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Fibroids testimonial - Holiday from all the Pain by Denise N. Fyffe

These past few days have been a Fibroid holiday from all the pain and this I count as a blessing.

Today is one of those days, no pain, no discomfort, no nerves shooting 45mm rounds of electricity in my tummy. 247 more words

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I thought I’d take another crack at WordPress Daily Prompts. They are now doing single-word daily prompts. Today’s word is “stylish.”


A while back they had prompts that entailed more of a scenario — such as to write about “cats, towels, and soup” or “howl at the moon.” Now blog. 345 more words


Fibroids testimonial - Surgery, it's time to go under the knife by Denise N. Fyffe

Recently, my mornings have been filled with discomfort. I wake to a bloated tummy caused by the larger of the fibroids in my uterus. Oftentimes, I am gassy and it makes me wonder if my bowels are hampered while I sleep. 269 more words

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til death do us part.

her novelistic existence baffles me, you see, she was endowed with spectacular beauty.

the kind of beauty you not only see, but feel.

a plethora of qualities so divine, so rich that her graciousness is unsurpassable by even the heavens angels themselves. 51 more words


Fibroids testimonial - Symptoms, How do they affect your life? by Denise N. Fyffe

Women who weigh over 70 kg are at a higher risk of having fibroids; this is usually due to the fact that they have higher levels of the oestrogen hormone. 229 more words

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That Kind of Day

Why is it that different devices show different postings on social media platforms. I like what I see on Twitter using my cell phone more than the tweets I see on my iPad, but I prefer the iPad because the screen is bigger. 410 more words


The Faith Chronicles Part 3 – Living up to your Potential, or not

Have you ever experienced that moment where you realise that you are not living up to your potential? It is almost like having a tidal wave of disenchantment of self and dissatisfaction with life all rolled up into life. 1,029 more words