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The terror that is clipping a babies nails

You wake up in the morning and take a look at your babe. His face has been torn to shreds. Frantic – you look at the cat thinking – how dare you?! 462 more words


In A Guitar Players Case

We’ll lets start off with me saying that I over prepare for everything.

I have to have a few sets of strings. Some picks of all sizes and an extra capo. 47 more words

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Writing Prompt # 58

A story that involves wrong accusations, nail clippers, and lots of alcohol.

Ah wrong accusations. Everybody must have been wrongfully accused of doing something wrong at least once in their lives. 40 more words

Writing Prompt

Nail Clippers

I have heard from so many people how early kids start imitating you. It never truly “clicked” with me though, until today.

I was doing the weekly routine of clipping Aurora’s fingernails so that she doesn’t scratch herself to death (I swear…they grow so fast!), and was struggling. 267 more words

Life Lessons

In Class (The Stranger)

I chose the detergent

I’m sitting in a coffee shopping casually sipping my coffee when a stranger who looked out of breath approached me and shoved a brown paper bag onto my lap.  232 more words



Hello again lovely people!

I thought for a change I would share with you my simple nail care routine instead of a nail polish for day 22. 415 more words