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Qik-n-EZ: Nagios AWS EC2 Hosts via Ansible

Sooo .. You are monitoring a fleet of AWS EC2 hosts via Nagios, and have yet to find an easy way to manage their host definitions… 47 more words


Sometimes you want to ensure that visitors

Sometimes you want to ensure that visitors to your site will stay focused on its content, rather than its design or flashy features. If that’s what you’re looking for, Kleanity is a powerful minimalist theme that will showcase your work without being intrusive. 193 more words


How to automate Nagios

Currently, I’m working on a project to automate a huge monitoring environment which is running on Nagios. This environment is managed at the moment mostly by hand. 195 more words


Metriklerin efendisi Prometheus! - Episode 1 - Doğuş ve Mimari

Prometheus, son zamanlarda gezindiğim makalelerde adını sık sık duyduğum, benim de mimarisini çok merak ettiğim, ismine “Next generation monitoring system” ünvanı yakıştırılan, ufacık bir projeden tutun da büyük ölçekli mimarilerde bile rahatlıkla kullanılabilen bir ekosistem. 2,731 more words


Qik-n-EZ: Nagios Plugins to Check AWS EC2 Images and Snapshots

Afraid of having too many AWS EC2 images and/or snapshots, thus running up your bill ?? Fear not !! I have you covered:

Nagios Plugins to Check AWS EC2 Images… 7 more words


NEMS - Nagios for your Pi

NEMS or Nagios Enterprise Monitoring Server developed by Robbie Ferguson is a modernized version of NagiosPi.

NEMS is a modern pre-configured, customized and ready-to-deploy Nagios Core image designed to run on the Raspberry Pi 3 micro computer.

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Step by step procedures to Install Nagios XI Server in Centos 7

Step by step proceduress to Install Nagios XI Server in Centos 7

#Update your centos os
> yum install update
> yum install wget

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