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(N24) Personal History

When i was born, my mum noticed i was unusually sleepy. When she mentioned this to the doctors, they simply told her i was a sleepy baby, and that i would grow out of it. 857 more words

(N24) Caffiene

Oh you heavenly devil, caffeine!

Around the time i received my diagnosis of N24, i was told by a ‘sleep specialist’, that i should try drinking caffienated drinks in the morning, to help me wake up. 112 more words

(N24) Melatonin

In 2005 i was put on Melatonin 3mg, to help regulate the body clock disoder. At first it wasn’t really helpful at all, and i had to twiddle with the timing of it. 228 more words

Repercussions Of Pushing Myself Too Far

To get where i am today, in terms of my disorders, i have had to push myself.

With the sleep disorder, I’ve had to set myself limits on when i allow myself to sleep in till, what time i go to bed, what time i limit my caffeine intake, etc. 404 more words

(N24) Sickness & When Things Go Awry


Like with anyone else, sickness can play havoc with my day to day life. The number one thing that suffers the most, is my sleep pattern. 856 more words

(N24) Nighttime Communication

When i was younger, i was awake mainly during the night. Consequently i made a lot of friends who were also awake at night, and even those who weren’t normally, still knew i’d most likely still be awake. 328 more words

(N24) Sleep/Wake Times

My sleep pattern isn’t all over the place like it was when i was younger. I have a routine when it comes to bedtime and waking up. 460 more words