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Nail Salon Hygiene - What Nail Artists Don't Tell While You're Getting Your Nails Done

I recently came across a fairly disturbing study on nail salon hygiene conducted by Choice magazine.

In this study, a group of lucky nail salon shadow shoppers was asked to visit professional nail salons and report on their hygiene levels. 811 more words


The Awesome Benefits of Nail Spa

A nail spa is a specialized beauty parlor that deals in nail care services. it takes into considering the cleaning, toning, and enhancement of nails by professionals through different treatments. 537 more words

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Wax on, Wax off

Most of what I post, as of right now, is me bitching about work. I don’t have a lot of stories outside of work because I work and go home. 243 more words

I Hate People

Classy Nails Blue Dome District

At Classy Nails, we thrive on doing our absolute best. Whether it’s taking care of our clients, being personal, or being on time with our appointments. 16 more words

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Get you manicure from a professional

Would you like to have great looking nails? If you pose this question to any woman in the world, the answer would definitely be in the affirmative. 479 more words


I Tried the Essie Gel Couture Polish and This Is What Happened

I started getting my nails done at the salon on a regular basis when I could finally afford it. I would do a gel manicure every two weeks, and a regular pedicure every four weeks. 482 more words


Here’s How A Nail Salon Is Discriminating Against People Who Are Overweight

One Memphis nail salon doesn’t want to put in the work to accommodate plus size people. This was all revealed when a woman took a photo of a sign that was supposedly posted outside the Rose Nails salon. 256 more words