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15 amazing Welsh myths and legends that will send a shiver down your spine (or bring a tear to your eye)

Wales: It’s the land of dragons, wizards, King Arthur and the Holy Grail but did you know that the Devil is too embarrassed to visit Ceredigion? 2,010 more words


[What is Your Color?] Vernal Equinox – Vignette

Vernal Equinox

Noviara Park

Starring BTS’s Kim Seokjin and Red Velvet’s Kang Seulgi

Rating 13 Genre Surrealism, Fantasy, Romance, slight!Myth Length Vignette (1,6k+ w)

Aku melihatnya. 1,703 more words



Dionysus, the famous party boy,

Fell in love with

Ariadne, abandoned princess

She who aided Theseus

In his escape from the labyrinth

After murdering her father’s monster… 119 more words


Snacks for the road ahead

Myth 1: Teachers conferences are fun road trips

If I could kill a non-living thing, I’d kill bullshit sayings like in that graphic. Here at Tastes Like Ash, I point out the weird mythos surrounding vampire culture so let’s tackle a few more. 899 more words

Corn Free

The 4 myths of Singlish

(Source: themiddleground.sg)

by Luke Lu

SINGLISH has made the news, again.

First, a wave of excitement as some words were included in the Oxford English Dictionary. 1,031 more words

Current Affairs

The Monster of the Gloaming

In the gloaming horror-gloom
Of gelid night beneath a moon
A-frimmed with frost-ferocious light
Came riding once a Stranger.

Into the gangrous horror gorge
Steeped deep in ancient blooded lore… 219 more words

Fairytale Friday

The Fighting Debate on Potential Harm Caused by Telecom Towers is a No-Go

With smartphones becoming more and more popular every day, and more people jumping to the bandwagon of owning phones, we have seen an aggressive expansion by telecom players in the world in order to serve usable connectivity options to these phones. 518 more words

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