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When you find it hard to submit to a wrong decision your husband made

As a wife you  are called to submit to your husband In everything.  Ephesians 5:24-” Now as the church submits to Christ, so also wives should submit to their husbands in everything. 152 more words

Day +11

I’m coming home tomorrow (Sunday)!

My WBC count multiplied by 6 up to 1.45. And my absolute neutrophil count (ANC) which had been non-existent and needed to be 500 for me to leave was 1200 this morning! 140 more words

Like the Sigh of a Pot Lid over Boiling Water

Some days it has not easy for my husband. He’s a beautiful easy going man, not lazy mind you, but gentle and easy going and he’s married to me; high octane, optimistic beyond belief one day, out of sorts the next, then affectionate, then quiet. 681 more words


I hope that one day I can treat you as good as my dog 

So recently, as in today, I realized that I can be a girl. The girl who nags the boyfriend, stomps her feet because she isn’t getting her way. 479 more words

How do I admit at the age of 47 that I still listen to a bully?

She appeared about six months ago. At first she just made a comment or two about my job performance.  218 more words


Your Husband Needs You To Encourage Him

Do you want your husband to be a better person? Show him respect. Encourage him in what he is doing RIGHT. Respect = Love to a man… 275 more words

Type A Wisdom


Communication does not have to become war talks. As a couple, you signed “forever” and in case you do not know, forever means, till you breathe your last breath. 279 more words