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Sono-guided Right IJ? Skip the chest film.

1,322 sono guided IJ central lines. Guess how many pneumothoraces.

One. Exactly one.

Overall success rate – 96.9%.

One percent of the time the catheter required repositioning. 85 more words


Stress reductions might *actually* save a heart attack.

It is entirely possible that in 10 years, as part of a post cardiac admission, you will be included in small group therapy sessions.

Based on… 265 more words


Cric with a Pen, Just like on TV!

From the world of WTF comes this study :

yep, a study on the feasibility of ten medical laypersons to perform a cricothyrotomy on a “fresh” cadaver. 78 more words


Overcoming the myths of Graduate School

Hi I’m Lindsay! I am a current graduate student in the Master of Accountancy program here at Georgia College and I also work as a graduate assistant for the Career Center.   1,240 more words

Graduate School

Getting started on Animation

Met three young men in a lab, A heated debate that got me confused for weeks started “Have you seen what Maya auto desk can do man! 326 more words


Distracting Injuries & the Pan-Scan

So, what is really distracting? According to NEXUS (multiple links here), it is any long bone fracture, visceral injury requiring surgical consultation, lacs >10cm, degloving injuries, crush injuries, large burns, or anything causing functional impairment. 165 more words


Mythbusting: Gel Insoles

So I’m sure you’ve all heard about Gel insoles, theres a lot of info flying about about them and I’ve definitely heard conflicting information, and sometimes you might wonder if a reviewer has been paid, or influenced in some way to write this. 436 more words