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Word of the Day - furtherance

Today’s word is furtherance.  This noun refers to advancement.

One reference I read mentioned the furtherance of research.   This in turn made me think of the NAF (National Ataxia Foundation) and their efforts to fund ataxia research studies that helps bring us closer to ending ataxia. 19 more words


The Utility of Asymetric Armies

ISIS, Boko Haram, the Novorossiyans Armed Forces, Al-Shabaab, the Taliban, the Peshmergas. Is there a shared nature between them? Of course there is: They’re all asymmetric armies. 778 more words


Satire takes centre stage at NAF - Grocott's Mail

“South Africa’s satirists, cartoonists, commentators and court jesters need, now more than ever, to be given the opportunity to be the public voice, the conscience, of the nation.” 91 more words

Chelsea Haith

Just 2 months to go!

Thanks to Horseware Ireland the team are now kitted out ready for the best the Atlantic can throw at us!…Even the new two have Rambo’s ready and waiting!  92 more words

The Problem With Abortion

Contrary to popular opinion, the problem with abortion isn’t that it’s legal; the problem is that otherwise rational people don’t have a problem with it.  Abortion is the end result of a systemic erosion of basic values in our society and a conditioned response to a no consequences mindset.   420 more words

Planned Parenthood