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Nagios Plugin Developed@NagiosExchange

Long ago, while working in one of the previous organization, there were lots of components like services and servers running in production environment. I had deployed all products one by one from scratch and the count kept on increasing. 142 more words


Automatically deploy Dell OMSA with Puppet

I’m pretty sure that nowadays every sysadmin out there still managing bare metal hardware and in particulary Dell servers know and use Open Manage Server Administrator (OMSA), which is a very nice and convenient software. 181 more words


Monitoring Documentum with Nagios and dctmpy plugin

This is a step-by-step guide to install Nagios and configure dctmpy plugin for monitoring a Documentum environment. Nagios installation is pretty easy as we’ll be doing everything using yum. 773 more words


Monitoring... What a (great) pain!

So, monitoring…

This is my first “real” post so please excuse any type of bad writing (English is not my mother language) or some kind of misinformation. 844 more words

Using Nagios exclusively to monitor the YubiCloud

Nagios is a very important part of our infrastructure. We rely on it to provide us with extensive and detailed checks on all our machines and services. 242 more words


Nagios Plugin for UNIX released

I have released a nagios plugin written in shell script to check if a filesystem is mounted under a UNIX & Linux OS, and it has been posted today in nagios exchange. 986 more words