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Watch my space

We all have a bubble around us, a sense of personal space we don’t like to have invaded. How close are you happy to stand next to a friend? 752 more words


Dowsing, how not to find water

What is Dowsing?

In its simplest form it’s wandering about with a couple of sticks hoping they move on their own to tell you you’re standing over an underground water source. 506 more words


Nessie: a Case of Extinction Through Apathy

2017 has been a vintage year for Nessie.  So far, there have been eight ‘official’ sightings of the Loch Ness Monster since the beginning of the year, which makes it the most active year for the creature this Millennium. 361 more words

Mudskipper Press

The Great Myths #3: A Kakadu Creation (Australian)

Wuraka came from the west, walking through the sea. His feet were on the bottom but he was so tall that his head was well above the surface of the water. 707 more words


Carb Wars

I’m a big proponent of wellness and self-care, particularly when we are in recovery from emotional injury or any kind of abuse. I’ve shared about… 207 more words


Newest Podcast

In this episode, I talk about fairies and where they come from. I’ll tell you some stories and historical accounts as well.


Real or No Real? Top TEN Myths in Psychology

The BPS Research Digest “10 most widely believed myths in psychology”  includes a surprising number of myths about learning and development, as well as common beliefs about infamous studies in psychology (like the Stanford Prison Experiment). 52 more words

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