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#NaPoWriMo or #GloPoWriMo - Day 16

#NaPoWriMo or #GloPoWriMo – Day 16

Thank you Suzanne Olivante for the NaPoWriMo Photo Daily Poetry Prompt

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Lost in a Book

lost in the pages of an exciting book… 81 more words


9. Tell Me How The World Ends

This is the end, I think.

The final end. The one where even the earth colliding into the moon is recoverable. 

The final end is where I’m afraid we’ll not be together in the after-life.  98 more words


Prodigal Son

I remember when I was 18 years old and quit my fast-food job. This was right after I graduated from high school. I told my mother that I wanted to take some time to “find myself”. 68 more words

Creative Writing

Good and Faithful

I followed your instructions; forsaking the life I wanted. You promised a beautiful reward for the scars I obtained, in your name. Believing I would hear the words “Well done.” However, I can only hear the silence of your absence. 9 more words

Creative Writing


I have seen this moment before;
This is more than deja Vu.
Fate has her hand in my affairs.
The foggy sky hides the truth.

Creative Writing

The Faith Chronicles Part 3 – Living up to your Potential, or not

Have you ever experienced that moment where you realise that you are not living up to your potential?

It is almost like having a tidal wave of disenchantment of self and dissatisfaction with life all rolled up into life. 1,072 more words

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