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Megane-bashi, Nagasaki, Japan

Megane-bashi, or Spectacles Bridge, is named for its shape and the reflection it makes on Nakashima-gawa, in Nagasaki, Japan.


Empire of the Sun

J. G. Ballard, Empire of the Sun (1984)

What it’s about: Shanghai, 1941. Jim, a young English boy lives a life of luxury with his parents in the British expatriate settlement in Shanghai. 1,886 more words

Dead White Males

A heron and Megane-bashi, Nagasaki, Japan

A heron searches for food near Megane-bashi in Nagasaki, Japan.


Lifebuoy, Nagasaki, Japan

A lifebuoy and a boat docked at the harbor in Nagasaki, Japan.


Little girl having ice cream, Nagasaki, Japan

A little girl having some ice cream at an event at Seaside Park in Nagasaki, Japan.


Sitting on the pier, Nagasaki, Japan

A girl and a boy sitting on the pier in Nagasaki, Japan.


Tram, Nagasaki, Japan

A tram waiting at a stop light in Nagasaki, Japan.