significantly higher cardiovascular MORTALITY rate – with an adjusted rate ratio of 1.53, while poorly controlled patients even moreso, with an adjusted rate ratio of 3.53, according to… 105 more words


Class Warfare – Ortho Follow-up Style.

This paper is glimpse into the sad realities brought about by the class warfare unveiled by the current US public/private insurance system.

They looked at all 102 Dallas-Fort Worth orthopaedic groups. 258 more words


Chronic opiate use leads to worse surgical outcomes

No surprises here. This study looks at outcomes after major elective abdominal surgery ~500 patients on chronic opiates vs ~1900 opioid naive patients from a single center from 2008-2014. 177 more words


Entry #87: Two Plus One

Reality Checks

So this weekend we reach the 8 week mark. Whoa.

While we were out this week running errands, we had to (seriously, had to, I have a serious aversion to this place… 3,198 more words

Two Plus One = Family

Biology, History and Maths: A lesson in debunking PETA’s nonsense

On 21st July the UK government released its stats on how many animals were used in UK research and the race was on. Many British universities raced to… 2,163 more words


SCI still rare in kids.

This paper demonstrates that once again, kids are quite durable.

The authors looked at 3701 patients under 19 years old evaluated for a cervical spine injury. 185 more words

Improving Throughput