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Mythica: A Quest for Heroes - A Review

I first discovered this film a year or so ago when I was checking out some recent films featuring Kevin Sorbo.  I had discovered Survivor which features Kevin Sorbo, Melanie Stone and Rocky Myers, my first introduction to both Melanie and Rocky.  390 more words

Journey to Mythica by Allen Childers

Mythica: A Quest for Heroes from Arrowstorm Entertainment is a cinematic love letter to the Dungeons & Dragons role playing game and fantasy in all other mediums. 551 more words

Frost giants: eighteen feet tall or eighteen-foot-tall?

Question–is that an eighteen-foot-tall frost giant or is it eighteen feet tall?

Answer: yes and yes, except frost giants are typically only fifteen feet tall. 87 more words


Excerpt of the week: Garden Tomte

A spin-off of my novel-in-progress, working title (not a very good title), The Jötunheim Eruption, is another take on Fire Giants Attack the World. “Garden Tomte” is set in the USA, not Iceland, and the protagonost is a real Swedish-American general rather than an wanna-be Icelandic-American  general.   348 more words

Short Stories

Peter Fae and Friend

“Come into the Mythica” he beckons me

As I offer King Peter a cup of tea

In a kitchen we share under roof, under moon, 409 more words


Excerpt of the week: The Jötunheim Eruption

After my two months of plotting angst (see Plotter or Pantser? and Writing from a plot, oops posts), and a whole lot of related writers block, I had a breakthrough last week.   474 more words

Writing from a plot, oops

So for the first time I am trying to do a plot outline first, THEN write.  Woudl make me a plotter, not a pantser. If it works.   329 more words