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Shimatta! (しまった!)


I regret to inform you all that the post of yesterday (this) is no longer relevant.

Y’see, I opened the memory hatch again (for teh lulz) and saw that the top wasn’t red or waffled or anything. 52 more words


Throwback Thursday - Yoshi's Story

This weeks Throwback Thursday is the 1997 Nintendo 64 classic, Yoshi’s Story. With the cute songs composed by the voice of Yoshi himself, Kazumi Totaka, paired with colourful graphics – this title is the epitome of kawaii. 470 more words

Throw Back Thursday

A Stroke of Luck (一筆の吉)

Hey, guys. What goes on?

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but the pattern of Japanese writing in the title isn’t randomised; I only do it for really important stuff. 439 more words

A Winner Is Me

Someone to checkout 3# N64 Glenn Planet

A user called N64 Glenn Planet who reviews, and talk about N64 Games big or small, Japanses, non Japanse, much more things. I’m huge fan of N64 so founding this channel all-wants talk about N64 Games is my cup of tea. 14 more words


Smash Bros. Psychology in San Luis Obispo

Smashers all group together at the California Polytechnic of San Luis Obispo every Saturday ready to pummel their friends to a pulp with their favorite Nintendo characters. 908 more words


Player One Start...

Hello there traveller/wanderer/surfer (assuming people still use that phrase). Welcome to the first of hopefully many blogs, i begin now with an introduction…and my gaming history. 1,781 more words


Top 10 Best N64 Games

The N64 did so many things right and breaking down the top 10 games of our youth was no easy task. But after much heated debate with thrown pens and shurikens (wait, what?), we decided on these elite 10 N64 games. 530 more words

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