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Good Mythical Morning is a Youtube channel run by Rhett & Link, two engineers, and their team. it s a morning talk show that speaks about everything around us. 91 more words


The Myth of Adam and Eve

“Many of you believe God’s creation included the fall from paradise as described in the biblical story of Adam and Eve and in the creation stories of many cultures and religions. 383 more words


Forget the male or female brain, we are all different

There is a new study on the male and female brain and the results are: don’t limit the brains of people to these 2 categories. Just one out of four have brains that could be described as having many male or female characteristics, but most of the brains of people (now I’m not using the dichotomy of gender anymore) are very different, as Joel et al summarize: 381 more words


Debunking the Myths of Single Motherhood

Debunking the Myths of Single Motherhood

Envision a mother—what does she look like? What is her life like? Is she tired? Overworked? Is she walking around with bags under her eyes or is she sitting in a crowd at a peewee soccer game cheering on her daughter? 858 more words

Alice what Wonderland Awaits

Speechless she approaches the mirror

Leaning in toward the shining sun

She’s dreaming, yes, she knows this

And listens close to this ethereal song


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Fossil Point

Since it came out in the current newsletter that the tribes have acquired lands near Fossil Point, I thought I’d share a story Annie Miner Peterson told about the fossils around Fossil Point.   384 more words