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Great video: Sending "Learning Styles" Out of Style

Found the video via Paul Kirschner. Want to know more, check our book!


Week #56 of Reading Like A Maniac

Well, well, well. So this week wasn’t as rushed as others but still my French class was an inferno since my printer became a little messier and I run all over the place trying to find the copies I needed for that class. 899 more words

Weekly Read

4 Myths About Feminism That Are Still Out There (And What The Truth Really Is)

Anti-feminists seem to be against Feminism and have hate towards it because they have all of these preconceived notions about it. But all of their assumptions are based on misinterpretations of what it’s really about. 886 more words

Intuitive Eating

Intuitive Eating is becoming more popular, which is not surprising – we are increasingly faced with the unpleasant consequences of the desire to make our diet “healthy”, usually alternating with nutritional breakdowns – brief feasts “forbidden food”, followed by punishment or guilt and self-loathing, and even steeper turn desire to eat properly. 315 more words


Moon Ponder

(from 2013)

Moon wanes, un-filling:
Grand-mama’s pitcher
Pouring out last week’s weary ire
Like stale rainwater;
Past month’s mystery,
Unclaimed baggage;
Making way for replenished stores… 112 more words


Four myths about Type 1 Diabetes.

There are many myths about being a Type 1 diabetic. Here are four of the more common ones that I have heard several times since Luke’s diagnosis. 348 more words

Awareness & Advocacy

The Devout Muslim, Loyal But Misguided

Having had a long detailed discussion about Islam with a person referred too as Kaici, https://mbplee.wordpress.com/wp-admin/edit-comments.php , I would like to make my observations of what I believe is a faithful and loyal Muslim, in the eyes of Muslims. 1,089 more words

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