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1 in 10 EGLS saves a life.

Do current sepsis guidelines go far enough?

That was my first thought when I read today’s article. This single center ICU study looked at 220 patients divided into two categories- one category in which patients that were managed in adherence with the 2012 surviving sepsis guidelines – 20-49 ml / kg initial IV fluid bolus, continued fluid challenges until CVP of 8-12, with more given based on treating team. 418 more words


PO antibiotics STILL equivalent to IV counterparts

This is a retrospective study of 340 hospitals looking at non-ICU patients with community acquired pneumonia from 2007-2010 given levofloxacin or moxifloxacin either IV or PO, and testing the magically dogmatic theory that intravenous antibiotics were somehow magically better than their equivalent PO counterpart. 124 more words


Non-Malays and the Public Service: Application & Selection

Why are there so many Malays in the Public Service? Are Non-Malays discriminated against in the selection process? 

Simply because so many Malays apply. And it doesn’t help that most non-Malays do not even consider the Public Service as a career option. 255 more words

Education & Career

Sono-guided Right IJ? Skip the chest film.

1,322 sono guided IJ central lines. Guess how many pneumothoraces.

One. Exactly one.

Overall success rate – 96.9%.

One percent of the time the catheter required repositioning. 85 more words


Stress reductions might *actually* save a heart attack.

It is entirely possible that in 10 years, as part of a post cardiac admission, you will be included in small group therapy sessions.

Based on… 265 more words


Cric with a Pen, Just like on TV!

From the world of WTF comes this study :

yep, a study on the feasibility of ten medical laypersons to perform a cricothyrotomy on a “fresh” cadaver. 78 more words