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First Saturday after Easter 2015 ano domini

The sun is shining , The kingdom still united though the threads of unity are some what strained . For it seems to be at war over the elections with its self the nation of the Scots seek still their independence from the unity the Irish waver between unity with the Dubliners and the emerald Isle or Eire and true independence from the English crown. 242 more words


Myth- No electricity or water

We’ve all seen the satellite picture of North Korea at night, mostly dark while bordering countries are lit up like a Christmas tree. Some assume NK has little to no electricity, water, or other utilities we might take for granted in the Western world. 481 more words


the moon's ambassador

There stands a Great Lake and on the bank of this Great Lake dwells a Great King.

The waters of the Great Lake were crystal clear and they reflected so perfectly the face of the Moon in the night sky that it was almost as if the Lake was the dwelling place of the Moon.  605 more words


Prohibiting factors for achieving hypnosis

Prohibiting factors for achieving hypnosis


In a previous blog I commented on the statistic suggesting that a quarter of the population are unable to be effectively hypnotised. 556 more words


sleeping beauty by melinda anderson

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eyes glaze in catatonic stare
asylum hilltop now her roof
the judgment heard insane from eyre
eyes glaze in catatonic stare
a golden spindle was her snare… 23 more words

Melinda Anderson

5 Myths about Divorce

We re used to seeing divorce in the media as either a grand emotional battle or something that involves just signing the papers and it s over. 85 more words

Boiled Chicken, boiled broccoli : Boiling Hell!

#Cleaneating has been closely linked to everything boiled and plain, over the past few years the idea of eating clean and lean literally has adapted to that same boring saying. 371 more words