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Investments for a future
burn from wasted opportunities.
Hoping time will lengthen its stay.
Promises of things to come;
our plans now forgotten.
Bells toll frequently. 7 more words

Creative Writing


Diversity of our thoughts
kept in confinement.
A millennium of preferences
Annihilates our boundaries.
Truth is just a perception,
Reality is our transgression; 10 more words

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Social introversion;
Disparity receives a friend’s
involvement, from a distance.
Luring life to the edge.
A whisper is a push.
Death in an instance.

Creative Writing


Sunrise shines on
these tired eyes;
lack of sleep
kills the vibe.

Creative Writing

Planning to #Write Bravely

It’s Monday morning, and the annoying melody crescendos while Steph struggles to find her phone.

“Where is that frickin’ thing?”

Steph finds the buzzing monster buried deep in the covers by her feet. 208 more words


Numbers Game

The game of chance populating
the numbers that create
an objective; the cyclical nature of business,
the sum of its intricate parts.

Those mathematical equations of profit… 29 more words

Creative Writing

Progressive Nature

The world redefined,
nouns no longer aligned;
the truth buried inside
the progressive nature.

Opinion deemed a sin;
keeping thoughts within,
lest we offend
the progressive nature.

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