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sunny slivers on the right side of the pavement that lead to your house
—no—my mistake
your sister’s house.

in detail you tell me… 121 more words



With the sincerest apologies to the Great State of Kansas. Really, I’m sure it’s wonderful there. Regardless, I hope you all enjoy the darker humor of this first entry in the Quik Fics anthology. 1,772 more words

Flash Fiction

Pakistani citizens gasp for clean air

(Source: www.businesstimes.com.sg)

Fast-growing Pakistan is home to some 200 million people and suffers from some of the worst air pollution in the world, thanks to its giant population plying poorly maintained vehicles on the roads and unchecked industrial emissions. 638 more words

Money Matters

Shortest Day

Every year I watch the sun rise later and later, gradually creeping north along the mountain ridge line to the north of my small holding, until it reaches its final destination on the north-west slope of Mt Cass. 73 more words


Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales Is Somehow the Worst Yet

Hey, do you remember when the first Pirates of the Caribbean movie came out almost fifteen years ago? It was a pretty great time, right? Everyone made fun of it, laughing about how ridiculous it was that Hollywood was so creatively bankrupt that they had to adapt a theme park ride for a movie. 1,227 more words

Reel Talk

Classroom Abyss

Head down, I look out the window
as the teacher drones.

The clock ticks and tocks—tick, tick—tock, tock
Arms slowly swinging ever upward, tick-tock… 17 more words


'17-04-19 EVS presentation in International Club

Antrasis EVS pristatymas – šįkart tarptautiniame jaunimo klube. Šįkart pristatymas vyko be protmūšio, nes turėjome ribotą laiką ir iš pradžių turėjome problemų dėl kompiuterio, tai teko staigiai vykti pasiskolinti laptop’ą iš jaunimo centro:) 13 more words