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Is it worth working overtime once you deduct taxes?

In every single job I’ve ever had, every time overtime is offered, I’ve heard variations of the exact same thing:

It’s not worth working overtime – you end up paying so much more in taxes!

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The Woman In The Labyrinth

So there was this woman
And she was an engineer
A really good engineer

And she built structures of every kind
You’ve heard her name… 250 more words


to retreat into the new future

future folk will say
if you remember 2011 thru 2019
you weren’t there

cause reality
the conversation called reality
the conversation that all my friends find interesting… 74 more words



Regular readers of Balladeer’s Blog know that I consider all religions to be mythology, which people are usually fine with unless it’s their own personal religion I’m examining. 789 more words

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Real Estate Myths: Exposed

We’ve all been fed—and have sometimes believed—more than a few old wives’ tales: Poinsettias are lethal, tomatoes are vegetables, and a pat of butter will soothe that nasty burn. 306 more words

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The Kalevala and Other Creation Stories as told by Me and Bunny Dearest......

Driving across west Texas and eastern New Mexico, it occurred to me to get more organized about my sporadic approach to my latest interest:  creation stories, specifically the Kalevala (Finnish), Australian Aboriginal, Native American, etc., etc., and then my own.   479 more words


I will start with a powerful statement made by our former president John F. Kennedy.

If america really payed attention to these words that were said and acted  appropriately. Do you think our world would be different?