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When Came the Wind Sharks

The wind sharks gathered, schooled
Turned just beyond that building
And wheeled over our heads

Who can blame them?
After all we created them to be this way… 44 more words


Baby, you're so vain...

Is that your shoe or are you just happy to see me? 

An obsession for foot attire is nothing new in the world of fashion. Here we see two men of medieval nobility somewhere between the 14th & 15th century wearing what is known as the Crackowe, in the 13th century the phallic based shoe line was called a Poulaine and understood to extend to a length of two feet.  287 more words



(Found this in my drafts folder in January 2018; it is unfinished, but I’ve lost the thread of my thought, so I am back-posting it now… 761 more words

Black Lives Matter

Myths we believe

I have grown up believing turning lights on uses up a lot of energy. Therefore, leaving them on is sometimes more economical if you are returning to a room. 725 more words


Second Amendment Follies, Part 1: An Inconvenient Clause

Let’s be clear: Americans have a right to own guns. But it’s not a constitutional right. And it’s not a “God-given” right. It’s a right conferred by the rulings of a “conservative” Supreme Court, in a grotesquely distorted reading of the Second Amendment. 1,346 more words


Do Not Assume

Things are not always what they seem…

Do not assume that you know the whole story; the truth has many sides.

Do not assume that a smiling person is a happy one; smiles often hide deep pain. 154 more words


Myths About Cesarean Deliveries

Giving birth to a baby is the most beautiful thing for any woman. It not only brings joy and happiness in her life but also completes her womanhood. 605 more words