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8 Simple Ways to Avoid Nagging {and the Event that Change the Nagger in me}

I can’t remember when I stop nagging, all I know now is I have a much more peaceful relationship with my husband than before.

There’s no single formula to overcome the nagging habits, all of us, in some way or another are guilty of doing this to our husbands and children. 894 more words


Lil' Billy and his belly

No offense Joe, but I’ve had it up to here with all those commercials on the radio, and, now on the internet. There was a time when I never saw commercials on the internet. 126 more words

On my Marks

Lack of boyfriend, no ambition, crappy apartment…you never come and see us anymore!

All my mother does is nag when she calls, always at the worst times as well. 100 more words

Nagging Companion

by Gideon Mutai

Among the nagging things

And all people combined,

You nag the most

You want to know why?

You ring when I least expect… 199 more words

Humorous Poems

Leave Me Alone [Peace]

If I cannot belch out the guts of my heart

then what is the purpose of freedom of speech?

Should I wait in silence whilst your words knife, 41 more words



I’m back after I went M.I.A for a while, in hope to cope with unemployment. It’s safe to say that I still haven’t… Oh well… I hope that you are all well and happy ;) 187 more words



Today’s deep and philosophical question is “How many reminders make a nag?”

You ask for something to be done and it doesn’t get done.  So you wait a while and then give a gentle hint or reminder.   88 more words