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Mirrors eat remaining light

The house I left is buttoned up tight tonight, its orphaned olive trees gone liquid in the wind. I’m a trespasser for even remembering.  268 more words


The Stigma of taking a Gap Year.

A gap year, or gap time, is a dedicated time set aside to expose oneself to new experiences. In a year of taking a break, one can develop life skills, understand global issues, learn innovative ways to communicate with others and deal with facing challenges. 709 more words


Sunday Sermon: The Rapture

Hola Everybody,
According to some brilliant asshole, the rapture was supposed to be upon us starting yesterday, September 23rd. It seems like the rapture is upon us, proving that conservative, fundamentalist Christians have been right all along. 940 more words


First Mission: the Isle of Man - Part 3

“It looks like you’re one of the lucky ones,” an airport nurse told me after pulling his otoscope out of my ear. “A couple other passengers suffered ruptured eardrums. 994 more words


Never-before-seen document penned by nazi leader Himmler uncovered in Israel

In this compelling documentary, the life of SS officer Heinrich Himmler unfolds through film footage and the letters he wrote during the war.. (photo credit:PR) 1,008 more words
Human Rights Violations

The Devil's Ring & The Queen's Shoes

I’m never usually organised enough to do an ‘On this day in history…’ type post but I woke up this morning, saw it was the 558th anniversary of the Battle of Blore Heath and thought oooh, I know a couple of good stories about that. 819 more words

Place Names

The Ugly Briton

Waiting in vain Churchill’s decisions meant hardship and death for millions

By Shashi Tharoor, November 29, 2010

Few statesmen of the 20th century have reputations as outsize as Winston Churchill’s. 572 more words
Human Rights Violations