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More No-Value Care: pre-procedure INR for cirrhotics

You have a cirrhotic patient in front of you. They need a procedure. You reflexively order a cbc, comprehensive metabolic panel, and PT/INR because you’d like to know about their platelets/ liver enzymes / coagulation ability. 196 more words


Breast Cancer 101: Five Surprising Facts

Since my breast cancer diagnosis, I’ve spent countless hours researching, talking with survivors, and asking questions about breast cancer. Throughout this learning process, I’ve been amazed to discover that many of my initial assumptions about breast cancer were wrong. 508 more words


One on the sweet stuff.

I was asked by a pal to write a blog about honey. Sounds boring, right? Just like sugar, right? Bees make it, so what, no big deal, right? 565 more words


Inching closer to discharging an ICH from the ED?

A few years ago, I was with an attending who was discharged a pediatric patient.  Staff in general seemed hesitant, but this was a well-loved doc who’s reply was somewhere along the lines of, “this kid looks great! 485 more words


Are There Really Consequences to Pornography Addiction?

Studies show that pornography can have similar effects to drugs and can kill your ability to feel love as powerfully, leading to dissatisfaction with your partner, (now and/or in the future). 647 more words


PA's- making Ada Plumer Proud.

Many years ago, nursing was not allowed to place IVs. Now, in some places, they place ultrasound guided PICCs, and in a handful of places, ultrasound guided central lines.   501 more words


The Ketamine vs All battle continues

ketamine. Ketamine. Ketamine! KETAMINE!!!!

Is there anything the SoMe wonderdrug can not do? I mean, isn’t the answer *always* ketamine?

This is a single center, randomized, prospective parallel study for patients aged 18-70 with moderate to severe acute, traumatic, orthopaedic pain with pain scale >80 on VAS. 318 more words