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My top 5 Legend of Zelda games

A little less than a week until Breath of the Wild releases, I thought I might as well share my top 5 games from the series. 920 more words


World of Nintendo - Slippy Toad, Fox McCloud, and Peppy

The World of Nintendo figures were not on my radar before late last year. I picked up Mario, and from there, I had to have others. 402 more words


Building a Rugged, Portable Rpi 3 Emulator

So I’ve been wanting to build a portable Raspberry Pi emulator for a while, now that the Raspberry Pi 3 has enough horsepower to emulate up to N64 games. 567 more words


Remake Required: Gex - Enter the Gecko

Welcome to the first edition of a new segment here on QuestMode, something that we’ve dubbed: Remake Required. We talk about games that we’ve played that we’d love to see remade or remastered using today’s technology and graphics prowess. 492 more words


money, cash, n64, $$$, conkers bad fur day Gif For Fun

money, cash, n64, $$$, conkers bad fur day Gif for Fun at your Time


Nintendo: The Masters of Playing Games Together (part 1)

In previous blog posts I’ve mainly been talking about ‘unplugged’ games, i.e. board games or card games. My main gaming love is still playing on a games console however. 940 more words