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Loo roll

Just when you think you’re nagging has paid off, you go and ruin it with a new nag!

So this morning I was passing the bathroom, door open obviously, teen was stood in front of loo unraveling an ungodly amount of paper and instead of realising that my years of complaining about being the only girl in the house and having to sit on other people’s pee for 14 years had finally sunk in (the nagging not the pee) I yelled… 76 more words


Μην αρχίζεις τη Μουρμούρα: Αυτά είναι τα δύο νέα ζευγάρια της σειράς

Μουρμούρα με άρωμα από “Παρτάλι” και τέσσερα αντί για τρία ζευγάρια στην πρεμιέρα της τέταρτης σεζόν της πολύ επιτυχημένης κωμικής σειρά τους Alpha. 7 more words


Pretentiousness at its peak

Today’s topic! Pretentiousness. If I had superhuman hearing skills, I’d hear people all over the world sigh in harmony. And I won’t blame them. Pretentiousness is disastrous. 545 more words

Slice Of Life


If I could sleep

that’s what

I’d be doing

right now.

It’s quiet

& peaceful

at 4 am.

The air is


I am still, 54 more words

Did we kill Chivalry?

I’d describe myself as a feminist.

I believe in the equality of gender .That the opportunities and liberties prescribed to men would also be shared by women. 545 more words

What Being The Non-Nagging, Good Girl/Wife Got Me

For years prior to me actually getting married, I’ve read in numerous books and saw on countless tv shows that one important tip to maintaining a happy marriage is: Don’t be a wife that nags. 1,724 more words