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The Story of Osiris: How the First Ruler of Egypt Became God of the Underworld

By dhwty | Ancient Origins

Osiris was one of the most prominent gods in the ancient Egyptian pantheon. This prominent deity was a member of the Ennead (known also as the Great Ennead and the Ennead of Heliopolis), a group of nine Egyptian deities worshipped primarily in Heliopolis, but whose influence spread to the rest of Egypt as well. 514 more words


Oracle's Wing Tour

Do come in and sit down, please. There’s plenty of room. I am called Mrs. Aviard. I am the Senior Librarian here. Every weekend I will sit dozens of children down in this room and tell read to them from these books. 197 more words


Born At Midnight by C. C. Hunter

So, let me tell you that when I read the summary for this series debut, I was stoked. I mean, the idea of a summer camp experience for super natural teens was one that I hadn’t heard of. 826 more words


The Literary Drover No. 2620

My studies and observations of the Golden Eagle have resulted in researching online, in libraries, and, of course, in the field. I find inspirations in the efforts of others, and believe that my work contributes to the overall body of knowledge, ever growing:


The Literary Drover

Atlas Comic

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Book Review: African Myth and an Adult Hero's Tale in Anansi Boys

Reader’s confession time again: Anansi Boys is the first novel of Neil Gaiman’s that I have ever read. And I didn’t even read it, really; I listened to Lenny Henry read it and give voices to each of the characters while I drove my car back and forth across town. 818 more words