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jedan; still about the surreal.

by the time I finish introducing myself, I will have changed. unforgivably.

André Breton wrote Nadja. But did Nadja not carry out the André Breton who wrote her! 489 more words

Video Interview: Nadja of Coal Chamber

It was a hot summer day. The neighborhood kids were running around outside as their parents were tossing back a few cold ones and barbecuing with friends. 199 more words


Donne, Vitiello and The OO-Ray - Nadja - Mathias Delplanque

Donne, Vitiello & The OO-Ray – Nuvole (geographic north)

Nuvole στα ιταλικά σημαίνει σύννεφα και το υλικό της συνεργασίας των τριών αυτών πειραματιστών, με τον πρώτο να αποτελεί μέλος των ιστορικών Labradford, παραπέμπει πλαγίως στον τίτλο. 41 more words


Love is the Perfect Crime

Love is the Perfect Crime

Directed by Arnaud Larrieu & Jean-Marie Larrieu

France, 2013

HOME, 28 December 2015

It is an intriguing film, I’ll give it that, if in the end an inconsequential one. 216 more words

Film Review

Chapter 281: Terribad Parenting

“Welcome to Daddy’s ummm, ‘Workshop’? Remember, don’t shit or piss in here, cause there’s no gravity and yeah, you’re like two and a half days old, so you should understand when and where you’re allowed to dispose of waste now, right?” Michael and Rachael suddenly appeared within the middle of the Arcane Prison. 1,552 more words


post academic rant...

(skip to last paragraph if you just want to read the few lines of fiction/thought)

Something I wrote ( last paragraph) at the start of my last philosophy class for a course I have failed if I can not claim mitigation for another entire semester of neighbour induced stress, sleep deprivation, daily paralysis and despondency. 700 more words

Klartraum - Water Forest EP (07.12.2015)

The Klartraum project has been taking a well-earned rest since the 4 x 12” extravaganza of the Enneagram project. While Nadja and Helmut have kept up their studio presence with their relentless remix output, Water Forest marks the first EP that the duo have put out in quite some time. 218 more words