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Nagios tool for server Monitoring


Nagios is very popular open source monitoring tools we can monitor anything, you will be able to monitor hosts resources by  web interface. Nagios is useful for… 1,120 more words


Create images/icons for Nagios Map

Image must be 40*40 pixels, use paint.net to edit

yum install gd-progs

cp image.png /usr/local/nagios/share/images/logos/

pngtogd2 image.png image.gd2 0 1


Monitoring MySQL with Nagios - Quick View

Hi all!
As you know, we have some commercial solutions to monitoring/alerting MySQL, like MySQL Enterprise Monitor or Oracle Grid/Cloud Control.

But, regarding we are using MySQL instead of Oracle Database, we can assume it’s probably a decision taken based on cost. 144 more words

Enterprise Manager | Monitoring

Monitoring your OpenEdge Progress database. With Zabbix!

I’ve never been able to find any way to monitor my OE Progress DB, except for the promon tool, which frankly, sucks. Watching the command shell refresh every ten seconds and trying to get any sort of useful information out of it is lunacy–I have much better things to do. 870 more words


Raspberry Pi - Nagios

If there is one thing I like, it’s good cheap tech! And the Raspberry Pi is good cheap tech!!

I’ve always wanted to have a look at Nagios (which an open source monitoring solution). 16 more words


You Board First When You Have Status

A status board describes the services the way they run — in full effect, with some connotations, perhaps with a defect or failure. Whichever may be the case of the situation at that moment, though — a status board reflects the current state. 659 more words

Nagios - Monitoração de Streaming de video


  1. Monitorar Transmissoes (Streaming)
  2. Simular execução de Streaming como se fosse um usuario comum
  3. Analisar as Estatisticas e gerar alarmes


Para utilizar o client, você precisa das seguintes dependencias: 1,410 more words