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Dear LXL, Pat not Nag...

Dear LXL’s,

It’s best to first understand the meaning of the word NAG. ‘Oxford-Advanced Learner’s Dictionary’ defines it thus:

NAG: To complain or Criticize somebody continuously. 526 more words


Classroom dissertation: The Nagging Nanny

Dear Past me!

How would you react if someone constantly nags you for every tiny bit of information, asks a lot of questions? I’m not condemning curiosity, it’s always good to have a healthy urge to ask away your doubts. 407 more words


It's me, just me, whether you've been waiting for or not~

I lost about 12kgs while working for ignorant schumock boss…despite the fact that I don’t get paid well but the loosing weight part was very pleasing! 18 more words


How to Handle Nagging Part One: Extended Family and Social Events

I remember growing up and being real conscious of my looks– just like everyone else was in their teens. Eventually I came to terms with the face that stared back at me in the mirror, probably… 756 more words

Personal Communication

Nagging Ladies - Reasons Why You Need to Lay Off the Little Things

Everybody hates a nagger; and no matter what you do, those frustrating little things are simply inevitable. So every time you feel like losing your temper, be reminded of all these reasons to dismiss the urge to blabber. 397 more words

Family & Relationships

The Passport - Friday fiction in five sentences.

He was tired and dreaded going home.

Each day was worse than the day before, as her tyranny seemed to graduate a notch per day. 168 more words

Short Stories

7 Things He or She Does, That Should Get You as Far Off As Possible

We all have a life to live, people to love, mistakes to make and lessons yet to be learnt no matter the previous ones. But below is a list of signs/reasons why you should take to your heels and get far, far away from that girl /guy. 582 more words