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Those who gain knowledge from life’s joys & tragedies eventually stumble into discovering how allowing oneself to stop caring is the healthiest thing to do in a lot of situations. 714 more words

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Sticks and stones
were never thrown.
Yet, her words pummeled
those beautiful imaginations.

Ideas sketched on paper,
thoughts put in motion.
some things have substance; 36 more words

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Fibroids: What are they and Where are they?

When females hear the word fibroids, other concepts such as cancer, pain, barren and agony comes to mind. For generations black women have been suffering more from this disease than any other women, in any other racial group. 383 more words

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me too

Yep. Me too.  Big shock, right?  For months now, I’ve been trying to craft some sort of written piece about how I don’t think I know any woman who hasn’t been sexually harassed, molested, or mistreated in a misogynistic manner. 1,062 more words

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These early mornings,
leave me blind in the darkness.
Patiently waiting.

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The Litterbox Riot Blog was born of the inspiration to participate in NaNoPoblano.  I have as many reasons for wanting to blog as anyone, but I live with the ghosts of my parents in my head, and they’re still saying me things like, “You don’t want to do that,” and “What the hell is a blog?” 965 more words

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Fibroids Testimonial: Week 4, Post Surgery

It’s 11:11 p.m. on January 11th and I am a little concerned about the healing progress of my myomectomy surgical incision.

Let’s just say it’s being stubborn! 493 more words

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