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Naga inspired race: Deva-Nagaru

I decided to create a race with characteristics of a naga and humanoid. This will be a Pathfinder advanced player race with average to advanced RP. 378 more words


Traveling for FREE!

“You don’t have to be rich to travel!” – Unknown

This was my first ever literally FREE TRAVEL experience in my entire life! Tickets, Accommodation, Food and Activities were free because life is good and full of good people out there. 604 more words


Maggie Mairura's Philippines Experience

CAFOD’s Maggie Mairura is in the Philippines visiting partners and offering her expertise. Read the latest instalment of her experiences overseas below…  

We were ready and waiting at 10am for Gen, however it was our faithful friend, Elmer, who arrived to take us to the airport, collecting Gen on the way.  837 more words


Medusa's legacy

Medusa and the gorgon have left an indelible mark on Western mythology; commonly seen today as either a cool monster for creature feature films or as an icon of the power of feminist anger. 235 more words

CFz2017 Sketches - Ranger's Quest

Vega moments away from the final challenge…

Drawn on the train towards CFz :)


Naga Devata

Naga-s are also considered in Hinduism as deities, not as universal as the gods, but certainly having stupendous occult powers. They were born from the union of Kadrū and Rishi Kashyapa. 112 more words


Muchalinda and Buddha

Mucalinda, Muchalinda or Mucilinda is the name of a nāga who protected the Sakyamuni from the fury of the elements. When the future #Buddha started meditating under the #Bodhi tree, four weeks before he attained the state of Tathagata, it is said the skies darkened and rain poured for 7 days continuously. 47 more words