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Research studies show teens exposed to alcohol use in films are twice as likely to start drinking compared to their peers who watch fewer films with alcohol exposure according to Dartmouth’s Norris Cotton Cancer Center. 242 more words

Myths Vs. Reality

5 college finance problems your parents didn't have (USA Today)

If you’re in the throes of college research and decision-making, it’s likely that how to pay for college is a huge consideration. And because things have changed so much economically over the last 25 years, some say that today’s young adults, those classified as Millennials, have a lot more to think about than their Generation X parents did.

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Cliques in College?

Often times in college based on movies, there are usually a misrepresentation of social cliques that students separate themselves with such as the stereotypical fraternity brothers drinking on the lawn, athletes hanging around the cafe skipping class, and nerds living in the library socially isolated from society.   149 more words

Myths Vs. Reality

Everyone Gets Drunk

Throughout depictions in the media, many college and universities have become associated with partying and alcohol.  In films such as College and American Pie, they glamorize and often times exaggerate the portrayal of the college environment and behaviors of students such as excessive partying, drinking, sex, and never attending class.   191 more words

Myths Vs. Reality

10 Ways to Help Your Teens Deal With College Rejections (Huffington Post)

If you are the lucky parent of a high school senior, then the title of this article probably caught your eye. Yep, this is a tough year for the teens AND for the parents.

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The Truth About Rejection by Elite Colleges (DIY College Rankings)

What am I talking about? Let’s start with the joke that in order to get into the elite universities, high school students need to have discovered the cure for cancer or, at the very least, won a Nobel Prize.

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