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MAA TV planned basing on Charan, Akhil

MAA TV planned basing on Charan, Akhil

Earlier, MAA TV is owned by Megatstar Chiru, Akkineni Nagarjuna, Nimmagadda Prasad and Allu Arvind. But now, these people got their shares….….Read More………

Akhil Audio Launch Mahesh Babu, Nagarjuna, Naga Chaitanya In Attendance

Akhil Akkineni’s debut film Akhil, directed by V V Vinayak and produced by Nithin, had it’s audio launch at Gachibowli Indoor Stadium in Hyderabad. Amidst the fans galore and the star attendees, the event has been a lavish affair. 77 more words

Naga Chaitanya In Attendance

అంగరంగ వైభవంగా 'అఖిల్' ఆడియో

అంగరంగ వైభవంగా ‘అఖిల్’ ఆడియో

కుటుంబ సభ్యులు, వేలాది మంది అభిమానుల మధ్య అక్కినేని అఖిల్ లాంఛింగ్ ఫిల్మ్ ‘అఖిల్’ ఆడియో విడుదలైంది. గచ్చిబౌలి స్టేడియంలో అంగరంగ వైభవంగా జరిగిన ఈ పాటల…..…..Read More…….

On Wittgenstein and Tonality

“Imagine a script in which the letters were used to stand for sounds, and also as signs of emphasis and punctuation. A script can be conceived as a language for describing sound-patterns.) Now imagine someone interpreting that script as if there were simply a correspondence of letters to sounds and as if the letters had not also completely different functions.

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Nagarjuna Will Not Be Finding A Girl

Nagarjuna Will Not Be Finding A Girl

Most Telugu families still stick with their traditions and conventional way of finding right boys and girls for their kids……..….Read More………..


I have no doubt that many people have had extraordinary experiences of altered consciousness: a temporary radical change in their sense of self, their view of reality or even extended moments of uncommon visual, sensory, auditory or even dream sequences that are radically different from the conventional view. 1,643 more words