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Suicide Club (2002) live action, movie - Japan

crime, drama, horror

starring: Nagasawa Nao, Kikuchi Mika, Maro Akaji, Ishibashi Ryo

There’s been an increase of suicides. At the opening of the movie it starts on a subway platform where a bunch of high school girls are around, going about as usual, giggling and joking around, and then 54 of them grab hands and jump in front of an on coming train. 96 more words


Hurricanger episode 1

So what is this? The third time or something this episode got subbed? We’re not the kind of group to start from ep 2 though so here’s Hurricanger ep 1 again but now with our subs. 143 more words


[Just Release] This Week’s New Releases 2008.03.05

Arashiro Beni 1st Best Album 「Chapter One ~complete collection~」

[ CDA | AVCD-23524 | ¥3,150 | info ][Order]
[ CD+DVD | AVCD-23523 | ¥3,990 ][ 279 more words