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The surviving magic and lore of an ancient land.

I step out of my rental car, into a land of gray stone, dry moss, and ceaseless wind. The wind blows more often than not in Iceland, and when it does, it always feels ceaseless. 4,006 more words

Mythology & Folklore

On the cultural embodiement of the Trickster: Tinkers' Tales and Lore

“Hush ye, hush ye, dinna fret; the Black Tinker winna get ye yet,” goes one old Scottish lullaby, echoing the fear with which Gypsies (“Tinkers,” “Travelers,” or “Rom”) have long been regarded. 3,584 more words

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Coyote was always happiest while spying and prying into someone else’s business. One day he spotted some lizards playing a game unfamiliar to him, so he trotted over to see what was going on. 1,635 more words

Mythology & Folklore

The Divine Matrix

This conference that Gregg Braden had on the Divine Matrix in Milan in 2007 is something that has been heavily on my mind since I finished it recently. 436 more words

Mythology & Folklore

Universal Laws?

Sometimes I have to wonder about those strange little unplanned synchronicities in the world, like when a person on television says the same word someone in the room says, or when the exact thing you’re expecting to happen happens. 1,010 more words

Mythology & Folklore

Trust in Cupid & Pysche

“Love cannot live where there is no trust.”
(Hamilton, p.129)

“Love cannot live where there is no trust”. A relationship, regardless of whether it is platonic or romantic, requires both parties to make an effort to strengthen the relationship. 299 more words


Book Nostalgia

Do you have books that you remember reading for the first time, or that you associate strongly with a particular time in your life, or that you feel changed your life in some way?  668 more words