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Investigating the closet

Hello dear readers! I know it’s been a minute. Work has been nuts, I’ve also been dabbling in other writing gigs. But I’m here now to talk about the mythology, psychology and even… 603 more words

"Death, and Life and Death"

Blog Assignment #1

Read the Creation Story here: 

… Now it had been many long years after Alatangana, his wife and his children were settled into the newly created Earth. 309 more words


Radha Krishna Ashi Box Unboxing

August’s Ashi Box was dedicated to Radha and Krishna. Radha Krishna are collectively known as the feminine and masculine aspects of God. They were the love of each others lives. 400 more words

India Love

NKOTB cruise: Myths and Facts

The 8º NKOTB cruise is about to set sail and – whether you’re going to be on it or not –  there are some myths I need to talk about. 1,038 more words


Top 10 Myths in Gifted Education

Even though I teach elementary gifted students, I consider myself an advocate for all students.  When I brainstormed titles for this blog many years ago, I chose, “Engage Their Minds,” because I believe all students have a right to learn through lessons that are exciting and relevant to their lives.   90 more words


The 10 Biggest Misconceptions Held About Movies

The rumour mill runs twice as fast in Hollywood, and false information has a tendency to take hold and not let go. There are some straight up wrong information and ideas about movies and their productions that people adamantly believe to be true. 1,983 more words



A Hopi Creation Myth

Alíksai! A very long time ago there was nothing here in the world but water. Only away off in the west where Hurúing Wuhti lived there was a small piece of land where she lived. 2,186 more words

Folk Tales And Folklore