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12 years a slave

In English this semester we are reading a nonfiction novel called 12 Years a Slave. It is very interesting and draws out a lot of pathos appeal. 33 more words


THIS IS A PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT: Softball season has finally arrived and today was the first day of practice. For practice today, we went outside in the 65 degree weather to practice on the field. 56 more words


Toy Story

I know I have done a couple of post like this, but I enjoy it. This weekend I finished my art project. I am relieved and so happy that it is done. 82 more words

Driving (or the lack of)

So when everybody turns the age of 16 they are all excited to start driving and pass their driver’s test and being free in the world but, there is always something that gets in the way of that. 974 more words


I feel like even when more grades are put in and when I get A’s on tests my grade is still the same. I feel like I am trying my best and I’m getting no reward for my hard work! 16 more words

My Poor, Dead, Fish

I used to have a 10 gallon fish tank that had about 15 little fish in it. The fish were glow in the dark and they were super cool and I was really excited to get the tank set up to put the fish in there. 86 more words


My Dog

My dog Piper is really annoying lately. She will be let outside and bark and howl as loud as she can until she strains her throat. 40 more words