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Thanking Your Critics

Many of us have the kamma to be surrounded by close friends and even life partners who can seem like our harshest critics (well, after ourselves of course). 225 more words


Microfiction: Puppy love

For Charli Mills’ flash fiction prompt—erosion

Photo ©Jiel Beaumadier

I hate the pet section in the supermarket, the corner where frightened, sick babies curl up in glass tanks waiting to die. 81 more words


I Mean, The Sweatshirt Makes a Good Point...(Part 2)

(Continuation of I Mean, The Sweatshirt Makes a Good Point )

The first thing Eric did when he walked in the apartment was put the sweatshirt in his closet, then throw the note at me and say, in his most annoyed tone, “You know, it took you more time to write that note than it would have to just put the sweatshirt away.” 25 more words


Family Matters - I wish I'd ignored the call

I wish I’d ignored the call! The is little more I can say.

Yesterday was a bank holiday. I’d spent most of the day and the previous day sorting and clearing out around the house. 426 more words

My Life Today

Under appreciated and Jealous

Under appreciated and Jealous. That’s how I feel this morning. I have spent the weekend changing nappies, feeding, playing outside, bath time, cuddles and cartoons. I can’t remember the last time DH changed a nappy. 198 more words