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6 Myths About Azerbaijan

Aiming to put an end to foreign visitors’ misconceptions, here we list 6 most common myths about Azerbaijan.

Home to half of the world’s mud volcanoes…

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The Siemens Brothers

Biomechanics Expert Debunks Treadmill-Running Myths

How many people like running on treadmills? I know I don’t I rather be outside running, but I know there are times where one can’t run outside. 652 more words


Truth & Fat -Why you should be eating it

If you want to lose fat, then you should eat less fat, right? Or, if you don’t want to get fat, then you should cut down on your fat intake, right? 545 more words


Caught short - the myth 

An interesting comment came my way stating that ‘normal’ people caught short should be allowed to use the accessible loo the same as non disabled people who need the loo urgently. 193 more words


[Chapter 1] Quest for Seven: Sound of Lyre

Quest for Seven

written by tsukiyamarisa

BTS’ Kim Namjoon, Jung Hoseok, Kim Taehyung, Jeon Jungkook

OC’s Jung Mia, Lily O’Brian, Kim Mony

Chaptered | Greek Mythology!AU, Friendship, Adventure, Life, slight!Historical, slight!Fluff | 15… 5,616 more words


The Dragon Ruby.

The sleeping dragon lay in her cave atop a mound of beautiful, multicolored gems and sparkling crystals. Through an opening in the cave roof, beams of sunlight  played on her golden scales, casting a soft golden glow all about her. 1,876 more words

Short Stories

Myths or facts?

Hey guys, it’s Saturday! Whoop, whoop!! I love Saturdays like madt. I don’t even know why, but I know it dates back to my days in early primary school. 558 more words