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One Night Stand πŸ™ˆπŸ’œ

Models Own have taken the Nail polish market by storm by being one of the first companies to release a mirror chrome effect nail polish that doesn’t require a gel lamp or pigment powders 😍. 345 more words


Friday Favourites No. 1

1. NYC!

I’ve just returned from an amazing trip to New York and I want to go back already! I loved everything about the constant pace of the city and turning every corner revealed a street that could be a backdrop in any Woody Allen film or one of my favourites, “Breakfast at Tiffany’s.” 116 more words


New BarryM nail polish favourites

For their 35th anniversary BarryM released some new nail polishes and I have heard good things about their nail polishes so I decided to get well almost all of them. 141 more words

Day 48

I was trying to take some pictures of my nail polish and came to realize that taking pictures of my hands is surprisingly difficult. Β  I decided to try filters, and the result was actually quite unnerving. Β  35 more words


Hi beauties,

Happy friday to you beautiful souls reading this 😘 This week i am featuring yet another South African youtuber and it is none other than Jade Challis. 172 more words


Top 5 Must-have nail polish colors Catrice

Hello beautiful Uni’s !!

Since I started with the Top 5 series, I thought to pack it well! I think that every woman must have these 5-color nail polish colors in order to get the most out of the tip top look! 358 more words