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Little Picky Eater

For all those moms whose children are picky eaters, I feel your pain. I really do.

We were recently on vacation in Dubai and were staying at a hotel which like most good hotels had a lavish breakfast buffet. 286 more words


The Simpsons: David Foster Wallace

And a reference to the boat in A Supposedly Fun Thing I’ll Never do Again.

A picture is worth at least a few words

the graphic shows the lab result trending since admission.

Top = white count

Middle= hemoglobin

Bottom = Platelets

there at least appears to be a slight inflection in the curve suggesting an eventual decrease in the rate of decrease..   26 more words


Scraping the bottom of the barrel 

the labs are finally to low to count.

This is where she has wanted to be for the last few days, nowhere to go but up. 41 more words


What a difference a day makes

yesterday i had Mary up walking in the hall, she was feeling good enough to walk 2 miles by he end of the day, and she was eating well. 138 more words


ALBUM REVIEW: Aver 'Nadir'

(Self-released, March 2015)

Aver’s super-chilled, sun-kissed classic stoner rock sounds like Acrimony, Pearl Jam and Kyuss enjoying a nice day at the beach, relaxing with a few tinnies and throwing some meaty riffs onto the barbie. 304 more words



My sun has reached its nadir,
Cloaking me with darkness,
On a moonless night.
The stars, too, shine a little less,
Refusing to disobey the sun and the moon. 118 more words