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Do you ever feel like a nag when teaching your students?

“Sit up straight. Write in alternate fingerings. Breathe through your mouth. Remember your lesson is on Thursday next week.

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Dating Woes

My Jewish Date 

I had no idea how philosophical differences alone could affect a relationship until I dated a Jewish Psychologist. She worked at St. Luke’s hospital when I was a Resident and was not only beautiful but also extremely intelligent. 1,490 more words

Wednesday's Child

Changing to Change

It's been a while since I posted, well, since I have written at all. I have let life consume me, which has also taken a toll on me mentally. 659 more words

I'll stop the world and nag for you!

Luke 18 tells the story of a whiny, annoying, tattletale.  The woman is seeking justice so I assume she recounts her entire story including names and locations with grisly details abounding. 907 more words


Medication for the Nagging Headache

Medication for the Unpleasant Headache Source: Flickr There are numerous medicines now readily available to treat a great number of headaches. Headaches are not all alike. 45 more words

Are You Nagging your Husband Into The Arms of Another? Step 5

This next step is if this is after an argument,
Step Five: Apologize!
Yes Apologize! Even if you did nothing wrong.  Apologize, this will confuse him completely and again set you apart from being a typical woman.  468 more words


Day 41 - Answers please

When does supporting someone through a bad time, or generally being supportive and encouraging turn into nagging?

When does nagging mean that whatever is important enough to the nagger for them to nag, is not important to the naggee and should be given up by the nagger? 236 more words