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Creating custom okconfig templates

For this example I have a host (google.com) with HTTP, HTTPS, DNS, and Ping checks.

I’ve customized some of the service checks and want to create a template called “Google Server” from this host and it’s services. 609 more words



I am grateful to you for creating dctmpy which I am planning to heavily use in my icinga2 monitoring environment. This work you have done is commendable.

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Content Server

Installation and configuration of Nagios

                                        Easiest way to installation and configuration of Nagios

Installation and configuration of OMD (Open Monitoring Distribution)

Welcome to OMD – the Open Monitoring Distribution. OMD implements a completely new concept of how to install, maintain and update a monitoring system built on… 613 more words

Monitoring Tool

Postgresql 9.2 monitoring with Adagios on CentOS 7

On the PostgreSQL server:

Note: You may need to deal with SELinux.

Install some needed perl modules, download the check script and make it executable: 1,052 more words


Varnish 4 monitoring with Adagios on CentOS 7

On the Varnish server:

Note: You may need to deal with SELinux.

Clone the varnish-nagios repo, autogen, configure, and make:

git clone https://github.com/varnish/varnish-nagios.git
cd varnish-nagios
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Nginx 1.6.3 status monitoring with Adagios on CentOS 7

Download check_nginx_status.pl:

cd /usr/lib64/nagios/plugins/
wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/regilero/check_nginx_status/master/check_nginx_status.pl

Install prerequisites:

yum install perl-libwww-perl nagios-plugins-perl

Create a check command:

pynag add command command_name="2ks-check_nginx_status" command_line='$USER1$/check_nginx_status.pl -H $HOSTADDRESS$ -p $_SERVICE_PORT$ -s $_SERVICE_SERVER_NAME$ $_SERVICE_OPTIONAL_ARGUMENTS$'
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HTTPs check in Nagios error Invalid option - SSL is not available

When you want check https site with “./check_http –ssl google.com” command in Nagios, you may get this error “Invalid option – SSL is not available” 79 more words