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Family Matters - I wish I'd ignored the call

I wish I’d ignored the call! The is little more I can say.

Yesterday was a bank holiday. I’d spent most of the day and the previous day sorting and clearing out around the house. 426 more words

My Life Today

Under appreciated and Jealous

Under appreciated and Jealous. That’s how I feel this morning. I have spent the weekend changing nappies, feeding, playing outside, bath time, cuddles and cartoons. I can’t remember the last time DH changed a nappy. 198 more words

Why nagging never works

“Lady Middleton resigned herself… Contenting herself with merely giving her husband a gentle reprimand on the subject, five or six times every day.”
― Jane Austen, Sense and Sensibility…

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I left my phone at home

Dear Italian,

Peter drove me to work today and when we arrived at said work place, I realised I forgot my phone at home.

I thought I was okay enough to work without my phone. 160 more words

Going Crazy

Ladies' Home Journal 2

To a feminist a hundred years later, the page on the reverse of the editorial by Gerald Mygatt is just as interesting.

Under the heading “When Your Boy is Eighteen,” we learn that “a boy passes through many mental and physical phases during his adolescent period that are as a closed book to his mother.”  And that “If she expects to extract any happiness from life she must learn firmly the lesson that every adult male is one-third baby, one-third boy and one-third man. 173 more words

Janie Libbey

And my voice will be like antibiotics!

Every parent knows well the rule of thumb that you must be disciplined with antibiotics. You administer them one time, effectively, and deliver the full dose. 357 more words

Advice For Moms