NACCHO Aboriginal Health :Report : Perils of place: identifying hotspots of health inequality

Hospitalisation rates for diabetes, tooth decay and other conditions that should be treatable or manageable out of hospital show how Australia’s health system is consistently failing some communities. 262 more words

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Improving NACCHO communications to members and stakeholders

To reduce the number of NACCHO Communiques we now  send out most Mondays  an executive summary -Save the date on important events /Conferences/training , members news, awards, funding opportunities : 1,809 more words

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NACCHO Aboriginal Health News : Should Doctors have key role in health financing funding ?


Doctors must have an active role in the operation of healthcare financing and funding processes, and be involved in decisions on the allocation of resources at the health system level. 640 more words

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NACCHO Press Release : Royal Commission needed urgently into catastrophic suicide rates in Aboriginal communities


“In any other country, in any other part of the world these statistics would be a cause of national shame and soul searching,

“And quite frankly, if these numbers applied to any group of non-indigenous kids in Sydney or Melbourne, there would be pages of newspaper print and no amount of money, resources or political effort spared to address the issue. 446 more words

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NACCHO remains totally opposed to Medicare co-payments of any kind, according to CEO Pat Turner

“NACCHO will fight any proposal to introduce changes or co-payments to Medicare tooth and nail. Aboriginal and Torres Strait islander communities are the most disadvantaged economically in Australia, and bear the burden of higher levels of chronic health conditions and lower life expectancy.” 913 more words

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NACCHO #NAIDOC2016 Tribute to Redfern AMS 45 years and the first Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Service

” In 1971, when the Aboriginal Medical Service (AMS) Redfern opened its doors, Medicare did not exist and the only option for most Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families living in inner Sydney was to attend an emergency department or rely on the goodwill of local general practitioners. 1,972 more words

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