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||Naga On the Rocks~||

Hey guys! This drawing features an OC I haven’t drawn in a LONG time! Only like, one or 2 of you may remember her  Samantha Masakurai! 150 more words

The Fruit of the Spirit (AO, NAGA: Bible)

AO, NAGA: Bible

Galatians (Galatia) 5:22-23

22 Saka Tanela tejang itemi: temeim, tepela tesünep, taremzük, kümli tajung, tejungnü, temulung lemtetba,

23 ajemaluba, pei sasa azüokba. Item anema tanga ozüng kecha mali.


The Fruit of the Spirit (ANGAMI, NAGA: Bible)


Galatians (Galatiako) 5:22-23

22 Derei Ruopfü si ro kekhrie, u neikecü, kezekevi, shügeshühiekecü, mia ngukemezhie, vikecü, kedietho,

23 menekecü mu u kethekerekecü. Thezho puorei mha hako kepetsou jü.


Naga Fireballs: Swamp Gas or Divine Breath?

When science and spirituality battle it out, sometimes there’s no clear winner.  In the case of most Fortean or paranormal subjects, the scientific establishment simply labels their opponents with the blanket term ‘pseudo-science’, and the counter argument is usually that critics are closed minded.  1,175 more words

The Bizarre And Unexplained

Triple-choc chilli Brownies

10 minutes, even a football player can bake this. Thank you BBC. The chilli touch is mine, just because I’m attending a party at an indian friend’s house. 128 more words


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No post from me today but I do feel like Sweet Kitchen Science's use of the Grim Reaper's chocolate is worth sharing. In my experience, the white "Purgatory" chocolate is delicious, slightly floral and usually about a two out of ten heat but, due to natural varience in the crops of ghost pepper they use, can be as high as a four on occassion. Whatever its heat, though, the rest of this recipe should keep it down to a reasonable level for most people. Enjoy.

The Girls

About two months ago, I finished up reading The Girls by Emma Cline. The book serves as a parallel/allegory to the Manson Family and the women that made up his cult. 305 more words

Razer Naga Epic Wireless (2010) Review: A top gaming mouse to this day

Razer came out with the Naga Epic Wireless in late 2010 and to this day, even after several iterations of it since then and compared to current-day others, it’s the best gaming mouse I’ve ever used. 1,201 more words

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