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Brown-John: Trade a major part of our history

By Lloyd Brown-John

In August 1756 General Louis Joseph de Montcalm defeated a force of British and captured 1,700 prisoners at the Battle of Chouaguen (Oswego, NY). 612 more words


Some Labor Unions Refuse to Join Establishment Praise of Clinton

During the Democratic primaries, unions that held member votes over support of a particular candidate almost invariably chose Sen. Bernie Sanders, while unions that made an endorsement based on the decision of its leadership mostly supported… 639 more words

Hillary Clinton

'DC Dave' Martin

‘DC Dave’ Martin visited with Deanna once again this afternoon to continue the discussion on Slick Willy’s and Hillary Rodham’s activities before they entered the political scene, the Clinton’s politics in Arkansas, speculation on both of their health issues and the current presidential election. 54 more words


Perché non si mette in dubbio il NAFTA?

Il North American Free Trade Agreement, l’unione economica e commerciale tra Canada, USA e Messico? E non venitemi a dire che lo farà Trump: non è vero, è un’invenzione dei poteri forti che comandano i media. 65 more words

Sergio Mauri

Globalization hasn't paid off for all

It has been written that the “no” side in Great Britain had been disappointed in globalization and its benefits.

Many Canadian economists have been full of praise for globalization, consistently noting how much consumers have benefited. 273 more words


Trade Deals Remain Unfair

During the fight against NAFTA and every trade deal ever created, we like to say, “We’re not against ‘free trade,’ but we want ‘fair trade.'” It’s true, too, but there are good reasons why our government will never negotiate a fair trade treaty. 357 more words


Bipartisan policies create a bad economy

Many Americans are suffering because of the loss of good jobs during the last 20 years.

This is largely due to bi-partisan government policies that began in the late 1990s.   267 more words