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Jano Nyekha wins Best Folk Fusion award at Radio City FM

An eighteen year old musician from Nagaland, JanoNyekha who wrote her own original song ‘Aahoh’ won the award for the Best Folk Fusion at India’s biggest Indie Awards, the Radio City FM Freedom Awards 2017 which was held at Hard Rock Cafe, Mumbai on March 22.IMG_5628Radio City regional associate, indihut was represented by content manager Nikope Koza and the ceremony was attended by the glitterati of Mumbai along with music producers, musicians andmusic labels. 129 more words


Myszki Titanum, Manhattan, Dell, LC-Power

Dzisiaj przedstawiamy 4 myszki z oferty myszek bezprzewodowych, optycznych:

1. Mysz Titanum TM114T – 19 zł

Mysz bezprzewodowa optyczna marki Titanum w kolorze turkusowym. Posiada 3 przyciskii oraz 1 pokrętło.

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Overnight Oatmeals Buah Naga & Buah Pir

Overnight Oatmeals Buah Naga & Buah Pir

Oats memiliki kandungan nutrisi terkaya diantara semua jenis padi-padian. Nutrisi utamanya adalah karbohidrat, protein, dan lemak. Oat juga kaya zat besi, vitamin B1, fosfor, dll. 52 more words



Where does the time go? I competed in Naga almost two months ago. As usual, I got super busy with training and work and a little scared about posting. 416 more words

Khamchanote - 9 headed Naga Temple

This small island temple affair became very popular in the recent years. When I got it right, there was a TV report about it and it’s special powers, and now the people flock in in masses. 141 more words


Naga - Hēn

First full length, also includes “The Path” from the EP – not sure if it’s a rerecording or the same version but it still rules. Naga are still sludging it up but the bass is more prominent on this one, lovely meaty distorted tone. 16 more words


Naga - Naga

Debut EP from Italian sludgelords, first track “The Path” has a stoner swagger and a creepy slow solo that sounds like it was played by the grim reaper, floating in space. 38 more words