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I’d given her so many pet names over the years and she’d always abided. Honey lamb, sweetie, pudding-pop, baby, sugarplum, kitten. My lover, my partner, my friend, in the end they were only labels, poorly indicative descriptors for their innards, simply something to write out and slap over minor misconceptions we both agreed on. 45 more words


Reflections on the Past Week: 2/19/2017

I don’t know what to write about this week. I don’t feel like writing this week.


My Hero

I have been feeling quite despondent about my postpartum body lately. I had hoped that I would quickly lose the weight like I did with my son and it would just take some exercise to get back into shape. 223 more words


Beers n tears

Feeling down,

Nadir hit,

Beers n tears,

And that’s it.


Let’s Cry, The Night Away…

Needless to tell, what’s told to death
Why a soul resents, a heart’s melee
Why sum the hurts, at every breath?
When left no debt, for pain to pay! 117 more words