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Festival of Festivals

Pictured: A Naga tribesman in ceremonial headgear during the Hornbill festival in Kisama Heritage village – about 10 kilometers away from Kohima, Nagaland, India. This is a celebration of  the different tribes of Nagaland coming unitedly together to celebrate their differences.


Mì cay 7 cấp độ

Có một sự thật đối với những người thích ăn cay là hầu như tất cả các món ăn (không đến nỗi quá tệ) thì chỉ cần nó cay có nghĩa là … 496 more words


Prologue III

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Bushes rustled in the forest clearing below. Out of the forest shadows appeared a short man with small ivory bull horns and long curly brown hair. 4,771 more words

Volume 1: Into The Spirit

Nami as Naga siren

Hello everyone, I would like to present to you:

Nami As Naga Siren



  • New Model
  • New Textures
  • New Load Screen

General Info:


Fruit and Fire

Hello again spice lovers, this week we’re going to look at another of my sample sauces from ChimouliS but this one’s a little different.

Instead of being hot like their… 852 more words

Taking the weekend off at Mt. Naupa

Stressed from work or school tasks? And all you ever wanted is to go on a weekend getaway? Planning to go solo? Or with your lover? 808 more words

The Armor of God (POUMEI, NAGA: Bible)


Ephesians (Ephesamai) 6:10-18

10 Akhai hinou, Athaihou jürai maitao, Mapaowo hinou ea puhvei achana khouko hinou khoua bulo.

11 Neletao nou Rashinavei do ashitao hinou laloure donou Ramai nou neletao hi peikhai touyu reihna pfüphou sü thoulo. 182 more words