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Stunning Insta-Inspo for Your Next Negative Space Manicure

Though I hoard nail polish like salons are going out of business, the truth is I rarely give myself manicures or pay someone else to do it. 808 more words


The 3-D Instagram Inspo You Need to Master 2019's Boldest Nail Trend

Though I’m in the minority that prefers a minimal or completely bare manicure, it seems the rest of the world is taking Cardi B.’s lead. That is, they’re going all in with the type of nail art that requires an entirely new method for unbuttoning your pants and typing on a computer. 429 more words


Nail Myths Busted - White Spots Indicate Vitamin or mineral Deficiency

One of the most common nail myths I’ve heard is that white spots on nails are signs of a calcium, or vitamin deficiency. This is a myth, white marks are actually the result of nail trauma, the nail bed has sustained an injury that has altered the keratin structure. 187 more words


Coolest Nail Trends For Spring 2018

Nail Trends To Watch Out For

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Whether you are a beginner looking for quick and simple nail art tutorials, a nail art buff always browsing for the latest nail trends or a professional looking to recreate those runway shows’ nail designs for your clients, one thing is certain,With new year comes new trends. 436 more words

Nail Myths Busted - Short Nails

Nail Myths Busted – Short Nails

The number of times I hear, “I can’t have Shellac or glitter because my nails are too short” or “my nails don’t look nice because they’re too short” 73 more words


'Ants Trapped in Nails' Manicure

When it comes to manicure art, I thought I’d seen it all. Now, the Russian nail technicians have wowed (and disturbed) the world with their latest creation. 100 more words


6 Simple to brilliant holiday nail ideas.

It is a holiday nail design that will brighten up the end of the year. Let’s shine your nail!

1. Simple holiday nails

If you want to give only a few points rather than a colorful holiday atmosphere, simply put a point ornament on your one finger or two fingers to create a holiday atmosphere and color the rest neatly. 269 more words