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Red Flags: Nagging & Consideration

You just came home, and your soulmate — the “home maker” just dump on you all the things she thinks you should have be doing. 148 more words


Now here is what seems to me a bit of a problem when all the family is at home for more than 3 days. Or is the flue, sickness of your children or partner, you cannot go outside to play because of the rain, everything in the house gets boring and sooner or later kids start to do foolish things.   610 more words


Hey Ladies...Do you nag? Learn to Nudge, Not Nag

No one likes a nag, and no one likes to be a nag.  I can assure you that it’s no fun to be constantly reminded of things that you had agreed to do, but hadn’t yet done. 521 more words


Cure A Nagging Cough Or Inflammation Of The Lungs With This Quick Trick

The recipe that we reveal today is especially helpful during cold and flu infections as it will help to arrest coughing and improve breathing. You should not underestimate the effectiveness of this herbal formulation, as it is as powerful as any cough syrup and faster acting. 33 more words

I love my two Brick Walls.  A lot.  But if Donald Trump could apply the same impenetrable force to his borders,  as Teen 1 and Teen 2 put up when I’m talking, the Mexicans wouldn’t have a chance. 1,053 more words