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Vaccines Which You Stick In Your Arm And Make You Stronger

Attention people! I have an announcement to make.

Vaccines are wonderful things that help prevent you from getting deadly illnesses like Tetanus (Which kills 200,000 newborns a year in developing places without the vaccine), and Measles (Which kills 400 people a day in developing places without the vaccine.) 920 more words

Andrew Wakefield

Glastonbury without the festival

We are staying just outside Bath for a few days, but the caravan has an extra resident. Number 1 daughter has muscled in on the act this time and sudden,y everything is so much more expensive than usual! 690 more words

Ancient Churches

The Wormhole continues! 'An Apple Through the Wormhole' and 'The Cat Inside the Wormhole' now have covers!

Well, since you all liked so much this new cover of Down the Wormhole┬á(you can see it here if you haven’t already), I now present you with the covers for the two tales that follow this novel: 173 more words


New study: adopted kids struggle, even with well-educated, wealthy parents

I’ll explain why I am posting this below, but for now, let’s take a look at the study, which is discussed at Family Studies. (H/T Brad Wilcox tweet) 1,134 more words


9 Weight Loss Myths You Should Stay Away From

With so much on your mind about weight loss, it really is difficult for one to tell facts from fiction. Myths have this exceptional quality, the longer they stay, the closer they drift towards becoming facts. 675 more words

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Book Discussion: Should Authors "Leave Stuff" For Everyone Else To Write?

So this one is more of a book-and-writing discussion but as I don’t yet have a writing discussion post I thought it best to go for it here. 232 more words