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How to check nagios config

In this quick tutorial I will explain how to check the nagios config. As a best practice it is normally advised to do this prior to restarting nagios as restarting nagios will result in any config changes being applied. 94 more words


Accept Self Signed SSL Certificate with Selenium RC and Firefox

Hi all,

I use Selenium RC coupled with the centreon_waa plugin to make tests on my web sites. In some case I use self signed certificates and by default it can not pass trough these sites. 54 more words


Monitor failed SQL jobs in Nagios

This script can be used to monitor for failed SQL agent jobs in Nagios.

It requires python-argparse and python-pymssql which can be installed like this in debian Linux: 1,372 more words


Nagios - Check Ping /bin/ping Unknown status problem

Recently while I am trying to setup Nagios on Ubuntu 14.04 OS I got the error saying /bin/ping Unknown status.

After debugging a wile I got to know that, this issue is because of permissions for /bin/ping script. 52 more words


Create Nagios Plugin Using a BASH Script

Now, it’s time to move one step forward. In this tutorial, we would learn how a simple BASH script can be used to create a powerful Nagios Plugin in order to monitor any remote Linux server. 438 more words


Writting a nagios plugin for monitor a mailq


I started to write a perl plugin for nagios/centreon in order to monitor the mailq on a mail server, either per domain either general. 46 more words


Customize Nagios Alert Colours

One thing that really irritates me about nagios 3.5 is the colour scheme of the tactical overview, More specifically the alerts section of the page (Yes I know I do have OCD).The alerts in the tactical overview by default show up as blue and blue just doesn’t stand out as being an alerting colour. 473 more words