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Super Smash Bros 64 Review

Ty, Greg, and Kyle look back fondly at the classic, Super Smash Bros for the Nintendo 64 and its 17 year anniversary.


Weird Video Wednesday: Show us Star Fox 64... or else

I love that this promo video, which was delivered to Nintendo Power subscribers in the U.S. on VHS, features such hammy acting. I love that they thought to dress up two guys as Sega and Sony, and that Sony’s catchphrase is “big boy”. 166 more words

Weird Video Wednesdays

Cover Me Badd #3 – The 20 worst Nintendo 64 game covers

Cover Me Badd is my regular series looking at the worst video game covers in history. Each article will focus on a specific format. If you missed it, catch up on… 2,879 more words

Chris Scullion

Way Back Wednesday: Star Fox 64 (Nintendo 64)

What’s up internet people! It’s the homie GODmadethunder here and I’m pleased to be bringing  you guys and gals the very first edition of Way Back Wednesday!!  539 more words


The Weekly Smashback 4/18/16: Stuff Happened

By Jamie “JAMJAR” Jacobs and Jason “Nardwell” Mani

Every Tuesday we will be posting reviews of the past week in Smash 64. This week we look start of one of Smash 64’s fastest growing communities and check out the results of the week’s past tournaments. 1,459 more words


TWK REVIEWS Body Harvest

Alien bugs are trying to murder humans. Alrighty then.


N64: Deadly Arts

So……hmmm……production values, let’s talk about that for a moment. You got to have production values to produce a good game; Or at least to end up with something half way decent. 813 more words