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Media Update 9/21/17

King Arthur: Legend of the Sword

I like Guy Ritchie movies. He makes interesting films and has already proven that he can adapt things from a slightly different angle (see Sherlock Holmes). 789 more words


MYTHICA: The Future of Movies?

Craig Johnson looks at the how one particular set of movies has benefited from crowd funding and how it may affect the future of independent movie making… 858 more words


How a Valkyrie Flies

My short story, “How a Valkyrie Flies,” has just been published in Sci Fan Magazine’s 7th Edition, available in ebook and paperback format at… 21 more words

Short Stories

Mythica Timeline

Obviously SPOILERS! I apologize in advance for how weird and complicated this all reads!

I’ve watched all the films. I have not read the book. 373 more words


What is 'Mythica: The Godslayer'?

Or Mythica the Dragon slayer as it is known over here which doesn’t make sense for as I recall there is only one dragon in the movie and he isn’t even insulted by the end of the movie never mind slain. 841 more words

The Wizards of Thorne

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  • Ana-Sett  —  Goddess of Healing. Symbol of the owl.
  • Tek  —  God of the Forge.
  • 1,009 more words