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Should you MRI Salter Harris 1's?

As I’ve discussed, oh, once, twice, or maybe three times in the past, ankle or wrist sprains (or even buckle fractures) do NOT need a splint.  143 more words


Linux Myth Busting - A Response

Recently I stumbled across Matthew Moore’s Mythbusting Linux video on YouTube. Normally I find his videos entertaining and sometimes informative (I say this as an experienced Linux user and developer, it’s not a reflection on his videos). 2,127 more words


Mythbusting Heel Tricks

Many of you will have suffered in heels, gone back to see how others survive the night in heels. You’ll see many blog posts, or articles where top fashionistas, models, editors, designers, or idi-ahem-experts share their secrets. 304 more words


Is Iran really so evil?

The demonization of Iran is arguably the most bizarre and self-defeating of all U.S. foreign policies. Americans view Iran not simply as a country with interests that sometimes conflict with ours, but as a relentless font of evil. 1,038 more words


Had an abscess packed? Call now!

It’s a generally accepted FOAM principle that packing an abscess is of no benefit, but now we can add one more reason onto why we should not do this: … 210 more words


Mythbusting: MNF, Jamie Carragher and Mesut Özil

A couple of weeks ago, before Arsenal played Manchester City, I watched Monday Night Football. Generally, I enjoy Sky’s coverage; however on this occasion I couldn’t help but take issue with a couple of the things Jamie Carragher said about Mesut Özil and David Silva. 1,114 more words


For the love of science; 6 myths about dogs discredited

There’s nothing I love more than being a myth buster – it’s part of my job, really. I consider it a public service to counteract “Well I heard that…” with “ concluded that”, and that’s what you’ve gotten yourself in to here. 1,134 more words