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Steroids, Cellulitis, and the IV Antibiotics Hoax.

There’s been a rash of literature on steroids for infectious processes, and today’s post is no different. At the end of 2014, a study came out looking at 31 pediatric patients at a tertiary children’s hospital diagnosed with orbital cellulitis that were evaluated for the efficacy of adjuvant steroids.  355 more words

Improving Outcomes

The Most Successful Crowdfunded Wearable in History...

(is smaller than you think!)

Congratulations to the folks at Pebble, whose next-generation smartwatch, the Pebble Time, has already raised over US$10.4 million, with over 48,000 backers. 222 more words

"toxins": a classic

An oldie but a goodie for your greater delectation, from back in 2009; read the rest at Science-Based Medicine: exploring issues & controversies in science & medicine.


5 Tips to Help You Science Better on the Internet

In recent years, there has been a significant anti-science movement in popular culture. This has led to debate over important issues such as climate change, vaccine efficacy & safety, or the safety of genetically modified food. 2,846 more words


Hocus POCUS, legal mumbo jumbo.

First, there was “Failure to Perform”, then the next hot legal topic, “Failure to Perform in A Timely Manner,” took stage.  We are in an age where there is a “Golden Hour” for everything – time to antibiotics, time to lysis, time to cath lab – and if you have been lucky enough to attend the ACEP Scientific Assembly over the last few years, you’ve likely heard that the legal landscape is changing to reflect this.   380 more words


Sorry, Black Teachers Are Not Magic

Emotion drives a great deal of policy and practice involving kids. I get why this is. Kids are important to us, their futures are important to us, we all were kids at one point, and we generally want what’s best for them, even if they are not our own.  2,590 more words


Less paperwork, equal efficacy with shoulder blocks.

Raise your hand if setting up conscious sedation is a small act of God in your ED.

Glad to see you’re all still here. Now, lets talk about how we can reduce that paperwork, and make the best use of nursing & clinician time in a busy ED. 148 more words