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Fixing The U.S. Economy 101

A short course in inspired Economic Theory by Dr. John — a rank amateur but one who kind of enjoys being able to survive in today’s American Economy: 315 more words

Random Personal Thoughts

"Barking Up The Wrong Tree": Ted Cruz Keeps Talking About 'Wages' — But He Won’t Support Raising Them

“Washington” is keeping wages down and impoverishing the American middle class, at least according to Ted Cruz, who has adopted economic populism as a line of attack against the political establishment as a routine part of his stump speech in recent months. 871 more words

Donald Trump

Germany road trip - March 26-27th

Nice to get away from Prague for a bit, nice to be back driving.

Timing was lucky as we ended up at the Easter / end of winter celebrations.


Income Inequality and the Labor Market for High School and College Graduates Have Gotten Worse Since 2000

In The Rigged Game, I wrote that the negative impacts of each successive recession would continuously get worse for a growing number of people because of growing income and wealth inequality, and a new study by the Economic Policy Institute (EPI) shows this is the case. 453 more words


My Dear Fellow Americans:

I am begging you to listen to my plea. A quarter of a century ago a Presidential Candidate warned about a GIANT SUCKING SOUND coming from the South. 402 more words