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Weekly Photo Challenge : Victory

As a parent you realize that you are your child’s greatest cheerleader. The pride and joy you feel at your child’s success surpasses the elation at any of your own victories. 126 more words

The Daily Post Challenges

For the Love of Words #17

Today’s borrowed word: nadir
Nadir is an awesome word, it is one of few words that I know of in English that has been borrowed from Arabic. 122 more words

The Art Of Language

Patterns in my hair

I think it’s time I should dye my hair.

Yesterday Nadir and I were talking about patterns and he said “Mama there’s a pattern in your hair… black, white, black, white…” 98 more words


Arrival! How did that happen?

Falling deeply in love, in the end, can only come when we allow ourselves to fall.

How can the cynic ever allow us to fall? The whole reason we develop cynicism is to stop the experience of being hurt, to stop ourselves feeling any more loss. 418 more words

Fear As A Blessing

Six going on Sixteen

I don’t remember what I was like at sixteen, it was too long ago. However my son who turns 6 in November seems to be “going on 16, waiting for life to start!” 167 more words

Daily Prompt

Just a Cuddle

This is what happens when my son comes to my bed at night. He’s been sleeping in his own room for a year now but in the middle of the night he gets up, wears his slippers and quietly sneaks into my bed. 302 more words