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Tesco Dumps Bossy, Nagging Woman

according to a survey of its customers, many folk avoid using Tesco’s self-service checkouts because they feel intimidated by the automated female voice issuing instructions and pointing out their mistakes – many liking it to being ‘nagged’ 44 more words


Haiku (Follow)

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Haiku Horizons

Nagging little feet,

Begging to lead,

Thumping in the chest

© Apurva


Change your spouse?

Can you force your spouse
To change his or her ways?
Can you force your spouse
To stop doing what you don’t like
And start doing what you like? 53 more words

Day +11

I’m coming home tomorrow (Sunday)!

My WBC count multiplied by 6 up to 1.45. And my absolute neutrophil count (ANC) which had been non-existent and needed to be 500 for me to leave was 1200 this morning! 140 more words

Like the Sigh of a Pot Lid over Boiling Water

Some days it has not easy for my husband. He’s a beautiful easy going man, not lazy mind you, but gentle and easy going and he’s married to me; high octane, optimistic beyond belief one day, out of sorts the next, then affectionate, then quiet. 681 more words


I hope that one day I can treat you as good as my dog 

So recently, as in today, I realized that I can be a girl. The girl who nags the boyfriend, stomps her feet because she isn’t getting her way. 479 more words

How do I admit at the age of 47 that I still listen to a bully?

She appeared about six months ago. At first she just made a comment or two about my job performance.  218 more words