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What is a Waterfall Bracket?

By: The Dark Gentleman and David “Shears” Shears

Intro: Waterfall bracket is an exciting tournament format designed by the Smash 64 League. The two main purposes of a Waterfall bracket (WTF, for short) are to provide players of all skill levels the chance to play as many competitive matches as possible and to prove their skill. 607 more words


30 Games I'd Put On The N64 Classic, Which Will Never Exist

(Source: kotaku.com)

Like this, but smaller and more hypothetical.

SNES Classic wishlists? So two thousand and late: I’m gonna scoop everybody and write the 30 games I want to see on the Nintendo 64 Classic, which not only doesn’t exist, it isn’t even rumored to, and probably won’t. 1,248 more words


In Desperate Need of Love: Pokémon Snap

Welcome, one and all, to the April edition of In Desperate Need of Love, the posting that showers praise on the overlooked gems of the video game world. 947 more words

In Desperate Need Of Love