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… freedom which on this earth can only be bought by a thousand of the hardest sacrifices, must be enjoyed unrestrictedly in its fullness, without any kind of pragmatic calculation, as long as it lasts…

André Breton, Nadja



Feeling very inspired by the French Surrealist novel, Nadja, written by Andre Breton and published in 1938.

Nadja Book Preview


"Beauty will be convulsive or not at all."

— Andre Breton, in Nadja

What is the soul of anxiety?
          All the light we don’t see 

Q&A Session with Paul Cunniff, Sharon Cunniff, Mary Ellen Binkele, and Michelle Tennison (2016)


not a review, a meditation

There is a saying: the cure for anything is salt – sweat, tears, or the ocean.

The ocean is full of secrets and dreams. it has the power to cleanse, to heal, to pull you under. 274 more words

Steve Shoemaker's Legacy

Click After husband’s death, wife steps in as teen’s mentor for the story of Steve Shoemaker’s continuing legacy through Nadja, Steve’s life partner, and their mentee. 25 more words