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How to install Nagios3 and Check_MK on an Ubuntu 12.04 LTS VPS

The following article guides through the steps of installing and configuring Nagios3 and Check_MK on a Ubuntu 12.04 LTS VPS. Once deployed, you will be able to monitor your virtual servers and the services running on them. 50 more words

Install Nagios On Ubuntu 12.04

1) Install Nagios. Type this command line:

2) It will go through, and ask you about what mail server you want to use:

3) Choose your type of email configuration. 161 more words


Nagios email notifications & Puppet

I’ve been writing a bit about my Nagios configuration lately, but there was still at least one important part missing from my Nagios configuration: Email notifications.  525 more words


Puppet: Nagios3 module

On my previous post I told how I got Windows monitoring working with Nagios. The post included a puppet module for the NSClient, which Nagios uses to communicate with Windows. 855 more words


Monitoring Windows with Nagios

I’m working in a Windows environment at my current job so I will be posting a little bit about Windows related topics in the future but the main focus will of course still stay in Linux. 1,188 more words


Nagios3 Fine Tuned On A Linux VPS

I finally got Nagios3 fine tuned and running on a 256mb RAM Linux VPS server!

I got a pretty sweet deal for 128mb of RAM, 256mb of burstable RAM, 300gb of network transfer and an Orlando, FL data center for $12 per year. 167 more words


Add an user access to Nagios web interface

Mission: Give access to the Nagios web interface.

First, create a new user.
On the Nagios server:

# htpasswd /etc/nagios3/htpasswd.users newusername

htpasswd.users might be located somewhere else (you can use the… 247 more words