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There to Welcome You Back

Recently, I dug out my Nintendo 64 from the basement over a school break. Also recently, (somewhat less recently) my parents had to get a new television when our old one ceased to function. 452 more words

Chronological Challenge: Star Fox 64

I promised you a review a day, but then I got sick and had a massive rest day yesterday, so I didn’t put one up. Today you’re getting two though! 400 more words

Chronological Challenge

Thanksgiving special: Round Table Podcast with N64Josh and Destinaut

Hey guys this is our Thanksgiving special podcast! We have N64Josh from The Loot Cast Podcast and Aim Assist Podcast, and from The Loot Clan and THe Loot Cast Destinaut. 39 more words

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Uncle Iroh, In the Next Millennium, DVDs, and N64


A Tribute to Uncle Iroh
By – Gil GolanHis Twitter

“Sick of tea? That’s like being sick of breathing!”

~Uncle Iroh

There are few as wise and kind hearted as the Dragon of the west, Uncle Iroh. 1,147 more words


Pause Menu: Practicing Self-care With 'Wave Race 64' & 'Splatoon'

Take care of yourself. It’s important. It’s a lesson I need to re-learn often, and deciding what game to play can be overwhelming. Combine that with one of depression’s quirks—the sensation of having to force yourself to do things that you like—and it can be a serious block.  875 more words


GoldenEye (United Artists, 1995)

GoldenEye is the most important Bond movie in recent history. License to Kill, the previous Bond film, was thrown into the commercial buzzsaw that was Summer 1989, running against Batman, Ghostbusters II and Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. 1,007 more words