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Someone who is angry...

┬áSomeone who is angry is someone who doesn’t know how to handle their suffering. They are the first victim of their suffering, and you are actually the second victim. 44 more words

Ramen cures everything...

On 2/19/15 at 4:30pm I called you to see if this was reality or a nightmare. Instead Officer So&So answers “Hello Robyn this is Officer So&So. 1,233 more words

Incense: take the time to breathe away your troubles

Incense has been enjoyed throughout the centuries, usually in times of worship or meditation. Although its scent is rather strong, it creates a comforting ambiance and promotes peacefulness and self-reflection. 358 more words

Take Action!

Thrown Together Scavenger Hunt

I have to admit, with things being so busy, I rushed to put together tonight’s post for Ashley’s Scavenger Hunt Sunday. ┬áThe items were: ┬áSaturday Morning, I Made This, Keepsake, Number, and Sweet Tooth. 288 more words


Instant Good Vibes: The Amazing Olfactory Powers of Incense & Oils

One of the most effective and easy ways we’ve found to change the mood of a space is using incense or perfume oils to create an aromatic atmosphere! 208 more words

Flora #7

Pinnai (or Punnai) aka Sultan Champa aka Nag Champa, is a beautiful large evergreen tree native to southern coastal India. The flowers have snow-white petals with a thick center of yellow stamens. 124 more words


Nag Champa

This insence drives me crazy. Not original at all. I think everyone loves it. But it brings so many memories to me.

Blue walls. Tiny apartment. 32 more words