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OpenShift V3 Persistent Storage Nagios Plugin

By the time of writing, OpenShift V3 comes with poor monitoring capabilities. The build-in monitoring only checks the metrics of Memory/CPU/Network, and it does not even support alerting! 138 more words


Goals for Jan 2017

Today I decided to go over my goals for the month of January 2017 and I thought I would post them as a reminder to get them done! 1,028 more words


Check_MK (OMD) Update process

wget your new version at http://mathias-kettner.com/check_mk_download.php?HTML=yes to your server /root/software

Install it:

rpm -hiv check-mk-raw-1.2.8p15-el7-38.x86_64.rpm

Update your installation:

omd stop
omd update
omd start

Temper USB Temperature Sensor Script for CheckMK

mkdir -p /opt/streamline
cd /opt/streamline
wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/famaia/sysadmin-scripts/master/check_usense_temp

nano /etc/check-mk-agent/mrpe.cfg
Temperature /opt/streamline/check_usense_temp

It will now appear on the services of the installed host


Xenserver Update checker for Nagios

Here it is:




#Automatically Update script for Xen Servers.
#Start by downloading the xml file
#bash xeer1
#echo "Downloading updates.xml"
curl -s -# -L -R -o updates.xml http://updates.xensource.com/XenServer/updates.xml

#Grep the patches for version number XS62E, parse the data, and form the table
#Columns are 1-patch name 2 - url 3- timestamp and 4- uuid
#Each column is one variable and sorted by date and then by name

xmllint --shell updates.xml <<< 'cat //patch/@name-label'|grep -v ">\|<\|\ -"|cut -d"\"" -f2|while read line
lineUrl=$(xmllint --shell updates.xml <<< 'cat //patch/@patch-url'|grep "patch-url"|cut -d"\"" -f2)
lineTime=$(xmllint --shell updates.xml <<< 'cat //patch/@timestamp'|grep "timestamp"|cut -d"\"" -f2)
lineId=$(xmllint --shell updates.xml <<< 'cat //patch/@uuid'|grep "uuid"|cut -d"\"" -f2)
echo "$line $lineUrl $lineTime $lineId"
done > patchList

cat patchList|sort -k3,3 -k4|(i=0;while read line1 line2 line3 line4
#Save some typing
#export ShortUrl=`basename $line2`
# Check to see if the patch has been installed already
if [[ ! 92 more words

Nagios plugin to count apache threads


At work I have a misbehaving web server. Sometimes it spawns the maximum number of apache threads (which has a hardcoded maximum of 256, no matter what you configure) and then occupies 100% of the processor. 765 more words