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Magic in Ambar

Ambar is a highly magical world with a complicated history and cosmology. This is best described by outlining the fundamental concepts of magic and faith in Ambar. 915 more words


Common Beliefs of Magic

The common man of Ambar accepts that magic exists, spirits exist, and he is likely to interact with both in his lifetime. Furthermore, he knows that there are a myriad of “Underworlds” beneath the surface, which are worlds spirits and magic, where the gods and their nemeses dwell. 77 more words


Dick And Jane

See Jane. See Dick. See Jane run. Jane is running because Dick is chasing her.

See Dick. See Dick run. See Dick chase Jane.

See Jane run. 189 more words


Gods of Ambar

The same Gods of Ambar have appeared to the people of Ambar in many forms, as varied as the cultures of Eldar and mortals. Most cultures worship or revile the same gods, although the names and specific descriptions vary.  2,266 more words



The Baesark are Kith berserkers (just like Kith, only bigger and more furious than usual). They frequent Wyrm Mounds before battle to gather the fury of their ancestors.  16 more words


3 Myths About The Church

Have you ever felt that something just isn’t quite right in how we function as the church? Have you ever longed for  581 more words