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I have seen this moment before;
This is more than deja Vu.
Fate has her hand in my affairs.
The foggy sky hides the truth.

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The Faith Chronicles Part 3 – Living up to your Potential, or not

Have you ever experienced that moment where you realise that you are not living up to your potential?

It is almost like having a tidal wave of disenchantment of self and dissatisfaction with life all rolled up into life. 1,072 more words

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The Faith Chronicles Part 2 – Moral Dilemma

Faith was sick and tired of living a lie; or to what feels like a constant delusion.

She tried to be this good person but in her mind when she gets angry, she was more like a vigilante in the movies. 352 more words

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Recipe of the Day: Sumptuous Jamaican Curry Feast with Rice and Peas

This sumptuous Jamaican food/meal and recipe was Posted by funnyloveblog

Good Morning!

I trust that you are having a lovely weekend.

After the glory that was  252 more words

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The Faith Chronicles Part 1 – Is the Spiritual sabbatical over?

Faith fears that her playtime is over and God is demanding his due and his time.

Of course, she is his child, but a rebel. He has allowed her to learn things her way and abate her curiosity of things. 293 more words

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Nothing Ventured...

I have passed several months assessing and appraising the details of my life.  The investment in the worthless, believing in good ideas. The consummate overachiever wanting to show that I can get the job done. 82 more words

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New Beginnings

Is it only me or did WordPress not send annual stats about one’s blog this time?? Considering that I did not write a SINGLE post in the year 2017, WordPress had nothing to say about my annual performance. 456 more words