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Angel of darkness

Chapter 1
The weather wasn’t helping me at all. It had been pouring like cats and dogs since two days. As the cool drops of water hit the window pane, producing a rhythmic drumming sound, I heard it again. 1,804 more words


Inspiration women & Letter writting

Recently I de-cluttered my room, finding many items I had completely forgot about. One of which was letter from an elderly relation of mine, I had meant to reply to. 349 more words


New Item - Greek Mythology, Icarus Patch or Bookmark

The story of Icarus is the ultimate in warnings against being overly prideful.  Finally on their way to freedom, Daedalus warns his son not to fly too high, or the wax holding his wings together will melt.   81 more words

Egg Head

For a change, we had boiled eggs for breakfast (no toast soldiers as we don’t have a toaster, but bread and butter was OK).
Actually, Maggie had been poorly in the night and eggs have always settled her tummy. 194 more words

Myths vs. Facts about York

This was submitted as part of MacMedia’s Frosh issue ’15. 

Milica Markovic | Copy Editor

Myth: York is a dangerous place to be.

Fact: People make this claim due to York’s relatively high exposure in media coverage of sexual assault reports, shootings, and other violent and street crimes. 710 more words

York University

The Truth About CAFOs


Concentrated animal feeding operations, also known as CAFOs, commonly have a negative reputation in today’s world due to destructive and manipulating publicity released by various anti-ag groups. 571 more words

"Five Myths About Emperor Hirohito" | History News Network

Emperor Hirohito, as the infamous leader of Japan during WWII, is a fascinating figure, and therefore one would assume that an article discussing five myths about him would be very interesting. 355 more words