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Confusing Confucius

“Without Goodness, one cannot remain constant in adversity and cannot enjoy happiness.

Those who are Good feel at home in Goodness, whereas those who are wise follow Goodness because they feel that they will profit from it.” 684 more words


Nakula was the son fo Maharaj Pandu, who was born out of his second wife, Madri. When Kunti maharani had already begot 3 sons by calling various demigods, Pandu asked her to call for more demigods and have children through them, to which she refused saying that a women having intimate relationships with more than 3 men is called a prostitute. 262 more words


Mom, I'm Working in Tophet

(This short story features Dalisay’s mother, Echidna, who appeared in Tadhana)

She was the mother of monsters, and many considered her to be one. Serpent from the waist down, Echidna slithered instead of walked. 675 more words


I am an ocean

Full of dark things that never see light

My body covers the earth

and when the sun gives me his touch… 60 more words



Brown jacket, long stare
Dark bar, cigarette flare
Moist eyes, wide smile
Brave and out of exile

Impeccable style, elite life
Many friends, all worthwhile… 20 more words


they cast me into the sea

left me for dead and rotting

but the sea wrapped me in her embrace

rebirthed me as her daughter own… 15 more words