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Have you ever rage-quit a job? NaBloMoPo

Have I? I am afraid not. No matter how much I hated some of my bosses I always felt sorry for them and stayed there. Saying that though I have left work always on good terms. 26 more words


My top five series NaBloPoMo

  1. The Flash

If  you haven’t seen this I will say to you Come on! Really? Really? Not cool. The flash is a fluffy marshmallow that makes you day better with the geeky jokes and a time paradox that will scramble your mind. 110 more words


No way I can Catch up NABLOPOMO 17-18-19-20

Hi everybody,

I get excited when writing comes in my way, but I have spread myself too thin I am afraid and it is eating my energy. 94 more words


The flash NABLOPOMO 16

When you binge two seasons of flash and then it finishes like that you are like: nooooo Flash you going to fuck it up again. You going to change the timelines and you just wait and wait till the new season comes out and watch it week by week like a common peasant. 14 more words


In the way(poem) NABLOPOMO 15

Life gets in the way

out of the day

I am sure it will be for today


Me in the 2016 NABLOPOMO 14

Hi 2016 me,

Yes, I know you were scared and had panic attacks and you weren’t good in your headspace. 2016 was stressful. You managed to find yourself again. 45 more words


Monday (poem)NABLOPOMO 13

Monday suck by day

Monday sucks by night

to the rest of the world is Sunday

Monday is here

to stay dear