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Clara Engel: Visitors are Allowed One Kiss

Clara Engel: Visitors are Allowed One Kiss
self released (2016)

On the vast information highways of Twitter I found this stunning self released album. Clara Engel is a musician and artist working out of Toronto, Canada. 286 more words

Aiden Baker

Dopuščanje do sebe

Vedno bolj se zavedam, da je v življenju ena ključnih stvari dopuščanje. Ko smo v dopuščanju SEBE je življenje naša kreacija.

Kaj sploh pomeni dopuščanje sebe? 185 more words

Nadja (1994)

Director: Michael Almereyda
Writer: Michael Almereyda
Starring: Elina Lowensohn, Peter Fonda, Nic Ratner, David Lynch. USA. 1h 33m.

Taking on all the style and charm of a music video from the primary band in the soundtrack Portishead this chillaxed surreal vampire film starts off in curious way but evolves into something very familiar. 513 more words

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Nadja ~ Sv

Over the years, the prolific Nadja have recorded a few supremely interesting heavy/doom psych albums, pushing into new territories by expanding the basic sound of the genre towards the unexpected, whether in the form of shoegaze or ambient music. 527 more words


Nadja 040316

Nadja at Six d.o.g.s. 4/3/2016


Dreams of Desire 13

This stunning photograph of a serene beauty fully captures the belief in the transcendence of dreaming that all Surrealists shared . At first glance she appears to be underwater, after a quick double take it is apparent that she is rather soaring through the clouds. 133 more words


jedan; still about the surreal.

by the time I finish introducing myself, I will have changed. unforgivably.

André Breton wrote Nadja. But did Nadja not carry out the André Breton who wrote her! 489 more words