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Raising Children

The hardest part about raising children has got to be your spouse.

You’re not always going to see eye-to-eye and occasionally you’re going to get on each others nerves.   23 more words

Nagger's Un-Nagging: Driving

Photo courtesy of Fresh Off The Boat Season 1 Episode 1.

Yes, yes! I know what you all are thinking!

“Oh hells, no! She did not just comment on her husband’s driving!” 656 more words

Married Life

When You're A Type B Personality (But Neurotic As Fuck)

Firstly, God bless anyone who genuinely thinks anyone falls 100% into any particular category – especially a binary, black-or-white category. You can be a social introvert or antisocial extrovert. 809 more words

Even a Friend has an End in the End :D

In the month of May, H started getting on my nerves. His incessant nagging even after me begging him to stop, drove me insane. The reason behind that was that he did not take my advice even after agreeing to it. 413 more words

Journey To The Bigger Picture

RJ's Choice

RJ knows which side his Twinkie is cream filled on.

Comic Commentary

The Origin of Nagging.


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