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Nalin Paylin What Would You Like To Ask ?

It is known to everybody that Hustler has made a hardcore on Sarah Palin lookalike Lisa Ann. The video is aptly named Nailin Paylin. To quote Hustler, Nalin Paylin is a “dirty adventure to the wild side of that sexy Alaska governor” 18 more words

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approprié, erm, 000-000-0000WNED by the Masked Avengers.

“on peut tuer les bébés foques aussi” = “we can kill the baby seals also”
“du rouge à lèvres sur un cochon” = “lipstick on a pig” 39 more words


The Nailin Palin Rush!

Best of Sexy Palin Pics,

The most historic election ever, contenders include the first ever VILF, Black Guy, Patriot , Old Old Man, and That other lady. 51 more words