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Another Example of How Income is Redistributed from the 99 to the 1 Percent Via Senator Ron Wyden and the Rest of the Corrupt US Government

Here’s the story.

Wall Street Senator Ron Wyden was elected to represent the people of Oregon in the US senate. Instead, the senator represents Wall Street, along with major out-of-state corporations. 518 more words



Inspite of what Obama had to say as recently as a few days before the bombings in Paris ISIS is not contained – that is at least unless… 1,269 more words

November 17, 1993

The U.S. House of Representatives approves the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), 234 for, 200 against. It passed in the U.S. Senate by 61 for, 38 against. 36 more words


Wall Street Senator Ron Wyden: Leading the Fight in the US Senate to Steal Our Voting Rights and Our Money, and Hand Them Over to the 1 Percent

US Senator of Wall Street Ron Wyden wants to eliminate your voting rights, and redistribute your income to the 1 percent. And he knows exactly what he’s doing, as you can tell by the film below. 883 more words

How Many Nails Does it Take to Seal a Coffin

How many lopsided trade deals does it take to teach a nation they are being sold down the river? Apparently it takes one more than we have. 630 more words

Dr. Robert Owens

Moving Past the Neoliberal Debate: Examining the Effects of International Free Trade Agreements on Latin American Development

by Sam Alexander ’16


In this paper I explore the effects of neoliberal economic policies on Latin American economic development. Since World War II there has been an exponential rise in liberalized international commerce, and in the past forty years, Latin American countries have been under disproportionate pressure to adopt neoliberal economic policies. 2,651 more words


Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement in Review Part I: The Investment Chapter

Alicia Nicholls

The Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement is the largest regional free trade deal concluded to date, creating a free trade area which encompasses 12 Pacific-rim countries and which accounts for 40% of global GDP. 2,431 more words