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Kiss kiss

You know how, in Kissing Jessica Stein,
they run a banner saying, “Three Months Later”?
Well, in my story, you would have to show… 110 more words


Abstracta concrete

The supreme moment of perception, thus
far in my little life, is looking down
some godforsaken concrete canyon
in old Manhattan, days off the bus, 76 more words


I would rather be well

it’s funny, how happy, hop-happy hap-
py moments, remind one just how sick one
is. take now: the apartment’s a mess, and
i just came up from karaoke. 86 more words


Take what you have gathered from

The day before I left America
the second time the day I left New York
I wasn’t in New York but went there

and came up from Penn Station and swam out… 82 more words


Sense memory

Sense memory — thrilled the hell, out of
me. Wow … you mean it’s all stored, in our cells?
Not realizing: there’s our prison, too — 137 more words


N.Y.C. -- Me

Did I, ever, want to be a part, in
this world? Of resumés, auditions,
rejections, and other people’s ri-

diculous revisions? Honing my “in-
strument” to serve some author’s version… 188 more words


NYC - Coterie - TMRW - September 19.20.21

Javits Center.NYC @ 11th Ave @ 37th St.

Saturday/Sunday, 9am – 6pm • Monday, 9am – 5pm
Jewerly Designers