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Concept unmatched

I have been trying to write from a long time but I always got stuck with the subjects or with the themes… but now I thought of just writing whatever comes in my mind… 56 more words

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The Battle of the Purest Forms...

This post will explain why I love philosophy so much and what I think about when I study.

My idea of the most insane meeting in history would be between Nagarjuna and Shankaracharya. 283 more words


For Your (Re)Consideration: The Social and Cultural Roots of the Beatles

Acres of words have been written about how the Beatles shook a Dallas-shocked America out of its mourning slumber. That may be true, but there’s more to the story. 1,010 more words

Nagarjuna's Doctrine of Two Worlds and Two Truths and the Reason Why Words that are Rigorously True Seem Paradoxical

The second century CE Buddhist philosopher-sage Nagarjuna is famous for his philosophical exposition of the Buddha’s teachings and for his explanation of its philosophical foundation. The language of Buddhism is riddled through with paradox and contradiction and in his… 571 more words

Nagarjuna and Thief

A great master, Nagarjuna, was asked by a great thief…. The thief was well known over the whole kingdom and he was so clever, so intelligent that he had never been caught. 1,092 more words


Spacetime: An Explanation for Nothingness

For the longest time I had a really hard time dealing with Nagarjuna’s concept of emptiness and all it entailed. It began with an argument about “free will” and an ability to make a determination for one’s own outcome. 414 more words


RCR - The End of All Views

In Jay Garfield’s translation of Nagarjuna’s, Mulamadhyamikakarika, the last verse reads thus;

I prostrate to Gautama
Who through compassion
Taught the true doctrine
Which leads to the relinquishing of all views. 263 more words