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The Pros & Cons of SNS Nails

You may be here because you’ve never heard of SNS nails. Most recognize this type of manicure as nail dipping. This means when you get a manicure there is no ” nail polish” smell. 939 more words


Hair and Beauty Salon Oxford by sophiabendz71

The Best Unisex Beauty Salon for Hairs & Nails in oxford. From Hair coloring, trimming, blow drying to threading, waxing and spa, Strand salon provides all. 43 more words

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Old workplace harassed me to get a different, expensive license while refusing to pay me decent wage by AppropriatePhoto

So quick background: I have an esthetician license. I went to a beauty school and after I received my license I gave my information to one of the owners of the beauty school so I can be contacted by local businesses for a job opportunity.A month or two went by and finally a nail salon from a really fancy, upscale area in town contacted me and asked me to work for them. 1,246 more words

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TIFU by getting a waxing and ruining a date night with my hubby by SunnyLila

So, this happened about two weeks ago and now that I can laugh about I thought I’d share my fuck up with the internet.A little TMI first, I usually shave, because I was always kind of scared to get a my lady parts waxed. 1,225 more words

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Looking for a nail-art friendly nail salon by MagerialPage

I’m looking for a nail salon in the area where they love doing intricate nail art and are good at it. I recently went somewhere in town and the tech was a good sport about my request, but she didn’t seem to have much experience in general and admitted to being nervous about it even though it wasn’t anything that crazy. 74 more words

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