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Why women repeat things & "Why guys STOP TALKING to girls out of nowhere"

It was my first one night stand. My first “white girl”. My first night in Vegas. Yet, as I slid off her panties, all I could think about was my girl back home. 3,596 more words

Ebrahim Aseem

Our society has made equality the viral discussion of a generation. It truly is a beautiful thing, seeing people of all race and genders level the playing field and be able to overcome some of the barriers our past has left us with. 1,335 more words

How To

Just Little Things

I rarely repost items from other blogs or sites.  It’s something I only do when the piece in question resonates with me–when it makes a point that I would love to make myself, but makes it much better than I could do.  2,748 more words

FAQ #2: A Swift Kick

Stop staring at your to-do list (or maybe a goal you have on a sticky note that keeps staring at you each morning)! Bust out your highlighter, take fifteen minutes and take that bit of action now! 171 more words


Nagging Issues on your S6? A Melbourne Samsung Repair Shop Can Help

Samsung’s new Galaxy S6 flagship smartphone is its direct answer to Apple’s iPhone 6, and so far, it has lived up to the billing. However, there have been numerous reports from owners of the S6 and its Edge variation, claiming that the device has yet to address some issues. 49 more words

Random thoughts on an early May day.

So, I have a lot on my mind lately, with baby coming soon… ya know, lots of hurry, I need to have everything ready before this thing gets here! 822 more words

It's My Highway

“Why’d you go this way?” I asked my wife from the passenger seat.

“Well, it’s because…” she began.

“This way is longer,” I said.

“Yes, but…” 451 more words