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NaBloPoMo 30 Day Quote Challenge ~ Day 16


This was supposed to be day 14. This quote helps me not to panic when I feel that progression towards goals are moving sluggishly  and that I just have to remember that it all builds up eventually! 20 more words


“Doubt Kills More Dreams Than Failure Ever Will.” – Karim Seddiki.


The Walking Dead Mid-Season 8 Finale

I’ll keep it brief. The episode contained tension, anticipation, and excitement for me as I watched The Saviors gain control.

Eugene’s expertise turned the tied against his former friends but I believe he is going to give into his moral center and help Rick win the war. 142 more words


I absolutely love this quote!!!

“You’re an Artist because you say you are not because someone is paying you to be.” – A very insightful teacher of mine.

20 more words

Contemplative Moment

Falling leaves trigger
her lost infatuation.
Gentle blowing winds carry
his once forgotten voice.
Shadows mimic his presence,
providing an Autumn embrace.

Reaching towards his face, 19 more words

Creative Writing


Her countenance scarred by the random abuse of occasions. Beauty once envied now unrecognizable. The truth is hidden beneath her fears; the sound of her voice is buried within the grave of obscurity.

Creative Writing


The rooms remain empty:
Voices echo in the halls
from the lips of strangers.

Fairy tales into the night;
thoughts raising my spirit
from beneath its dreams. 29 more words

Creative Writing