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Monitoring an Outlook Web Access site with Nagios

This is actually a really old post that I had done on another site and wanted to share it here in case it would help anyone. 567 more words


When github goes down...

A huge number of organisations rely on GitHub every day to safeguard their code and ensure that the code is available to all of their CI tools 24×7. 672 more words

Automated Build/Deployment

Integrating Nagios XI alerts to a Slack Channel

Recently, I have been exploring the use of Slack for messaging and collaboration and in particular integration with other tools. In this post I will discuss enabling integration with… 515 more words


Forcing SSL with permanent redirect for Nagios XI

The scope of this article is to describe the steps required to configure SSL for Nagios XI and to force SSL with a permanent redirection. In this example, I have made the assumption that certificate files have been generated and in this example I will be using the hostname ‘nagios.dean.local’ for my Nagios XI server throughout the configuration steps. 916 more words


Configure Nagios Monitoring on SLESS

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Update Nagios Core and Observium to latest major release version

Update Nagios:

Run the following commands (as root):

# service nagios stop
 # tar –zxvf nagios-latest.tar.gz
 # cd nagios-latest
 # ./configure
 # make all
 # make install
 # service nagios start… 142 more words

Nagios and Ubuntu 64-bit 14.04 LTS Setup & Configuration

1st – The Virtual Machine

First I created a virtual machine for use with VMware Fusion on OS-X. Once I got a nice clean Ubuntu 14.04 image setup I installed SSH on it so I could manage it as if it were a headless (i.e. 1,721 more words