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#FridayFeyDay - The Long Sleep - #FlashFiction #Myths

Locked in time overlooking inclination, the monarch watched and waited, frozen in impetus.  Long he had guarded the Keep, now fallen into ruin over the eons that had passed during his vigil; yet even longer he would wait because nothing was more important. 341 more words



Sometimes we ride high enough
to see the backs of eagles, bronze
wings tracing steep hillside oats

a glide. Even horses pause
to take notice. You can feel envy… 44 more words


Gryla & the Yule Lads

Now that the hipsters have ruined Krampus for everyone (“About 20,800,000 results” in Google), I predict that the fad for Xmas 2016 will be all  121 more words

Mythology of Remnas #5- The Beastmen

No race on Remnas is as varied in appearance or culture as the beastmen. Physically altered by their Seedman ancestors’ hunger for the flesh and blood of the great beasts, the beastmen have animalistic features while retaining the intellect of men. 587 more words


The Girl in the Tower

Photo of Tory Island Cliffs by Sara Everett, licensed under Creative Commons

Eithne wandered to her bedroom window, rubbing her eyes and trying to make sense of the strange dream she’d just had. 880 more words


Dream Chaser (Dark Hunters #14)

3.5 stars

Just like the last several installments, this one has the reader focusing on yet another demigod that has fallen from grace for some reason or another. 136 more words

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