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Kill Joys

If they think I’m having fun, they’ll come around just to make sure I’m not having the fun they think I’m having. Otherwise they won’t talk to me at all. 44 more words


People don’t want you to force yourself to like them. But they will still complain when you don’t.

Rejected a Forced Marriage


Be smart don’t be forced into a marriage you don’t want and marriage will cost you your life.


Men’s Health And Wealth

No Full-time Woman

One of the reason why having a full time living in woman can’t bad for your health. You can’t even take a dump in Peace and she can’t leave you alone without bugging you. Mens Health Matter

Men’s Health And Wealth

Your Weekly Dose of Euphemistic Language: Nagging

And now for your weekly dose of euphemistic language . . .

For those of you who like to use the euphemistic word, “nagging,” it will now be known as “emphatically urging others.” 46 more words


Get everyone to do their bit by shifting your focus

Imagine a day in your home without incessant nagging. Oh, I’m not talking about the kids, I’m referring to you…us!…their parents. You know what I’m talking about; it’s like a recording set to repeat: hang up your towel, throw your clothes in the basket, do your dishes….and on it goes. 704 more words

Empowering Parents

Family and relationships

We often never give the relationships in our lives the importance they deserve. We take it for granted. I took it for granted. My family is often overwhelming to bear. 206 more words