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40 FOLLOWS, the last day of NaBloPoMo and my new series!!!

November, what a month, I am very pleased to announce that I have managed to keep up NaBloPoMo, and also that as November ends, so does me posting every day.   177 more words

From Me For You

penguins, polar bears and igloos

I just have to get something off my chest… Penguins, polar bears and igloos do not go together!  Penguins and polar bears are not found together (unless in a zoo) and neither of them would live in an igloo!! 374 more words


Another hot bowling Sunday

We rolled our second Sunday special session last week.

This time, I arrived for the 10 a.m. start slightly sleepy-eyed after working the closing shift at my new job. 245 more words


Getting a bit more fit...

Thanks to my FitBit, I not only feel tired, but I also have proof that I had a terrible night’s sleep last night.

On Black Friday, I purchased my first fitness tracker. 541 more words


29 out of 30

29 posts in 29 days.  29 out of 30.

This is day 29 of NaBloPoMo 2015.  My first, and quite possibly, my last.  And after today, just one more to go.   259 more words

Written By Bill Friday

Maybe I'm a Grandma

It seems we’ve come to that time of year again when bundling up and staying warm is pretty much Priority Numero Uno. It’s about this same time every year that I remember that I know how to knit and crochet, and then out come the needles and the yarn. 520 more words

The Story So Far

A Note to November

Before new moon arrives,
let me count the ways
you have kept me blessed
for thirty days

Drops of your rain, rays of the sun, 86 more words