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Penafrancia Fiesta tapos na

Naga City, Bikol. Sa tahaw kan sobrang higot na seguridad na ipinautob kan mga awturidad matrangkilo na natapos an sarong semanang selebrasyon kan Penafrancia Fiesta digdi sa Naga. 129 more words


When you have no power during a storm, what do you do? DRAW OF COURSE! Luckily my computer still had energy so I could color ;v; 222 more words



Sahab, suna hai ye sar kaat ke le jaate hai aur insan bhi kha lete hai` — A soldier enquires about the LEGENDARY HEAD HUNTERS – NAGA… 286 more words

Indian Army

We Didn't Want To Talk About Ohtori Tsurugi... – Kyuranger 24-26 - Laser Knees 48

Join us as we take a trip through the stars with Space Sentai Kyuuranger to fight the Jark Matter with the crew of the Orion! Find out how we think they’re doing as we share our thoughts on: 101 more words


Naga (Old and Design) Video

I forgot to post the video last week. Sorry.



Yuan-ti     (15 RP)

Medium monstrous humanoid (monstrous humanoid, reptilian

Racial Traits

  • +2 Dexterity, +2 Constitution, -2 Charisma: Yuan-ti are much more flexible and hardy than other races, but due to their appearance and their serpent nature they don’t seem to make a lot of friends amongst the humanoids (0 RP)
  • 423 more words