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Amazing Free Gift in this weeks issue of Bedford Bypass!

That’s right readers, to celebrate Mrs Bypass’s birthday and my surviving the weekend without being told off for being unimaginative we are giving every reader a special present…and here they are! 53 more words

Dorries Shows Off Her Grasp of Maffs

Tory MP Nadine Dorries is in this fortnight’s Private Eye . The MP, who famously described Cameron and Clegg as ‘two posh boys’ and went on to describe categorically how out of touch they were, is this time in it for showing off her grasp of advanced statistics on… 76 more words


Bryant's Nads Mix Up

Chris Bryant has got his knickers in a twist after Nadine Dorries mistakenly accused him of being a video star:

Especially around the time you were posting you tube videos in your underpants…

65 more words
Guido Fawkes

Lack of women in Parliament? Who cares?

Women in politics is a hot topic these days. Labour made waves recently by pointing out the lack of women on the government front bench at PMQs when Theresa May was away, and the situation has since been… 570 more words

January's Jousters

This is the magic of the written word. A simile has the power to transform an otherwise pedestrian (?) post into a knight, and since we had quite a number of those tricksters this month, it’s a tournament to boot. 716 more words


Nadine Dorries Warns Of Mass Immigration From Yugoslavia.

Celebrity and Politician,┬áNadine Dorries warns of mass immigration from Yugoslavia. While she was warning of this terrible flood of human begins describing it as a “tidal wave”, she also confirmed her position on many other matters. 207 more words


Questionable Time #83

Good morning Lemmings and assuming you and your homestead haven’t fallen victim to the Great Sogginess (it used to be called ‘Christmas’), welcome back to Questionable Time. 1,215 more words

Question Time