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The Journey to Most mortal Road in the world - Nanga Parbat

Nanga Parbat (8125 m.) is the western most bastion of the Himalayas. One has to travel completely around the globe to come back to the Himalayas to see such high peaks on our planet.. 14 more words


Fresh Ink

So I attended two events which involved the participation of young writers — and by “young” I mean those who are just starting out. Last Thursday I attended the summer PaperCup Session (the first of a series?) held by the organization’s new core group, and just this weekend I was able to observe this year’s… 462 more words


Kohima – Asia's second largest Village!

We were set to explore the second largest village of Asia, a destination merely 30-40 minutes away from Dimapur.

7:00 AM: After a 3 day hectic schedule at the 2nd peace convention in Dimapur, this was our first day out, an opportunity to get a real feel of Nagaland. 585 more words



Over the past one week, Unilag has seen a riot take place on two occasions, witnessed the schools’ closing till further notice and students have no idea when they will 136 more words


N is for Naga: #AtoZchallenge

I realize this is two days in a row for the Avatar-verse, but it boasts some truly fine animal companions. Avatar Aang had his sky bison. 121 more words

Wat Kham Chanot

Wat Kham Chanot is located in Ban Dung district, Udon Thani province. Its name is derived from the name of chanot tree (taraw palm) which, as the local assure, can be found only in that location. 142 more words