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Unfinished Work 2018 (Looking for Feedback)

[Please comment and leave some feedback. I would greatly appreciate it. The following is an unfinished manuscript that I would love to get everyone’s opinion on. 4,256 more words

Bird Gods (1898) by Charles De Kay

“DeKay’s linguistic background is apparent in the book as he traces the various cultures and mythologies that the different birds appear in. He presents the idea that, rather than the more distant celestial objects, it is the animals that have surrounded us which have been the root of religious ideas. 222 more words


“Read a Damn Book – 080: The Sandman – Preludes & Nocturnes”

Back in 1990 or 1991, I picked up a stray issue of a book called The Sandman off a comic shop shelf. It was issue #18, and the book had a cool painted cover in this scratchy, Halloweeny style, with the words “Dream Country” in big letters across the top, just under the series title. 1,426 more words


Virgin Births

…..Coming back to the countries adjacent to the Eastern end of the Mediterranean we find many examples of the Immaculate Mother and the Holy Child.  Isis and Horus are two Egyptian figures which typify this idea.  1,129 more words


The Raven's Symbolism in Fantasy

Hello, my fellow readers!

When the term fantasy comes to mind, there are several images that come to mind: giant monstrous creatures like dragons and trolls, vast open worlds with limitless possibilities, and wonderous magic systems that define our expectations. 848 more words

For Writers

Shahnameh: The Vengeance of Kai Khosrau

The Vengeance of Kai Khosrau

Dire was the wailing among the army of Iran at their sore defeat, and they turned them back discomfited. And they came before the Shah, their hearts torn with anguish. 2,930 more words


Skoll and Hati

Skoll the wolf who shall scare the Moon

Till he flies to the Wood-of-Woe:

Hati the wolf, Hridvitnir’s kin, 

Who shall pursue the sun.

~ “GRIMNISMAL”, The Elder Edda…

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