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If You Want to Save The Little We Have Left

I have been in a constant favorable-unfavorable relationship with my mother. Our characters do not jive well in certain areas of my life, my personal life to be specific–my love life to be more specific. 632 more words


Success is paved by a nagging Mama

About a year or so ago, there was a scientific study released that determined nagging mothers raised highly successful daughters.

I am not sure where they got their study pool or what they used as their definition of “nagging,” but I would like to declare myself an outlier to this study. 854 more words



The last few days have been crazy for me. Really crazy!! I am have been going through a number of changes, changes that sort of induced some self doubt, the kind of self doubt that induces a writer’s block. 957 more words


Meddling In Your Business Is Their Business

When your relatives make their business to ‘settle’ you in life, they should also mention aftermath of it. 

When I was single –  

My relatives went… get married you are already 26, like I have an expiry date. 472 more words

Miracle Cure

This week, I found a miracle cure. I have been suffering from a pain in the behind- no, not my hubby! I know some of you thought that and I won’t shame you because I have thought it a time or two. 461 more words


And So It Began...

That vibe. 

It clung there, incessantly nagging at me to “please, get rid of me somehow.” It stuck with me for days that turned into weeks, eventually evolving into months. 546 more words


May 1 - The Price of a Little Peace and Quiet

So she cried whenever she was with him and kept it up for the rest of the celebration. At last, on the seventh day he told her the answer because she was tormenting him with her nagging. 947 more words

Daily Walk