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Review: For the Winner, by Emily Hauser

Taking on the classics is a daunting prospect for any author. The Greeks, the Romans, heroes like Jason and Hercules…myths like Jason and the Argonauts. Who wants to take a go putting their own spin on that? 607 more words

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The Daemoniac

Title: The Daemoniac

Author: Kat Ross

Final Verdict:

Publication Year: 2016

Genre: Mystery

Oi, people!

This is my last blog post of this month. I will not be blogging until maybe August as I have to leave for study based matters. 345 more words


New Grange

Of all the places I have been none have thrilled me in quite the way as Newgrange. My husband and I travelled to Ireland together about 3 years ago when we were still just boyfriend and girlfriend. 1,441 more words


South Africa: HIV Vaccine Trial - Why Not Everyone Is Getting the HIV Prevention Pill

Photo: Glenna Gordon/IRIN, (file photo)

Only some study participants have access to the tablet that can cut the risk of HIV infection by more than 90%.
768 more words

Human Rights Violations

Sad Sack, Seemingly

At first I was somewhat despondent. I have Resting Bitch Face and the only male counterpart reference is so vile sounding that I won’t even repeat it here. 748 more words


Myth 8: Zombies Come Back

The undead state of zombies is viewed as so foreign and so alien that people have a lot of misconceptions about it. One of the most memorable is that zombies can’t be killed. 56 more words


The Pnyx: a tale of the ancient Gods

“I remind you of this, Athenians, because I want you to know and realize that, as no danger can assail you while you are on your guard, so if you are remiss no success can attend you.” 344 more words