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Hercules Actor Kevin Sorbo's New Film - MYTHICA - Debuts 3/31



Starring Kevin Sorbo, Mythica: A Quest For Heroes Premieres March 3 Exclusively On CONtv


(Los Angeles, CA) March 16, 2015… 543 more words


The Hunt: Chapter One

Chapter One


The streets of Gaula were bustling as usual. Vendors barked amazing deals and sales, the clang of blacksmith hammers echoed through the streets. Carts pulled by horses weaved among the dusty roads, and the smell of smoke and baked goods filled the air. 1,726 more words


Episode 27


Scarlet has good news from doctor; more Linux nerdiness from Ryan; heap bunches of praise to Mythica for Skin Wars; wax poetic on a heart-felt polyamory article; get on a soap-box about color-changing nails from Undercover Colors; talk some Doctor Who Series 8… 28 more words

The Dragons

Mythica is a small world, home to some mighty behemoths. Dragons have inhabited the world longer than any other life form, and it is common belief that the dragons were the ones to create the world, forming it with their vast power. 1,229 more words


Chapter One

High above the clouds, a magnificent dragon soared. His scales were a deep, rich blue that glittered a brilliant gold when hit by the sun. He was not the largest of his kind, but some may argue the most beautiful. 3,520 more words


All about valkyries

I write about valkyries.  A lot.  Based on old Norse myths, my variant of the archetype are ruthless, mortal and wingless female warriors who are engaged in an endless thirteen-sided chess match for global domination. 350 more words

Short Stories

Setting stories in the land of vikings and valkyries

As my long time readers know, I have a penchant for setting stories in the Nordic lands, be they tales from the Old Norse mythos or space operas set in Kiruna’s Spaceport.   593 more words