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Update on War in Donbass novel

Well, I have finally got the time to take a break from writing and revising so I will divulge a little about my work in progress on the War in Donbass.  465 more words

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The Mainstream Media Is Again Aiding Ethnic Cleansing In Eastern Europe

The humanitarian catastrophe in Donbass (Novorossia) is one that can be framed by the definition of ethnic cleansing. The ‘mass expulsion or killing of members of one ethnic or religious group in an area by those of another’ is something that is currently underway in the former eastern Ukrainian region. 954 more words


Donbass Under Fire (English Subtitles)

I found this to be a most compelling video.

Labels (“fascist”, for example) don’t cross borders and cultural boundaries very accurately. In fact, they can even have opposite meanings in different contexts. 251 more words


Inspiration From Jackson Hole...

Yesterday morning I ventured out to takes some pictures and gain some inspiration from the mountain ranges that surround my home.  Sometimes you just need to grab a cup a coffee and spend some time alone in these beautiful mountains.   26 more words

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Huge Amounts Of Weaponry Abandoned By Ukraine In Debaltsevo

A key accusation directed towards Russia by America and the EU during the Ukrainian crisis has been that of Russia allegedly supplying the Donetsk and Lugansk Republics with weaponry. 467 more words