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Lakwatsa ala Legazpi.

A trip to Legazpi City with the family as a celebration for Mai’s 18th birthday. Super late celebration that is, her birthday was on July 5th and this trip took place just last week, November 17 – 18th 2015. 905 more words


Books From My Childhood: The Echorium Sequence – Katherine Roberts

I adored these books from the ages of about 9 to 13. I must have read them a dozen times or more and now they’re not in the best of shape. 502 more words

Books From My Childhood

Open Up :You Can Learn From Everyone

Sometimes in your journey you become too focused on a singular task or mission. You are deaf and blind to others advice. You know what you want and how to make it happen. 714 more words


Sævar-verða II

Another stretch of quietude while things were afoot… stuff with Nerfed Alliance Go Away, in their current situation, just didn’t quite fit for us anymore so during a little cooling down period we tried to quietly move all our assets out to safer space then we left NAGA. 32 more words

EVE Online

Toro Toro by Que Pasa?

Philippines was once a colony of Spain for 300 years thus the nation’s name was derived from its former King; religion, names, architecture, lifestyle and yes, food.  333 more words

Camarines Sur

The Armor of God (CHANG, NAGA: Bible)


Ephesians (Efesia) 6:10-18

10 Thonla, Bunyubou hoba hao seisihaua hau kishi.

11 Kanei shabü mühghaü khüpettibü khulimbo loenlabü shanga, Mühghaü lakoubü hele khümbo leashi. 136 more words


The Lord is my Shepherd (CHANG, NAGA: Bible)


Psalms (Nyensang Chia) 23

1 Bunyubou kho ngo lombou, ngo aieikei sha alelabü.

2 Haoei ngo nyem alibüa yeptida; haoei ngo dei koshikbü aeto leida. 72 more words