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Old Glory

I can’t remember what I miss the most,
what pieces of the city caught my eye:
a mesh of chain link fencing off a square… 81 more words


Student of the Theatre

I work on my audition in a box
of black of basement and intention true:
you show up, take it in, and like a fox, 109 more words



That fall, Mom worried off the map; my father
got some virus in his legs, and addicted
to morphine on the couch to recovery.

I learned about these things, later, or rather… 74 more words


Why, Soldiers, Why?

Why New York revisited? Why now? Why, ever?
Wasn’t it, like, ten thousand years ago?
The answer’s nothing fancy. Just so’s you know,
it’s the only thing that’s left. 95 more words


Inside a Coffee Shop on Lower Fifth

I’m going back to leave a tip and meet
the waitress halfway in between my seat

and the cashier. Just leave it here, she says, 94 more words


Lost and Found

I lift the sill six stories up and shake
the dregs of last night’s coffee to the street
along with roaches drowned within the black… 84 more words



Half a cantaloupe, filled with cream cheese: we
each had one — that’s all I remember;
not a word we said, not what you wore, or… 218 more words