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#NABLOPOMO: Cabbage Cage harvest

Since I have been away from the plot this weekend, Ma has been digging over the cabbage patch. It was slightly full of weeds, that Ma was a little affronted by, and also about to keel over. 90 more words


Blame It On Me

    So, in a state of delusion, I jumped back into the depths of online dating. I interacted respectfully and light. I tried to do all the right things. 328 more words


celebrate Earth Day ~ Wednesday April 22, 2015 + #giveaway

celebrate  Earth  Day

Wednesday  22  April  2015

an  international  event


Earth  Day  turns  45  this  year!

if  you can’t do something  on Wednesday, 1,440 more words


Edible Art (for Deep Pockets)

You know I spend a lot of time goofing on Etsy. But as much as I enjoy the Etsy disasters (and I do), I am even more delighted when I find a seller whose wares inspire and intrigue me, and… 224 more words


Packing List

Drag out the duffel bag

And stuff it until the zipper

Pinches your new clothes

For the harsh winters you aren’t used to.

Slide in a few photos from high school, 85 more words


People Sucks. PERIOD.

 17th April, 2015. 6:30pm

NaBloPoMo, Friday, April 17, 2015

What was the hardest part about growing up?

Growing up is fun, but it’s never easy. No matter how many times I tried to fool myself, growing up just sucks. 303 more words


One Foot In Front Of The Other Moves You Forward

Hey there lover of blogs and all things word related,

I have had a roller coaster of a week, now much of that has been in my head but whoo, it has been a ride. 404 more words